Bee emoji reviews

apple going for the somewhat realistic interpretation, but those wings are just… wrong, and takes away from the rest of the image. 3/5

a friend. the innocent, humble friend that beesshould be portrayed as. i can overlook anatomical errors when it ends up being so damn friendly. 5/5

i appreciate the attempted art direction here, the top-down view is a unique twist, but mamma mia could someone at microsoft hold off from selecting the thickest black border available? 3/5

this bee is curious, inquisitive, and i’m sure they could warm up to being a good friend. 4/5

that’s one fat fucking bee. how does its small wings lift its fat body off the ground? i think this bee’s going to care about what we think is impossible. 2/5

this is a much more preferable interpretation of the top-down bee. reasonable line thickness, doesn’t look nearly as threatening. 4/5

similarly, this is acceptable. focuses more on gradients than flat colors, which i think is an interesting change of pace. 4/5

that’s a wasp. an aggressive, unpleasant wasp. that wasp is not my friend - it is a threat. and we shouldn’t be portraying bees as threats. 2/5

absolute adorable friendliness trumps technical anatomy. this bee is my best friend. 5/5

what the fuck is this shit



Mercy - @deadjosey

Genji, Sassy Zenyatta, Soldier 76 - Me

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Kevin MacLeod - Enter The Party

Kevin MacLeod - Rollin At 5

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All I Wanted; C.H. 6

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 , part 5

I’ve spent the rest of my hour bickering with Calum and chugging beer after beer. I wouldn’t say I was drunk, but I already felt the alcohol coursing through my veins. I was happy, a bit light headed and I had no care in the world, exactly how I’d want to feel when I decided to have a drink.

“You ready to go?” Calum grins as he wipes his hands on one of the nearby dish towels, stepping beside me as he licks his lips. I don’t know if he is doing this on purpose, but he’s doing this to me right now. I wouldn’t want to speak of them out loud, because that would mean that I’d admit I was having the hots for him.

“Ready if you are.” I smile as I hop off of my seat, grabbing my jacket to wait by the door. Calum walks behind me to grab his own jacket off of the coat hanger and he curses loudly when he glances outside. “What’s wrong?”

“That’s my ex, on the other side of the curb.” Calum groans as his large hands rub tiredly over his face, another groan falling from his lips when he quits his rubbing.
“I don’t see the problem here.” I simply state as I gaze up at Calum, who seems to have a permanent frown etched onto his brow.

“Now that I’m single again she constantly nags me to get back together, I swear I’ve never hit a girl but with her I’m so close to –“ Calum cuts off his sentence there because his statement about this particular woman is already made.
“Well, then you’re taken until you drop me off at home.” I grin as I slide my arm around his waist, underneath his jacket and bat my eyelashes at him sweetly.

Calum chuckles but his smirk is bright and wide as he throws his arm around my shoulders and pulls me impossibly closer to his warm chest.
“This is probably the easiest I’ve ever had a girlfriend.” Calum laughs and I boisterously laugh in response, right as Calum opens the front door to let us both out. Of course he’d say something like that.

“Oh, you’re such a charmer.” I slap his biceps as I step away from him, waiting for Calum to lock up and get us going. I let my gaze drop to the girl on the other side of the road again and see her talking to her friends, but still eyeing Calum as he steps next to my frame again. He’s impeccably close, right where I want him. He gazes down at me with almost a love struck grin, winks in my direction before he speaks up. I can feel her eyes burning into the back of my head.

“Let’s go.” He lightly pushes me and I almost lose my balance. I feel the alcohol again and giggle softly, my hand in front of my mouth as Calum tries to steady me.

“You okay babe?” He smiles sweetly at me and throws his arm around my shoulders again as we start walking. “I might have a bit too much to drink, after all.” All the way to Calum’s car, I can feel her gaze trained on me. And that’s exactly why I snuggle further into Calum’s embrace, gaze up at his strong jawline and in a flicker of confidence, press my lips against his defined jaw.

