JYJ/DB5K's XIA Junsu makes a dramatic return with "Flower" MV ft. Epik High's Tablo!

Little Soldier Boy by CarryOnMyWaywardWriter

Summary: Marco is dead. Deader than dead and after three years, Jean has finally been able to somewhat accept the fact that Marco is gone and never coming back. They chose to fight, so they chose death.
That is until Armin comes running with the earth shattering news that Marco is actually alive. Broken, but alive and completely distrusts all of the Survey Corps members.

Chapters: 1/1
Les Misérables - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Enjolras/Grantaire
Characters: Enjolras (Les Misérables), Grantaire (Les Misérables), Combeferre (Les Misérables), Courfeyrac (Les Misérables), Joly (Les Misérables), Bossuet Laigle, Feuilly (Les Misérables), Marius Pontmercy, Jean “Jehan” Prouvaire, Bahorel (Les Misérables)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Casual Sex, that leads to more, this universe is entirely built in lies and truths, grantaire is madly in love, it’s not a lighthearted romantic comedy, it’s more like grantaire is falling, fast and hard, and Enjolras has a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms, there’s not much dialogue, but who needs dialogue when you have body actions?
This, whatever it may be between them, was supposed to be just once. Not twice, not three times or four or five or six. Sometimes around the tenth time Enjolras crashes his back against the dirty wall in the back alley besides the Corinthe to kiss the hell out of the artist, Grantaire loses count. And really, that was not supposed to happen at all. Ever.

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Hi :D I was wondering if you have any sterek fics where Peter is creepily intrested in Stiles and it pisses Derek off

Hey Anon! This is such a cool idea. Thanks for waiting so long for us to get back to you! 

i get jealous (but i’m too cool to admit it) by illea

(1,092 I Not Rated (Angsty says: General) I Complete)

(577): I’m so glad you support me having casual sex with your uncle.

Like a knife in the gut by charimiel

(1,368 I Teen I Complete I 5+1 that includes a Stiles & Peter scene.)

Derek isn’t jealous of Laura, no matter what Erica says. He’s not, because that would be ridiculous, and it’s not like he wants to go see stupid superhero movies anyway. Clearly the only reason he gets the feeling like something’s eating him up inside is because he’s Laura’s younger brother, and she used to drag him along to all the dumb movies she wanted to see. So really, he’s jealous of Stiles.

5+1 with Stiles and members of Derek’s family.

a sampling and a promise of more by nezstorm

(1,498 I Not Rated (Angsty says: Teen) I Complete)

Derek wants. He wants Stiles so badly, but it takes Peter creeping on Stiles for Derek to finally make his move.

Territorial by elegantlydisastrous

(3,381 I Explicit I Complete)

The one where Derek finds out that Peter offered to give Stiles the bite and he gets really jealous/pissed off.

Hot Damn by Super_Secret_Slash_Agent

(6,324 I Explicit I Complete I Warning: Rape/Noncon I Also has Stiles/Everyone; Cycles/In Heat)

Stiles has no idea why all the werewolves suddenly see him as the most attractive guy in the universe, on a scale of 1 to GQ he was maybe a game show host, good looking enough to put in front of a camera but with a stunning assistant to keep the audience engaged. He just wishes it would stop, it was seriously getting into the bad touch and he was seriously considering asking Derek to make them stop.
or, Stiles is suddenly hot, werewolves in heat all want a piece of that and Derek has a little green monster on his back called jealousy.

Into Something New by marguerite_26

(8,924 I Explicit I Complete I Warning: (Attempted) Sexual Assault, Dubcon I Alpha/Beta/Omega, Cycles/In Heat, Mpreg)

Something is happening to Stiles. He’s losing time. Something is messing with his head, with his body. Maybe if he felt better he’d think to be worried.

The Free Hugs Series by im_not_a_lizard

(total of 11,579 I Teen-Mature I Complete I Endgame is both Sterek and Steter. Also, what you’re looking for is really in the second/third fics. You can probably skip the first and be fine.)

Also note: This fic is locked for anyone who is not logged into an Ao3 account.

Stiles is were-nip for both Derek AND Peter. Derek is mad. Peter is amused. Stiles just wants to keep his boners to himself, okay?

Of Blood and Moons by SupernaturalCuddlePuddle (aka DawnMasonCullen)

(currently 15,233 I Teen I WIP I Alpha/Beta/Omega)

Stiles is Peter’s lover until Peter rejects Stiles in front of the Pack. Hurt, Stiles leaves and runs into Issac who invites Stiles to be a part of the Hale pack. Everything is great until Derek realizes that Peter is alive and much too close to Hale territory for comfort. Even worse, Peter is pissed to have lost Stiles and will do anything to get him back.

Hope that helps!



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1. Dom Kennedy - 17

2. Fat Trel - No Lamez

3. Anthony Hamilton - The Point of It All

4. J Cole - Wet Dreamz

5. Sir Michael Rocks - T-Shirt & No Panties

6. Bone Thugs N Harmony - Land of tha Heartless

7. UCB - Sexy Lady *Had to throw in some GoGo for all my DMV heads*

8. BIG K.R.I.T ft. Bun B, Devin the Dude and Big Sant - Mo Betta Cool

9. Marsha Ambrosius - Take Me (Don’t sleep on Marsha Ambrosius she got those pipes on her)

10. Ginuwine - I’m So In Love 

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4 recovery

on the treadmill after an incredibly busy night in the hospital. Lot of sick people coming in over the course of the weekend for some reason.

