hey guys please help me im a black mentally ill agender person who needs to buys meds by the end of the week please commission me or donate to me my meds usually cost upwards of 70 bucks and i get Really Bad when i run out so if you guys could give me a hand i would appreciate it

Lucia, 17

“I’m wearing an American Apparel sweatshirt, Betabrand San Francisco trousers, Adidas Superstar shoes and jewelry from the Himalayan Festival in Berkeley, Santa Cruz and Florence, Italy. I like anything unconventional. I’ve been getting into vintage clothing lately; mostly pieces from the 70s and 80s. I study fashion design so I love finding new ways to dress the body.”

Aug 19, 2015 ∙ The Mission

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Ryśki mają wąskie piśki

Razem z Karolcią robimy Promo! 😂 

+ Promo trwa od dziś 31.08. do 05.09. (sobota). Liczą się tylko reblogi (serduszka nah). Nie trzeba nas obserwować :) W promo mogą brać udział wszystkie blogi + wybierzemy tyle blogów, ile nam się spodoba!

Musi być co najmniej 70 notek!

Powodzenia Misiaczki! 


Examples - Enna München Macro-Ennalyt 2.8/35mm (M42)

An interesting and lesser known lens from the early 70s with a close distance at 0.26m. From the paper the Macro-Ennalyt is a direct competitor to it’s famous east-german counterpart, the Zeiss Flektogon that is able to focus down to even more incredible 0.19 meters…  this West-Germany made lens doesn’t beat the Flektogon when it comes to sharpness, contrast, color-rendering and built-quality (this lens is built real BAD with lots of plastic), but bokeh somehow is a thousand times more pleasing to me… ;)

anonymous asked:

im trying to explain to my white friends why white ppl wearing dreads is wrong but they just keep saying its just a hairstyle. and that dreads are only from not grooming your hair and the same thing can happen to white hair and that they aren't a culture at all. I am not white btw im latina but yea idk what to say to them? Can u help pls :((

Locs are a cultural style that goes hundreds of years back within African culture, and they are specific and important to OUR culture. White people simply can’t get Locs by not combing their hair. Having Locs requires maintenance! White people make a mockery out of the black community by having Locs because when white people have Locs it’s earthy but black people are seen as more dangerous by participating in something specific to us. So, you can tell all of this to your friends or you can tell them that I said “this is not the mother fucking 70’s hoe miss me with that cultural appropriation shit y'all white people look dumb and dirty wearing dreads only about 70 years ago we was sitting at the back of the bus while your great grandmothers was calling us nappy headed!!! Don’t try to be one with the weeds and the rocks and get that ass beat”
I hope this helps you!!! ☺💕