50 days of stydia (s6 countdown) → day 26

50-points-for-ravenclaw  asked:

Okay but imagine when Neil and Andrew are living together and Neil starts putting Andrew's favorite brand of coffee on the top shelf just to be a shit, even though he too has to climb on the counters to reach it. And every time Andrew moves it somewhere else, it finds its way back up there. Almost every morning Neil comes back from a run to Andrew glaring at him over his mug of coffee.

thank you for this, enjoy a short hc

  • you see, my friend, andrew loves neil. if this were anyone but neil, andrew would’ve slaughtered them if it weren’t for the laws of this land but when has andrew given a crap about laws of any land
  • anyway andrew doesn’t even put the coffee in the cabinets. when they moved into their apartment, andrew went and bought one of those kitchen racks so he could adjust the size to his liking
  • all of his things are on there. his coffee, his bags of candy, all of his junk food
  • neil uses the cabinets only bc it’s stupid not to
  • and he puts the coffee there bc he likes getting under andrew’s skin
  • “how many times do i have to tell you to leave the coffee out?”
  • “there’s a reason we have cabinets they didn’t build them for nothing”
  • “there’s a reason i bought that rack”
  • ofc he never says what that reason is bc andrew will never admit his height holds him back
  • so anyway neil does very often come home from his run to find andrew glaring at him. it’s not an outright glare bc andrew can’t be bothered but neil has learned to read all of his boyfriend’s expression and this one is a glare
  • andrew makes a mug for neil too and one time says “one of these days i’m going to poison your mug”
  • neil picks up his mug and kisses andrew’s head, who waves neil away, and neil knows it’s a lie so the smile that slips in place is content and happy and just so very neil
  • andrew hates him more each day
  • [GOM in the Haunted House]
  • Kuroko:Now let's make like Scooby Doo and split up to find a clue.
  • Kise:Kurokocchi, that rhymes!
  • Kuroko:Shut up, Kise-kun.
  • Kuroko to Aomine and Kise:Alright, Shaggy and Scooby, you take the sink.
  • Aomine and Kise:...
  • Kuroko:I'll check the cabinet.
  • Kuroko to Midorima:And Velma, you get the spooky lookin' fridge.
  • Midorima:What?! Why do I get this... dubious device?!
  • Kuroko:Because only Velma would say "dubious device." Velma gets the spooky fridge.
  • Akashi:Who are you then, Kuroko? Freedie?
  • Kuroko:B*tch I'm Daphne.