31 Days of Smut?

 I’m working on the last of my Valentine’s fics for people and I realized about 50k ago that I have completely lost my touch with smut. It’s just… extremely difficult for me to write short smut like I used to be able to.

SO I’d like to try something.

While I WILL be working on updates for my WIPs, I’d also like to make March my 31 days of smut personal challenge. I want to try to post one fic a day, each day, that is nothing but pure smutty smut.

I’d like to take submissions. If you’ve got some Gundam Wing smut you’ve wanted me to write or wanted to read, well, it’s your lucky month.

I will tackle any pairing, any setting, any kind of theme with the sole exception of non-con. 

Send me an ask with what you want. It can be as vague as “2x3 angst-smut” or as detailed as “Cathy x Noin college roommate AU”

I’m up for the challenge (I hope).

I’m going to go ahead and start taking requests now (if anyone is interested) and keep the requests open until I reach 31 or until March 1st.

 TL;DR: Help me. Tell me the smut you want.

(And I really am in the middle of updating Going the Distance and Unexpected Development. Sideshow is on the backburner atm but it WILL get an update soon).


So frozen hope single egged me, making it definitely not worth making a sales thread for this kiddo. 

Born somewhere in the Emberglow hearth he seems to have picked up the strange aspect of markings that resemble lava on his wings and fur,  but remains as frigid cold as his parents. He’ll have a bio with slight formatting and a backstory, and he’ll be around 50k, so pinging interested parties @tackysnaps, @spiderbakesale-fr and @tria-fr, did any of you guys want to take this little fella home or stay on to be pinged for the next nest?

Now I’m legit not going to get anymore money. My dad makes 55k a year. Like I got nothing when he made only 50k, so imagine now. I’m so upset. Like I need all the financial aid I can get. They don’t understand that that’s not enough for a family of NINE. There’s going to be 3 full time college students in this house too. Fuck. Just great!!!!! Like watch me have to take out more loans.

So now I’m hearing The Fine Brothers are trying to trademark “react” and even the reaction video format. B.O.B. and Tila Tequila think the world is flat. Tony the Tiger is being sexually harassed by furries. And Amber Rose revealed that Kanye likes having fingers up his ass. 2016 has been so wild already, and it’s only a month old. 

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any very very very long frostiron fics?

I can do that, but you should know, they’re probably all the ones you’ve read/seen before. [Also, because this is a personal list, I won’t be recommending any that aren’t my cup of tea or ones I just kind of forgot.. I read a lot of fics, soooo… ]

* Oh, also, I won’t be adding any of my own fics on here, even if some of them are kind of long. 

Bend Around the Wind      |    Words: 403,125 Chapters: 100/100

Minute of Decay                |     Words: 328,718 Chapters: 60/60

[^^^Warning: This is a harsh one, and technically not a happy ending, depending on your perspective.]

Poetic Justice                   |       Words: 311,470 Chapters: 142/142

Chaos Theory: Phase One     |  Words: 256,860 Chapters: 42/42

[^^^I haven’t actually read this one yet, it’s on my list, but i’ve heard it’s good.] 

We Will Fight or Fall          |     Words: 221,819 Chapters: 58/58

The New Management      |     Words: 214,514 Chapters: 37/37

 Winterheart                      |       Words: 144,515 Chapters: 22/22

The Underwater Basket-Weaving Society of America  | Words: 130,000 Chapters: 47/47 

Say Goodbye to Yesterday   |   Words: 111,713 Chapters: 4/4 

[^^^ Don’t freak out, just keep reading. ]

Spiting the Sun  | Words: 52,439 Chapters: 21/? 

[^^^ Okay, it’s not complete and I don’t think it ever will be and @chigrima, don’t be sad, i’m not grumping at you over it, it’s okay, you’re fabulous and I hope you had some great tea today. But, Anon, this is one of the single most super amazing fics i’ve ever read. like, i’ve dreamed endings for this fic. So, you know… that. ] 

Sin in Silence     |    Words: 87,766 Chapters: 25/25

Are You There, God of Mischief? It’s Me, Tony  |   Words: 139,173 Chapters: 25/25