riley can show up to school with a blue wig and a sword and people are just like “oh she’s just being riley!!!!” but maya straightens her hair and people accuse her of having an identity crisis

  • Sonia:Isn't this great? It's just like before Monokuma came. Remember that time when we... [starts rambling incoherently]
  • [Fuyuhiko's mind]
  • Fuyuhiko 1:Tropical islands sure are fun.
  • Fuyuhiko 2:You know what else is fun? Killing Sonia.
  • Fuyuhiko 1:That doesn't sound fun at all, Fuyuhiko.
  • Fuyuhiko 2:Well how would you know?! All we do is scream, Fuyuhiko!
  • Fuyuhiko 3:I think Fuyuhiko is right. We should branch out our hobbies, Fuyuhiko.
  • Fuyuhiko 2:Oh, shit! Sonia stopped talking, Fuyuhiko. She wants you to respond! say something, idiot!
  • Fuyuhiko:[Aloud] I wasn't thinking about killing you.
  • Sonia:Aww, thank you!
  • Fuyuhiko:[thinking] Nailed it.

well i had an eventful week: got into a car crash (on the first day….i didn’t mention that. i was too shaken up to mention it. {and i couldn’t text while driving haha that’s dangerous — and illegal} but yeah car collided with mine), got lost a few times on campus, there was a carjack near me on campus, and already went through a tornado near campus and had to run for my life since i was outside when the tornado sirens went off

hopefully i end my first week of college okay haha