I can see him tense, but he doesn’t say anything. All he does is grin brightly as he opens his car door for me. “After you, babe.”


“Well come on, I’ll show you the painting. I swear it’s really there!” I giggle as I step out of the car and grab a hold of the opened car door, sticking my head back in to grin at my ride home.
“You can’t be serious, Y/n.” Calum laughs as he cuts off the engine, getting out as I wait for his to catch up to me.

“Won’t your dad be horrified you’re bringing home boys at ungodly hours?” Calum jokes as he trails a bit behind, apparently reluctant to follow me inside. I turn my head as I stop at the door, unlocking it as I speak up. “Don’t worry about that, he’s on holiday. I’m home alone.”

Calum’s lips take the shape of an ‘o’ before the smirk is present once more. He follows me inside quietly and I stop in the middle of my dark hallway, Calum bumping into my back.
“Wait here.” I order him and quickly scurry across my deserted hallway to switch on the light.

“Creepy, huh? I told you, it follows you around.” Calum and I were just staring at a painting of our departed dog. My mum, when I was still a toddler, had the painting made because she thought he was such a beautiful dog. Eventually, the painting turned out pretty disturbing with its beady little eyes following your every movement when you entered the hallway.

“Why does your dad even keep it?” Calum visibly cringes as he turns away from the painting and towards me. “Because that dog used to bite my mum and he absolutely loved that dog for it.” I chuckle dryly and Calum laughs along as I walk to the door that leads into the living room. “Care for a drink? Now that you’re here anyway.” I smile and don’t wait for a response as I just disappear into the kitchen for two bottles of beer.

“Thanks babe.” Calum grins as he takes the drink out of my hand and pops the cap with his lighter, handing me the opened one while taking the other from my hands. “Well, cheers, fake girlfriend.” Calum winks before he laughs and draws a laugh from my lips as well. I watch him for a moment, the bottle pressed to his plump lips, his eyes closed as he throws his head back just the slightest. His Adam’s apple draws my attention when I see it bob as Calum swallows and I lick my lip absentmindedly. Maybe I shouldn’t be alone with him. I recollect my throughs and slowly saunter to my living room.

“I think I did a great job, if you ask me.” I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly as I drop onto the sofa, throwing my feet up on the coffee table.
“You were absolutely marvellous, even I thought it was real for a second.” I feel the blush crawl onto my cheeks as I bring the bottle back to me lips and avert my gaze.

Calum and I had spent the last hour drinking in almost complete silence, only small smiles being shared between us or me simply staring at the handsome man on the other side of my sofa. He said it might be best if he left. “I’m not letting you go; you know that right?”

“What? Why?” I think I can see a sparkle in Calum’s eyes as he tries to suppress a smirk and I roll my eyes before I answer. “You’ve been drinking; I don’t want you getting an accident on your way home. You can stay here. I’ll sleep right here.” I pat the sofa for emphasis and snuggle further underneath the small blanket I had retrieved somewhere along the night.

“I’m not staying and depriving you of a good night’s sleep, Y/n.” Calum groans, shaking his head as he pulls me up right. “Well you’re not leaving, Cal.” I know there’s a glint in my eye, a devious one at that when I innocently smile up at him. “Then we’re sleeping together,” I raise my eyebrows at his statement and he pushes me before continuing, “We’ve done it before so…”

“I guess you’re right.” I shrug my shoulders and I let my fingers enclose around Calum’s wrist, pulling him along to my bedroom on the first floor. We undress faced away from one another, before crawling into bed. I hand him my laptop so he could search for a movie on Netflix.

It’s quite awkward at first and I’m constantly holding myself back of not laying against Calum’s chest. After a while I think he realises what I’m trying to do and he lifts his arm, beckoning me over. I grin against his chest and settle, watching the laptop on his lap.

I’m drifting off into a slumber when I feel Calum shift beneath me. I can sense his warmth above my head and I keep my eyes closed, pretending to be asleep, when Calum pressing his soft lips against my forehead. He keeps lingering for a few moments before his touch retreats. A smile makes its way onto my lips as I snuggle further into Calum’s chest and the world turns dark.

