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Speechless or breathless?

To think that there’s now 700 of you guys following me, and my sims content, it’s amazing. I just can’t believe that you think that I post things that are worth following, and it honestly makes me so happy and joyful (that I could cry but let’s move on from that), thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate every single one of you and I’m always here if you ever want to chat about anything. I’d love to get to know some of you! It’s also kind of scary thinking about how many of you follow me on here, you all wouldn’t fit in my house. You’re the size of two year groups at High School! But, it’s also comforting to know that you all are there ^_^

Right now, I’m loving what I’m creating and I’m loving the things I have planned for the future of my stories, especially From The Dawn of Time. The storyline for that is quite expansive, and I just can’t wait for all of you guys to read it. The timeline is going to be progressive, so while Alkina is a young adult, the world will begin to change into the next era, but the main lot itself won’t change until the baby is born. (Although, I may move them into another lot cause of the sand… xD) Although, I’m trying to see where my Colburns is going to go since I’m sort of running out of ideas, but with the new baby I’m sure there’s going to be something. (I need baby names so give me some!)

So overall, thank you, and I love you all.
(And I might be requesting some sims from you guys soon for FTDOT!)

P.S - If you’re wondering why I’m not posting, I’m currently redecorating my bedroom but regular posting should be back on Monday with FTDOT once again. Plus, I’m revamping my book review blog ^_^


The first DeLorean was too small. The second DeLorean was also too small. The third one was juuuust righ–HOLYPHUCK A MONSTER TRUCK DELOREAN.

The Time Machine DeLorean in the vine has over 600,000 miles on it– almost 700,000 miles. It is driven around the country by this married couple named Terry and Oliver Holler. They raise money for Michael J Fox’s organization to find a cure for Parkingsons disease within our lifetime. Super nice couple. Check out ToTheFuture.org


film by La fille renne

Film swap Auspices x La Fille Renne

I have done an third film swap with the UK photographer Auspices, full of portraits & snowy Canada.

The work of my swapper :



Model : Elvira Ells

//Olympus XA2 + Minolta X 700

//50mm f/2

//Kodak Portra 100 Tungsten expired

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Pokemon games: “I’ve caught 700 Pokemon in this single brush”
Pokemon go: “I’ve driven around the entire town 6 times and found three weedles”


More ‪photos of displays at‬ booth # 734. Thanks to Adam Tierney and Toyark & TFW2005. Come and say Hi, if you at the Con! 

Everything you need to know about us at SDCC can be found here.

San Diego Comic Con
San Diego, California
July 20th - 24th
Booth #734

ThreeA makes our annual trek to SDCC! Join us at our retail booth in aisle 700!

We’ll have Debut and Upcoming figures on display, Debut Books and Stock Figures available, Exclusives, and plenty of announcements to make. Don’t miss out!

Attendees #3ASDCC and tag us @Worldof3A on Instagram and Twitter so we can see and share your coverage from the show!

Topi’s Daily Card #700:  Temporal Manipulation

Everyone likes to have a time walk if they’re being really competitive.  Temporal Manipulation just happens to be one that’s a little rarer to have.  Originally printed in Portal Second Age, it’s one of those cards that’s the same as another card that’s a lot more common.  Generally you’d only run this one if you’re already running Time Warp.  You’re most likely going to see this card and ones like it in combo decks or ones like Narset that want to cast spells like this for free.  A word of caution of running time walks though in EDH:  Play your extra turns in a timely manner, and I’d recommend only using this in competitive playgroups.  No one likes to sit around and waiting for their opponents to finish their three or more extra turns.  

Special/Emergency Commission Chart - Chapter America/E Pluribus Unum

Alright so! Due to special demand I’ve made a chart of prices per chapter I’d charge for Fate/Grand Order’s America chapter.

Due to me needing ~$700 down payment by the end of August to lease a room for shelter near my uni next year, and not getting the financial aid to pay for a realistic amount of my tuition to boot, I’m doing something a little different with these.

People can commission chapters normally (and out of order!) but to try and get the entire order/chapter done 1. because I don’t like leaving things untranslated and 2. so I can have the money needed for my down payment, any donations (even if it’s for something else, like my fe14 stuff or chapter Camelot, which I will be doing for free!) I receive will count toward “commissioning” other chapters.

If you want to commission an entire chapter, please email me at marxsinner@gmail.com. For the people who donate and simply want credit - please leave the name you’d like me to use in the Name section on the donation page as well as if it’s just a name or if it’s your URL/handle/whatever for tumblr or another site in the Notes section. Anyone who donates but doesn’t fill that out will simply be credited as “an anon”. Any commissioner who does not want their name attached to a specific chapter can request to be left anonymous.

