Half cat, half bat. PS her name is Rupie because Clod always wanted to be named Rupert (he would answer to it and we jokily thought it suited him) so he lives on in her name.


💛They have a very small amount of calories (you could literally eat them all day and still lose weight(
💛They taste good!
💛I legit lost 5kgs a week once while eating 3 apples a day!
💛They dont slow down your metabolism!! (seriously)

Callout post - The Balloon Squad:

Elias Bakkoush: Gets called out by his bros for teasing his sister and becomes a Flustered Mess™.

Yousef Acar: Gets caught dancing by the girl he’s crushing on and becomes a Shy Mess™.

Adam Malik: Gets attacked by McDonald’s Balloons in the face …. Mess™.

Mikael Øverlie Boukhal: Bench presses on like 5kg weights …. Mess™.

Mutasim Tatouti: Cannot keep a straight face for the life of him and is always wrapped up in his Red Chaadar™. 

Jupiter = More, More, More ♡♡

Jupiter in the 1st house: How much bigger can I make my brain!?
Jupiter in the 2nd house: More money, more pillows, more candles, more luxury
Jupiter in the 3rd house: Talks their own head off 
Jupiter in the 4th house: Give me a bigger house with 8 mums
Jupiter in the 5th house: “We should have more babies”
Jupiter in the 6th house: Carries a 5kg encyclopedia on herbal medicine
Jupiter in the 7th house: I want the biggest wedding cake. Maybe getting married once isn’t enough
Jupiter in the 8th house: I want more of that psychic thing I can do!
Jupiter in the 9th house: Yes I’m enrolling in another degree, right after I come back from Rome again
Jupiter in the 10th house: I want another promotion. Another accolade. Another enterprise!
Jupiter in the 11th house: Give me more friends. Make them like me more 
Jupiter in the 12th house: I need some space, like a whole ocean between us