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Sassy Zenyatta and Reverse Zenyatta - Me

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Kevin MacLeod - Rollin’ at 5

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ranking of octopus emojis

he scares me 1/5

a party boy! a happy boy! 4/5

too many thick lines, too serious 2/5

the friendliest of all!! and has the right amount of legs!! 5/5!

there is no life in those eyes 1/5

doesnt look like an octopus, not good, not organic 0/5

i love him!!!! very unique!!! 5/5

a very fancy boy, i fear him 3/5

he’s shaped like a friend, but dont be deceived, he has no soul 1/5

a good boy! his tentacles are uneven but thats okay! 4/5

the perfect friend, the perfect octopus 10/5

noot noot 3/5

Fall Anime 2016

1. Yuri!!! on Ice

It was so difficult to choose the first and the top 3 all felt so great, but YOI probably takes the gayest spot! Every episode gets gayer and gives new surprises! From hugging to kissing… Well I’m sure I’ve seen enough gay animes mangas fiction, but I guess we can never get enough. And it’s a really pure display of love in the most platonic way possible. Ish. It’s more sweet than everything. I gave it first because I squeal and scream the most and loudest for this, and I wait for the next episode every single day. Warning: serious hangover after every episode that can never be satisfied. The gayness is just so unique that I can’t find in anywhere else.

2. Natsume Yuujinchou 5

I would say Natsume would always be my first… but I’ve read the manga already so it lacks some suspense. Still absolutely fantastic though! Happy to see Nyanko sensei every week, and more Matoba because he’s one of my favorites! Beautiful anime, really. Beautiful friendship, beautiful characters, beautiful art, beautiful OP and ED, beautiful stories. My weekly happiness booster. My favorite (youkai) anime series.

3. Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2

I said in Season 1 that the show would be much better with Dazai for the whole 23 minutes. Guess what? This season it nearly did. For the first few episodes I WAS SO HAPPY it was the background of DAZAI MY BABY. Similarly, I’ve read the manga for this so I know every single thing that will happen in the next arc but I couldn’t get access to the light novel so yes I love the production company for animating it. CHUUYA too omg that was definitely my favourite episode the love-hate relationship between Chuuya and Dazai. Atsushi needs work lol I kind of just skip over his parts haha. My life would be complete if they animated Dazai’s entrance exam too hahahaha.

4. Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (continuation from Summer 2016)

I’ve recommend this before, and I’ll recommend this again. Really great show. I mean the characters look really stupid and shallow at first but they are really interesting. Daily dose of humour! Main character is definitely my favourite he’s so tsundere and adorable.

5. Haikyuu!! Season 3

I would say one of my favourtie season of Haikyuu? Not sure why but it feels more enjoyable. Last time I find them draggy or too touchy-feely but this season feels pretty good and really intense! Kageyama is cute as usual, like he’s really good :D

6. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

I think it is okay but the number of shotas is overwhelming. Then again, number of good looking long hair guys is huge too. My favorite character is Mikazuki but he doesn’t appear much, does he? Never played the game before. I don’t like Yasusada so that takes the enjoyment out a little. I think it fulfils the watch all males (and good looking ones at that!) anime with ZERO females desire within me. I love that. It’s beautiful. I mean really beautiful art. Yeah, especially the ED when there is tradional Japanese art styles I think those make me really happy.

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Gecenin 3u 5i olsa da uyuyamadığınız günlerde, onu özlerken delirdiğiniz gecelerde ve sabah uyandığınızda hiç bir şey olmamış gibi yaptığınızda, bazı şeylerin düzelmeyeceğini daha net anlayacaksınız.