As for the chart (Chapter name - # of dialogue boxes - Price - Characters Appearing)

  • Intro - 187 ($30) (Cu, Rama, Geronimo, Medb)
  • Ch 1: “With Your Feet on the Ground, Look at the Stars” - 45 ($8)
  • Ch 2: “Heavenly Sword of Crimea” - 200 ($33) (Nightingale, Fionn, Diarmuid, Geronimo)
  • Ch 3: “Fragments of Stars” - 156 ($26) (Billy, Robin, Helena, Karna)
  • Ch 4: “KING OF PRESIDENT” - 257 ($42) (Helena, Edison, Karna)
  • Ch 5: “Cool Hand Florence” - 100 ($16) (Helena, Geronimo, Karna)
  • Ch 6: “Rama Enters the Battlefield” - 155 ($26) (Geronimo, Rama)
  • Ch 7: “Young Gun” - 145 ($24) (Geronimo, Rama, Robin, Billy)
  • Ch 8: “My Fair Lady” - 190 ($31) (Cu, Diarmuid, Fionn, Medb, Fergus, Billy, Robin, Rama, Geronimo, Elizabeth)
  • Ch 9: “A Star is Born”  - 137 ($23) (Elizabeth, Nero, Fergus, Billy, Robin, Rama, Geronimo)
  • Ch 10: “Ambivalent States” - 251 ($42) (Elizabeth, Nero, Billy, Robin, Rama, Geronimo)
  • Ch 11: “The Rock” - 231 ($38) (Elizabeth, Rama, Sita, Beowulf)
  • Ch 12: “Sympathy for the Warriors” - 242 ($40) (Robin, Elizabeth, Billy, Nero, Geronimo, Rama, Fionn, Diarmuid, Beowulf, Medb, Cu, Arjuna)
  • Ch 13: “Beyond the Rainbow” - 269 ($45) (Robin, Billy, Arjuna, Geronimo, Rama, Medb, Elizabeth, Nero, Cu, Li Shuwen, Scathach)
  • Ch 14: “Running Man” - 55 ($9) (Robin, Scathach)
  • Ch 15: “The King’s High Castle” - 227 ($38) (Helena, Karna, Edison, Robin, Elizabeth)
  • Ch 16: “Council of Elrond” - 224 ($37) (Helena, Karna, Edison, Robin, Elizabeth, Scathach)
  • Ch 17: “Black War” - 96 ($16) (Cu, Medb, Rama, Karna-ish)
  • Ch 18: “Killing Field” - 91 ($15) (Karna, Arjuna, Rama)
  • Ch 19: “North American Legendary War - Introduction”  - 142 ($23) (Arjuna, Karna, Cu, SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE SPOILER CHARACTER, Rama)
  • Ch 20: “North American Legendary War - Defeat” - 205 ($34) (Rama, Cu, Scathach, Li Shuwen, Beowulf, Edison, Helena, Medb)
  • Ch 21: “North American Legendary War - Emergency” - 228 ($38) (Rama, Cu, Beowulf, Li Shuwen, Edison, Helena, Medb, Elizabeth, Robin)
  • Ch 22: “Shielder, Master, Soldier, Nurse” - 352 ($58) (Cu, Rama, Beowulf, Edison, Li Shuwen, Helena, Arjuna, Nikola Tesla, Elizabeth, Robin, Scathach)

*Prices were calculated by taking the only interlude I had saved on my computer (Proto!Cu’s), counting the number of dialogue boxes (127ish, rounded down to 120) and dividing it by my average rate for Interludes ($20) to give a rate of $1 per 6 dialogue boxes. Prices here are rounded down to the nearest whole dollar unless it hit .8, wherein it was rounded up.

I’ll be crossing off this list as things are commissioned.

Characters appearing do not include Mashu and the rest of Chaldea, as well as Nightingale outside the chapter she appears in.

NOTICE - I will be translating Camelot for free while this offer is going on, so there might be delays in updates. The chart will be updated as things are paid for, however, to avoid confusion.

Also, I’ll be shooting people emails the first couple weeks or so after posting big notifications all over this post and my blog that chapter America has been fully paid for, just to avoid the sticky situation of people donating for chapter America even if it’s been fully paid off.

Lastly, if you want to commission a later chapter in full, but don’t have the money currently to pay for it (or you want to see if it’ll get there on donations alone so you don’t have to pay for it), I can always reserve it, and inquire again when I’m nearing being ready to start the chapter.

My regular commissions are still open too, and here’s a handy link to my donate button.

Thanks so much for your time, and have a wonderful day!

R.I.P Gaara, Who Ever Took Your Place Is Not The Gaara We Love

Who ever draw this needs to get pointers off Kishimoto, he has in one foul swoop destroyed his good looks, made his eyes smaller to the point they have lost their shape, and the hair, oh don’t get me started on the hair, R.I.P Gaara because who ever took your place has not got your personality either but by gosh it is not you.

Look at Kishimoto’s drawing for Gaiden, Gaara has a few nice points to his hair at the front of his face and his eyes are more bigger, this is the canon Gaara which is still recognisable as the the Gaara we all know and love, and when i look at this Gaara, it sometimes make me believe that chapter 700 was drawn by someone else too

700 Follower..

Guys.. You’re amazing >-< I never thought to make it that far.
Thank you so much for your support and stuff!
To celebrate this event I start to add “Confessions” to my blog!
You can confess anything you want, or ask a character anything you want and the character reacts with his own words and maybe a gif reaction!

For example:

Confession: Atsushi your hair is so soft! Can I touch it please?

Atsushi blushed and fiddled wth his shirt, unsure to where to look with his gaze. He smiled shyly at you and put his head before you. “I..If you like..Thank you..!”

Or..something like that xD

So feel free to confess guys!