The Adrien Diaries...

Okay, so this is particular entry is a Valentine’s Day special… that’s over a week late. Deal with it, inspiration for the most awkward scenario only struck yesterday after talking to both @animatedsuperchick19 (who suggested the game they are playing) and @mr-hawkmoth (who talked me into this being an Adrien Diaries/Aftermath Addendums). Blame them for sunshine boy’s suffering.

 Now, this has an Aftermath Addendums coming, as well as ANOTHER Adrien Diaries Entry… Although if ya’ll are hoping to get poor Mari’s POV anytime soon, keep waiting XD


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“It’s very joyful, we’re in love, it’s happy, and it definitely came naturally.
[Our coaches] were really trying to bring something out of us, something that was in us, just let it shine.” –Tessa talking about Mahler

“Our free dance is a story of two people who probably have some hard times and kind of coming together to get through that. Realizing how lucky they are to have each other, so that’s a little bit more of an emotional ride.” - Scott talking about Latch 

"We chose a theme that has to do with second chances. With a drama that happens between a couple, they go together through a dramatic part of their life. Then there is a lot of push and pull, somebody falls the other is there to catch. And then in the middle is connecting back to the love and the essential of life. And the last piece is about embracing second chances. If there is love and hope there is always a second chance in life.” - Marie France talking about Latch