I knew you before I formed you in the womb; I set you apart for Me before you were born. Jeremiah 1:5
I wish I were fairer! I wish I were as slim as my friend! I wish I were more attractive…and the ranting goes on and on. There is no end to our wishing.
You were made by God and for God to fulfill a grand purpose that you alone can fulfill. So stop looking at others. When God knit you together in your mother’s womb, He put in you talents, gifts and beauty that you yourself may not be able see right now. As you walk close to God and read His word and fellowship with Him , He will nurture you and help you grow to your full potential and you will bloom where you are planted. All your gifts and talents will come bursting forth and you’ll know without a doubt it was the Lord and Him alone who worked in and through you. His plan for your life is better than any plan you can make for yourself.
So, the next time you look at yourself remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made, by the Creator Himself.

‘I picked this for you’ masterlist. (completed)

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I picked this for you - Part 1
You’re important too - Part 2
Happy Birthday - Part 3
Why would you be in love with me? - Part 4
You love her, don’t you? - Part 4.5
I’m not leaving without you - Part 5
She’ll regret it.- Part 5.5
La Vie en Rose - Part 6
Home is when I’m with you - Part 7
You’re my best girl - Part 8

Never Have I Ever Had A Threesome IV.V (Jack x Joe x Reader) [smut]

Never Have I Ever Had A Threesome part 4.5

I don’t know what the fuck this is, lol. I got a few anons like the one below, so I decided to interject this into the timeline. It started out as a “let’s do 900 words of smut” to this. Enjoy?

“Can I just say that I was a little disappointed when I read Part 4 and found out that the ‘anal warning’ of you wasn’t referred to Joeck alone? :D loved it! But would also like to see even more action between the boys in the next parts to come ;)”


The day was almost here. Your best friend was moving to London. You and Joe had been getting the house ready, including the guest room. You had received the black-light paint print from your Moxy adventure and Joe had it framed, hanging it on the wall above your bed.

You had decided to fly back to California for a week to help your friend pack, so you were having a night out with Joe and a bunch of your friends before your trip.

“What are we going to do when you’re gone?” Jack had asked, pulling you into his lap in the corner of the night club. Everyone was beyond tipsy at this point.

“You’re going to get us in trouble.” You laughed, making sure no one was paying attention in the dark club.

“They can’t see us.” Jack drunkenly smiled at you.

Even though you had only been intimate as a trio 10 or so times, You, Jack, and Joe were almost always hanging out together and they had both been whining all week about you being gone for so long. “I’m sure you’ll find plenty to keep you busy.” you answered his earlier question. Leaning in so he could hear you, you whispered. “I know Joe has wanted you all to himself.”

Jack’s eyes went wide. “M-me?” he stuttered, turning to watch Joe on the dance floor with Lucy, Lydia, and Josh.

“You can’t tell me you don’t see the way he looks at you when we’re together.” you quietly answered, your lips grazing the shell of Jack’s ear. You felt him shiver. “I know you wanted to go further with him at the Moxy.” you continued, feeling Jack become aroused. “I could tell when he was spanking you. You loved having Joe’s hands all over…”

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Some Ghost related sketch commissions from the weekend.

I’ve enjoyed doing these so much! Especially the one based on the alex ross harley/joker piece. 

If you’re interested in getting one you can email me at rnlaingbtb@gmail.com

Single figure: $15

Couple: $20

Additional figure: + $5

Gestured background: +$5

I’m currently scheduling for the 16th-20th of December. 


hey there everybody and also @halowaypoint , this is Dickard T, back at it again with some minor tweaks to another member of Blue Team. this time i decided to focus on Kelly, because she had a very interesting character design in Halo 5

i noticed that Kelly’s helment is a variant of the EVA helmet, one designed for vehicle specialists, so i figured that should be the motif for her new and improved, lore-friendly outing. as you can see, i kept mobility in mind while i did this, and, like Linda, did not vaguely copy ideas from other, more successful video game characters to achieve this effect

what do you guys think? lore-friendly? needs some tweaking? i’m always listening for criticism! i mean, i’ll ignore it for the sake of following in the footsteps of our gracious creators 343i, but i’ll read it!

best regards,