My HR goal for easy runs is 124-143 and I quickly crept to the upper end of that despite running at the slower end of my target easy pace. It’s been tough keeping my HR down as low as it needs to be for easy runs - that’s primarily a mix of ambitious training paces, a loss of conditioning from two lighter weeks back to back, and switching to nights for the past week. I always feel kind of crappy when I’m working the graveyard shift, so I guess this is to be expected. It’s time that I shift my pace down ever so slightly on easy days until things truly get “easier” both in terms of my fitness and my work schedule.

1.2k into the next update of Still Breathing, woo! May take a break soon, but you know when I’m actually writing I gotta just milk it for all it’s worth.

Teasers for this chapter: Nurse!Daryl being all gentle with Beth, Michonne being a smirking tease, Gleggie making my heart ache a bit, a little Richonne maybe, and Carl being a sweetie but also a teenager, haha.

But I have a new timetable for every second week!!!
It is in different studios at school and I got photography (4h), glass (12h), wood (8h), metal (4h) and animation (8h) I am so excited

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(Part 1 of 4) About the ridiculously expensive items GD owns, more than half of them he hasn't bought or spent a single cent on. Many of them are gifts from design houses. It cost significantly less to give him the stuff and have him wear/post pics of it than to pay for billboards, magazine adds, etc. Comparing the 2 amounts, giving him all the items is almost free publicity considering the visual reach he has across Asia. Also psychologically, fans want stuff because he wears it. Win/Win.

Fans give him a lot of items as well. For a while I followed the account of a stalkerish fan of his out of morbid curiosity, you should see the monthly gifts she got him from passport covers that cost more than $200 to entire Thom Browne suits. The items he wears on stage and photo shoots sometimes were provided by her and other fans. A $300 scarf gifted by her, he would wear as a belt. She would provide more than 3 high-end gifts a month and she wasn’t the only one doing this.

People always talk about how he told fans not to send him birthday gifts anymore and praise him for it but fans will always find a way. They chase him down the airport, they drop things off at YG, etc. And sometimes the gift baggies contain a fan letter but other times it’s super expensive items. Same thing for Top. Have you ever seen the amount of ultra expensive gifts UTOPIA sends? Many of the items he’s seen with are all from fans, not even fashion house gifts.

I’m fascinated by GD’s wardrobe as well but there’s something else I find interesting, when he gives stuff away for bazaars like the one his sister did. How many of those items were gifts? I never saw a fan crying that he gave their stuff away. Does he remember where each item came from? Which he bought, which were fan gift, which were fashion house provided? Does he have a notebook where he tracks stuff? Is it Chanel? Did he buy it? Did Karl give it to him himself? ^^

ah yes, i know about TOP, i follow UTOPIA on twitter and i know many many things (sometimes i wonder if not MOST things actually) he wears, including recently in Tazza 2 or in his photoshoots, are gifts from fans or fansites. i’ve never seen a GD fansite on twitter post about the gifts it gave him but i never doubted he also got a lot, so what you say makes perfect sense.

about publicity and gifts from design houses, yeah YB and GD especially post a lot of such gifts on their instagrams to thank the brands. i have also seen someone say in the tags of a GD instagram pic with a man, that this man is one of Korea’s YSL main officials - i’m sorry i don’t remember the details - and that this man has been quite close (business-wise) with GD for a couple years now, as in that he is the one ‘supplying’ GD with many YSL clothes. I suppose this has spilled over into some sort of special relationship with YG now (though idk if it’s been parallel or a consequence to GD&YSL representatives getting closer) - since all of BB wear/has worn many times full YSL on stage, as well as recently 2NE1 and now Winner. So anyways, maybe that helps explain why GD’s (and BB more and more) a bit of an unofficial part-time YSL model these days 

(headcanon : thanks to their special relationship with YSL, YG stylists get the entire YSL collections at low price, bring them in and then each member tries to get dibs on their favorite pieces of clothing to wear first. then when each piece of the collection has been worn at least once, each member spins some Great Wheel of Clothes to see who’s going to recycle which article of the collection. that’s why different members keep showing up wearing other member’s previously-worn clothes all the time)

But yeah, at this point YG/GD have probably a lot of special relationships happening, like, with Chanel too - especially now since from 2014 Karl L and GD, (but kind of also CL and YB, a bit) have been making a show of being almost-bffs - and, more or less discreetly, probably with other designer houses as well. i suppose GD/YB’s continued and quite mediatic presence at fashion weeks helps them catch other designers’ attentions and get more free clothes/collections too lol

about GD’s wardrobe sale THAT IS AN EXCELLENT QUESTION and i have no clue, i would say that it could be he has a separate wardrobe/closet that he keeps for fan gifts and that’s how he keeps up? 


XIA Junsu’s “Flower” feat. Tablo of Epik High

It’s a masterpiece.

Entertainment Weekly giving Fraction’s Hawkeye run some love. 

When we read comics, we connect to their characters because underneath their armor and special powers, they’re very real individuals battling very real, relatable issues. As a character without an otherworldly skill set, Hawkeye’s always been particularly approachable and empathetic. He became even more so in Fraction’s comic: Now we didn’t just understand Hawkeye because he was human, but also because we’ve also messed up a relationship, or said the wrong thing to a friend, or regretted something in our past.