I recently reached a new follower milestone which is mind-boggling to say the least. I still don’t understand why so many of you lovely people follow my blog when it’s not much and that my talents are quite mediocre and that I’m actually a pretty quiet blogger. I really appreciate everyone of you even though I haven’t really talked to a lot of you guys but still know that you are special to me and that my blog wouldn’t exist without you guys!

I decided that instead of making another follow forever I would dabble with something different and do some blogrates. To be eligible you must do the following:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes will not be counted)
  • send me an ask answering this question: What is the thing you want to see the most in the season finale?

Blogrates will look like this

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C25k W4D3 (repeat)
It’s goooooorgeous outside! For those of you keeping track, yes, I skipped Thursday in order to cut the grass. I’ll be back 100% next week. 🏃🏻

anonymous asked:

So I've been looking for this fic for a very long time now. So earth has just discovered Vulcan, and the only way these two planets can communicate is via transmissions or something, and it takes like, 6-7 years for each message to go through, and Jim and Spock communicate like this throughout their lifetime... And it's really angsty if that helps any.

I think it’s this one?

Send Me the Moon by IntelligentAirhead, lily_winterwood

Vulcan is sixteen light years from Earth. When James T Kirk is twenty-two, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute receives a transmission from a six-year-old Vulcan child named Spock. 21st Century AU.

wallpaper/graphic requests

im not taking requests anymore, at least for just now.

someone asked me how many wallpapers i would make for specific people so i’ll list the numbers next to names. generally, it will be like this:

ship - 3 if characters from it have been requested on their own
ship - 6 if no character from it has been requested on their own
character - 6
two characters - 3 each (6 wallpapers total)
three characters - 2 each (6 wallpapers total) etc
icons - 9

due to how many requests ive gotten (and since i cant say no to making edits of like literally all the best characters) im changing it. no request is getting more than 3 wallpapers made, unless its a request for two/three characters which ive already accepted. if anyone after this point asks for multiple characters, you will get a total of three wallpapers made, unless i really feel like making more yo

tldr: 3 wallpapers per request unless im up to more

all wallpapers will also remain in/similar to this style

all graphics will be tagged as steph graphics and 5k r. asks about requests are also tagged under 5k r, as well as my steph replies tag

just a reminder that im doing them in a random order (basically whichever character i feel like staring at for four hours that day) and ive got exams soon so it may be a while before i make yours~

requests so far:

6 oikawa  here
3 iwaizumi & 3 akaashi
3 kageyama
3 hinata
6 kuroo  here
3 kurapika & 3 leorio
9 kurotsuki (icons)
3 iwaoi
3 suga
3 nishinoya
3 onoda
3 yamaguchi
3 kenma
3 bokuto
3 tsukishima
3 kuroken
3 tanaka
3 mikaela
3 daichi

completed: 12/69 (y)