With seafaring men on both sides of [John’s] family, it was natural for his thoughts to turn to the docks that still flourished along the Mersey, and the exotics worlds to which they led. One day, he brought home a slightly older boy who had followed Alf Lennon’s calling of ship’s steward and - so it seemed to John - led a life of dazzling glamour and affluence. “His hair [was] in a Tony Curtis, they called it, all smoothed down with grease at the sides,” Mimi remembered. “‘Mimi,’ John whispered to me in the kitchen, 'This boy’s got pots of money. He goes away to sea.’ I said, 'Well he’s no captain and he’s no engineer- what is he?’ 'He waits at tables,’ John said. 'Ha!’ I said. 'A fine ambition.’”

Shortly afterward she stumbled upon a pact between John and Nigel Walley to enroll together in a training course that would have turned them into junior stewards. “We just thought we’d like to see the world while we were still young,” Walley remembers now. However, when John tried to sign up for the course, he was told that at his age he needed consent from a parent or guardian. “I was rung up by this place at Pier Head- some sort of seaman’s employment office,” Mimi remembered. “'We’ve got a young boy named John Lennon here,’ they said. 'He’s asking to sign up.’ 'Don’t you dare even even dream of it,’ I told them” The main enticement of going off to sea for young men those days was the unlimited sex it promised.

—  Philip Norman, “John Lennon: The Life”
Day 56 - Barium

In the sixth Period and the second Group, Barium comes from the Greek word for heavy.

Barium must be kept from oxygen and water because if exposed, it will soon decompose.

Barite minerals were often used in alchemy and witchcraft because they would glow when revealed to light.

Isotope Barium-130 has an extremely long half life, older than the known universe.

The most common uses of barium is in rat poison and television vacuum tubes.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Ilberd might come back as a Thrall in Stormblood, just like what happened to Louisoix in the Coils?

Oh! You know, I’ll be honest. That never really crossed my mind. You’ve brought up an interesting thought! However, if I were to place a bet on whether or not we see him again like that? My bet would be no. Now, I could see maybe like an echo of the past with him in it (either an echo flashback featuring him or something to do with Omega’s raid, where we fight an echo of him - being the name of the raid includes ‘bend of time’ in it.)

However, we aren’t through HW yet, and my opinion can change lol. I am so nervous about what we’ll see in 3.56. ;-;

56 million.

I don’t want to utterly lose my shit tonight so I’m just going to keep repeating to myself, 56 million.  From the numbers we’re seeing now, 56 million people voted for Hillary, 56 million people said no to Trump. 

There are 56 million people out there who are going through the exact same terror right now. 56 million people, maybe, also thinking, “I have to figure out how to protect myself now. I have family and friends to protect now.” 

I’m trying to imagine 56 million people standing back to back, holding hands, refusing to move. I’ve got the third book of John Lewis’s graphic novel series “March” sitting on the table next to me. I’m forcing myself to remember that I am not alone, and neither are you. I’m with you. I’m digging in my heels and vowing to do everything in my power to protect our most vulnerable. 

56 million people. Let’s protect each other. Let’s fight for each other. We are not alone. The crowd of the angry and bigoted is vast too, but we are not alone and we are not insignificant. We don’t stop existing after this election. Don’t let them convince us that we’re all alone.

Consider this holding out my hand and making you a promise. 

I’m with you. 56 million people are with you. We are not alone. 

[He was] a person who struggled with balancing the competing forces of the Light and the Dark, and whose quest for perfection showed him that he was, above all, a complex of contradictions, and that in the end, such perfection did not exist.

He lay before her, an imperfect man.  And that was what made him so perfectly–and beautifully–human.

-All That’s Best of Dark and Bright (Eallach Monstrosus)  

Reylo fanart for the transformation scene by the always incredible @panda-cappuccino .  The story is a Monster!Kylo / Beauty and the Beast pastiche based on the amazing prompts of @cobwebbing .  It’s part of the Ring in the New Year with Reylo collection on AO3.  (And yes, we were inspired by our mutual love for Sophie and Howl, and Beauty and the Beast).

The Signs in the Morning

Aries: Alright. Let’s get this day over with so I be back in bed again

Taurus: I AM READY (they slept at 9 pm)

Gemini: Nooonononono *breaks alarm clock* UghhHhhgGHH

Cancer: Mm… Five more minutes *time fucks with them* wHAT ITS 2 PM?

Leo: I’d say I hate waking up butttt I get to look at myself while getting ready so (;

Virgo: I have been awake since 3 am doing HW fuck u ALL

Libra: *Falls asleep putting on a pair of pants*

Scorpio: Accepts mornings with quiet content. Cooks eggs in the morning and drinks coffee they brewed themselves

Sagittarius: I slept for 2 hrs. Talk to me and I will yell

Capricorn: Slept 10 hours but is still dead tired

Aquarius: SLEEP is for the WEAK