• Scanlan: Is it a never-ending beer jug?
  • Grog: No, it's not never-ending, it stopped after a bit, but I got plenty fuckin' wasted.
  • Vex: Is it just beer?
  • Scanlan: Is it just beer, or is it any spirit, or what?
  • Grog: No; I said 'mayonnaise' and it started to make mayonnaise and then it stopped, but I think it, like - there's a finite amount of stuff it can make in a day.
  • [Group 'ooh's]
  • Vex: Do you have a jug of mayonnaise now?
  • Grog:
  • Grog: No, I ate that too.

‘We’re learning about reproductive system in a mixed class.’
I think that’s good, I think that’s good. Honestly, schools that divide people via gender — it doesn’t make any sense. It’s like, what are you trying to do there? Stop people being distracted from sex and romance? Firstly, non-straight people exist. Secondly, toxic masculinity in all-male schools and the horribleness that is girls being mean to each other in all-girl schools are probably worse than any kind of flirty distraction that would happen. And I think that, you know, people of either gender learning how the opposite sex’s bodies work is a good thing. You know, if more boys knew how menstruation worked and more girls understood how male puberty worked, life would be less confusing, especially as a teenager where everything is just horrifying and confusing.

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  • [John, Sherlock and Molly in a room in 221a; Mary and Rosie in another; Rosie crying in the background, Mary trying to calm her]
  • Molly : (hinting to Sherlock) Well, should we, uh, head back up?
  • John : (oblivious) We're all awake. Why don't we go to a diner or something?
  • Molly : Oh, uh, I don't know -
  • Molly : (still hinting with her eyes) Sherlock, you don't want to do that, do you?
  • Sherlock : It doesn't matter what I want. Its your birthday. You decide.
  • John : Oh, really? It's your birthday! Let's do something fun.
  • Molly : Uh -
  • John : Well, we could go to a bar.
  • Molly : (meets Sherlock's eyes) Well...
  • (Rosie quieten ups suddenly, Mary's head peeps through the door)
  • Mary : Okay, I can breathe again. Babe, they want to have sex.