John: Mary, you look ravishing this evening.

Mary: Aww, thanks.

Sherlock: Molly, all your facial parts are in the right spots.

Molly: Thanks, Sherlock.

*A loud crash is heard throughout Scotland Yard*

Donovan: *runs in* What was that?

Anderson: My shirt fell.

Donovan: It sounded a lot heavier than that.

Anderson: That’s because I was in it.

The most essential line of communication in the Beatles ran between Lennon and McCartney, and now that was interrupted, in both emotional and physical terms. McCartney felt judged, excluded, rejected. His partnership with Lennon was non-sexual, but it ran deeper than anything he had ever experienced with a woman. It underpinned his self-belief and his status in the world. Seeing Lennon focus on Ono rather than him was as devastating as it would have been for Cynthia Lennon to witness the couple making love.
—  Peter Doggett, “You Never Give Me Your Money”

Landnahme mit einer islandändischen Fahne in den Westfjorden, am Gálmaströnd an der #68 am Steingrímsfjörður. Die Strömung bringt das Treibholz von Russland über die Grönlandsee bis nach Island. Dort bringt es die Flut sehr zur Freude der Einheimischen an Land.

Land conquest with an Icelandic flag in the West Fjords, the Gálmaströnd at the #68 in Steingrímsfjörður. The flow brings the driftwood from Russia via the Greenland Sea to Iceland. Much to the delight of the locals the tide brings it ashore.

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