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Arms and Dean


Dean’s arms. Dean doesn’t even work out regularly, and yet his arms still look like this. Years of hunting, carrying heavy weaponry, and working on his beloved Baby have hardened his muscles, toned them until they are firm and strong under your hands.

Imagine those arms carrying you when you’re too tired to walk to your bedroom, one wrapped around the small of your back, the other in the bend of your knees, barely straining with your weight, warm and protective against your body…

Imagine watching him work on the engine of the Impala, his t-shirt tight enough for you to see every roll and twitch of muscle as he works. His creamy skin is stretched tight over all that raw strength, smudged with grease and glistening with sweat…

Imagine Dean fighting to protect you from some monster threatening your life, throwing the monster around with a flick of his arms, shoulders tense and rippling as he defends you…

Imagine Dean holding out those arms for you to jump in, squeezing you tight into his chest, needing his arms around you as tightly as he can get them. Imagine those arms staying wrapped around you all night, practically shaking with the need to hold someone close…

Dean’s arms are absolute perfection.

Run of the Day, 4.1 miles (warm up + 5k race!)

  • 1 mile warm up, 11:13
  • 5k, 35:06

Today our marathon group ran the Running of the Bulls 5k. All the participants were supposed to run it at a hard effort so head coach Christy could get a gauge on what their race effort paces are and so she could assign everyone a general pace range to aim for during our training runs. 

I was NOT looking forward to this race. Honestly. I can’t remember the last time I did a 5k and I don’t even know what my 5k pace is these days. Once I got beyond the 10k range I realized that I kind of hate 5ks and haven’t done them very frequently. On top of that, after a week of fairly pleasant weather, we were greeted this morning with crazy humidity and high temperatures even as early as 7am. Joy… 

The 1 mile warm up went by like it was nothing, we were running together in a big group and as usual I got to talking with some folks and almost missed it when my watch beeped to tell us we were finished with the mile! Now nothing left but the dreaded 5k… Blarg! I started off too fast and about halfway though crashed and burned (deaad legs!) and ended up slowing way down. After slowing, I ran with one of the trainees named Colisa and suffered through the hot race. 

I think a big thing that hindered my performance was that my legs were still CRAZY SORE from a legs + sprints workout I did on Thursday, and also just the general heat and humidity. Oh well! Now that it’s over I don’t have to think about another 5k for a long time ;)


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monday morning routines

[AO3] I [Listen]

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Character(s): Yamazaki Sousuke, Nanase Haruka
Word Count: 1400
Ratings/Warnings: G (bad writing!!! gross fluff!!!)
Dedication: hexa-chrome
Notes: follows the saltwater room :) (please don’t click if you’re expecting quality)

The morning after a rainshower: slow sunlight trickles through cracks in windowshutters, seeps warm through paperthin eyelids, melts dark to a hazy goldred, sets dustmotes afire.

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aaj ki party….lets celebrate……nachaaan farrateee maarr keee….hey mr dj lets go banana’s….abhi to party shuru hoyi haiin…why you ask ?

because our blog has reached 5k followers *WOOHOOOHOOOO* 

so thank you thank you ALL for loving our blog!  honestly when i starte this blog i didnt expect to get 100 followers let alone 5000! Seriously you guys thank you soo much for loving our stuff. And yes me and Sharona sometimes have no time to post anythin in this whole time this blog has been up because we were busy with other stuff like school duties lol but you guys still loved our blog, liked our stuff and asked for requests so i want to thank ALL new-old followers ALL anons who loved our blog and requested you all are super amazing and i am really super happy, thats why we celebrate BIG hahha. SO yea as you already know we are sharing some PSDs that we made so i hope you love it there will be more too:P (or is posted by then when this message is posted cuz yea i am alwasy late lol) but thank you for the love and the support and we will try to keep this blog active or atleast make something hehe :P MWAAAAH love you all 

HMMARCW - elumish (ao)

Word count: 6242

Rating: PG-13


“My student thinks that all werewolves have to turn on the full moon. That we debunked seventy-five years ago. What the hell is he doing, living with his head in a bucket of bees?”

It looks like werewolf-dude’s mouth twitches. “It’s probably difficult to write an essay with your head in a bucket of bees.”

Not Broken ~ by Mystrana [4,413 words]

Whatever ending Bucky pictured for himself, it didn’t involve THIS. It didn’t involve intensive care in a hospital, it didn’t involve being unable to communicate with anyone, it didn’t involve being unable to breathe for himself, and it definitely didn’t involve him being mentally aware of everything that was happening around him even as his body betrayed him yet again.

He didn’t want to admit it, not now, not like this, but the ending he had started to picture over the last few months as he worked with the Avengers was a lot different. It involved Steve. It involved him and Steve and being happy.

Would he ever get a chance to see if Steve pictured a similar ending?

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Can just talk about how amazing and hilarious dopplegangland episode was. I mean when gang first thinks willow is a vampire than she shows up at the library oh man, than when the 2 willows meet and of the classic "and I think I'm kind of gay" line.

Aw man, that was a seriously good episode, not just because it was funny but because it was just a good watch all around. I’m glad Joss realized the potential that the AU had and brought Vamp Willow over - out of Vamp Willow and Xander, I think Willow definitely was the better pick, especially considering how sweet, innocent and naive Willow was portrayed as in seasons 1-3. I mean, Vamp Willow was snarky (and I am a big fan of snark) and her classic phrase, “Bored now” has made it into my vocabulary when someone’s trying my patience. Plus the “I think I’m kind of gay” line leading up to Willow’s reveal next season is even better, just like how in 3x02 when Buffy warns Xander that he could “lose an eye” while he’s playing with stakes. I love foreshadowing and I love consistency, and this was all around a fantastic episode. 

James Isn't Stupid
By Organization for Transformative Works

ragepufrock | Teen and up | 2,034 words

James wasn’t stupid, and he was mostly quick. Four weeks, he’d counted. It’d taken him four weeks total to realize what exactly had happened and manage not to yell, “You bloody tart!” at Sirius.

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"Bored now." totally forgot about that Gem of a line!! Also I think we need to all to understand the amazingness of 'Primeval' how Buffy and the gang merge all there strongest qualities together to make MEGA Buffy so she can defeat Adam.

To be honest, I wasn’t a total fan of the Adam arc, but I did appreciate MEGA Buffy, because it showed that even though Giles and Xander and Willow didn’t have “super Slayer powers,” they had their own kind of superpowers, their own kind of gifts and talents, showing that you can be a hero even if you weren’t born with super strength and the like. Plus, we had Spike “saving” them at the end by snapping the demon’s neck that came into the control room to protect Giles, Willow and Xander, which I loved. I have a strong appreciation for season 4 Spike (and the rest of the Spike’s as well), but season 4 is pretty good. I don’t know, I just keep thinking of Spike saying, “I’m just an ol’ pal of Xander’s here” in a southern accent and “Let’s annihilate them, for justice, and for…the safety of puppies…” S4 Spike was a gem.