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365 days of kristen stewart: day 76

I have the most amazing relationships with make-up artists and hairdressers, they’re some of my best friends. I’m always embarrassed about going and hanging out with them as I’m always expecting them to ask, ‘what are you using?’ and my only response is, ‘just some stuff you gave me’.

“Holy shit, you can definitely fix my plumbing anytime you’d like,” It slipped out before Stiles could stop it, but really, the plumber was absolutely gorgeous. Six glorious feet of solid muscle and those arms, jesus.

“I’m Derek,” the plumber—now Derek—said, holding his hand out to shake Stiles’. “I understand you’re having some troubles with your bathroom?”

samioli asked:

Do you know any sterek fics where there's superhero!Derek or superhero! Stiles or both?? Please and thank you!

Hey there Samioli and Anon! We’ve got you covered. ;)

Check out our Marvel AU tag for more fics!

The Curious Incident of the Cat in the Night-Time by Saucery

(1,400 I Teen I Complete I Catwoman AU)

Stiles is Catwoman.

hoping some ghost would be here still by darthjamtart

(1,602 I Teen I Complete I X-Men AU)

There’s a poster hanging in the window of the Beacon Hills library: brightly-colored depictions of children at desks, holding books, captioned, KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE. KNOW WHAT’S IN THEIR CLASSROOMS. Smaller text at the bottom reads, Paid for by citizens in support of the Mutant Registration Act.

Sky High by Nival_Vixen

(7,456 I Mature I Complete I Sky High AU)

Scott’s a freshman at Sky High, along with his best friends Stiles and Isaac. On his first day, he realises he has an archenemy: Derek Hale. By the end of the week, Scott’s discovered his superpower, is dating the most popular girl at school, and everything seems to be perfect. Even though he hardly sees Stiles and Isaac anymore.

Stiles is a freshman at Sky High, and on his first day, he is put on the Sidekick track with both Isaac and Scott. By the end of his first week, Scott’s spending all of his time with the supposedly perfect Allison, so Stiles and Isaac make friends with Derek Hale, Erica Reyes, and (first-name unknown) Boyd. (Friends is kind of a loosely applied term.)

Derek is a junior at Sky High, and only has friends because Erica’s too pushy to leave him alone, and where she goes, Boyd’s not far behind. His first day back finds him staring at Scott McCall, the son of the super that put his uncle in Beacon Hills Penitentiary. (He’s not staring at McCall’s friend, no matter what Erica thinks, even though he can recite how many moles he has within ten minutes.)

coffee housing by kellifer_fic

(10,186 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles kinda likes the way his life has turned out, fighting the righteous fight alongside some pretty kickass individuals.

we won’t destroy you by andnowforyaya

(11,878 I General I Complete I Spiderman AU)

Derek and Stiles have a complicated history. There’s a guy in a red and blue spandex suit who complicates things further.

Professor Xavier’s a Total Douchebag by Fanhag102

(12,995 I Teen I Complete I X-Men AU)

Derek Hale can read minds. If he could have chosen a mutant power for himself instead of being given one by random, genetic happenstance it’s safe to say mind-reading would not have been his 1st, 2nd, or even 96th choice.

Maybe if he’d gotten the power of invisibility he wouldn’t be sitting in a senior Economics class next to a hyperactive kid with a buzz cut who won’t stop thinking about dicks.

it’s gonna take a superman by kellifer_fic

(14,184 I Teen I Complete I Sky High AU)

Derek figured the Children of Villains support group would at least be full of outcasts like him. How wrong could he be?

With Great Power Come Annoying Sidekicks by KuriKuri

(14,809 I Teen I Complete)

“I don’t want to be a superhero,” Derek protests, and he has half a mind to leave right now, ditch Stiles and get back to his life.

“Ah, so you’re going the Peter Parker route,” Stiles says, nodding solemnly. “Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.”

“Who’s Peter Parker?” Derek asks, confused.

