Wow the west’s concept of age defying is so hard to comprehend.

  • Taako: We had to do battle with some pretty tricked out liches and in the process of fighting them, Magnus wasn't- he heroically...heroically died. With his whole body.
  • Merle: Yep. Every last ash.
  • Taako: There was nothing- we couldn't even bring him back. You know what? In retrospect we could've brought him back.
  • Merle: Yeah, maybe.
  • Taako: There wasn't a lot to pick up.
  • Merle: We really didn't try.
  • Taako: We should've swept him up. I regret this now.
  • Merle: We could've scattered his ashes somewhere.
  • Taako: *pretending to cry* Somewhere beautiful. He would've liked that!