“Oh my god, you have so much to learn,” Stiles replies, gaping at Derek.

But Not With Haste by uraneia

(20,776 I Explicit I Complete I X-Men AU)

It’s been years since Derek escaped from the hunters who killed his family and bound him in his human form. He travels solo, never staying in one place, keeping under the radar–until a skinny, smart-mouthed kid stows away in the back of his truck.

Four months ago Stiles’s first kiss put his best friend in a coma. His dad gave him a couple hundred bucks and a hug and told him to run. By the time Stiles witnesses the cage fighter known as Wolverine take out a shotgun and its wielder with his bare hands, he’s got a plan. He knows there’s a school in New York for kids like him. All he has to do is get there.

OR, in which Derek is the werewolf version of Wolverine and Stiles is Rogue and the plot of X-Men progresses accordingly, with a few notable deviations.

Staring into the Sun by Original_Cypher

(32,491 I Teen I Complete I X-Men AU–Sort of)

Our protagonists are attending Beacon Hills Academy, an institution for ‘specials’. They’ve been detected early on, and some of them are showing spectacular abilities already. The Hales are a genetic mystery all together. Stiles, however, despite having being singled out as a kid, is nothing special. And he knows it.
Circumstances and people – read Peter – conspire to put Stiles and Derek together. Changes ensue.
Then all hell breaks loose. 

Who said that? by coconutcranberries (now orphan_account)

(33,278 I Not Rated (Angsty says: Teen) I Complete)

Stiles has a very unique superpower, in that he doesn’t exist. He’s invisible, untouchable, unhearable-is that a word?-and just not there. He feels like a ghost most of the time, although he can’t walk through walls (he tried, the wall took offense and his nose paid the price) and he can still trip over his own feet. He blends perfectly into the background and no matter how hard he tries, nobody knows he’s there.

It’s a lonely life, he’s not gonna lie.

But suddenly something changes. Stiles is part of a group project which includes probably the most explosive combination of people in his class. These people don’t notice when he waves a hand right in front of their face-how could they when he doesn’t exist? The possibilities are endless.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun.

Spark, Flame, Burn by zjofierose

(35,949 I Mature I Complete I Warning: PTSD I X-Men AU)

He remembers his mother going out to protest in her “Proud Mom of a Special Child” shirt. He also remembers that she never came back.

In a deeply segregated city of the very rich and the very poor, a traumatized mutant turns up in Stiles’ dark alley, and turns his world upside down. While a terrorist known as the Mutant Maker attacks and turns unsuspecting citizens, Stiles and his strange new friend must help each other stay alive and one step ahead of the Hunters who would take them down.

Enjoy/Love and Internet Hugs,

Angsty and Fluffy

Open question to anybody:

If you had to recommend just one fic to try to get someone into OQ/try to get someone to understand what you personally think of as the quintessential OQ style/topic/subject matter that you’re interested in OQ for (not necessarily favourite, nor best written, not most enjoyable nor most personally meaningful, just what you find you read/write OQ for), au, canon, short, long, old, new, your own, anything…

Which fic would you recommend? (You’re welcome to say why, or not, as it pleases you.)

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the pen is mightier than the sword (but the sword can totally cut your head off, so) by stardusting 

It’s idiotically simple, really, and she’ll later deny it to the ends of the earth, but Jake is wearing glasses and plaid and he looks exactly like every stock photo of every quasi-nerdy guy she’s ever seen. Is it off-putting? A little. Does she like it? Yes.

Mixed Signals

Mijan; Star Trek; Jim/Bones; 5558 words

Jim Kirk finds himself stranded on a planet’s surface when an unpredictable ion storm cuts off transporters and, apparently, communications. The ship can’t hear Jim, but he can hear their transmissions… and then Leonard McCoy starts sending him messages, believing that Jim can’t hear any of it.

(more recs here and more Star Trek recs here)