A suite at Hotel Plaza in Oslo is 50k Norwegian kroner (6k usd) a night + room service and champagne AND public indecent exposure in addition I rly rly hope Even has parents or a sugar daddy to fix things


Stretch reward for $50k announced

Baby Tatoo Books is adding a cloisonné lapel pin (still being designed based on Michael Whelan’s sigil) for backers of $10 of more. The campaign also reached 500 backers. As a thank you, the same backers will soon be receiving an exclusive a holiday card featuring ASTRAL MUSE!

We’re closing in on 60k with the next stretch goal unlocked at 75k, and we expect to add more original art rewards soon.

Get more information on Baby Tatto Books’ Kickstarter campaign for Beyond Science Fiction.
Links For Voting ForBest Multichapter (+50k)

Here are the links for voting in the CSFA 2016.

Category:    Best Multichapter (+50k)


To vote on mobile: http://poll.fm/5pddi

To see the links for other categories click here.

Nominees to this category below.

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[EXORUN] Sehun vs. EXO-L

when he ranked no.6: 

oohsehun: 나는풀업그레이드했는데.. 진짜잘한다EXOL

Even after i did a full upgrade…. EXOL are really good at this

when he ranked no.2: 

oohsehun: EXOL진짜못한다😇

EXOL are really bad at this 😇

when he ranked no. 6:

oohsehun: EXOL뭐야 맨날이것만하는거에요? 왜그러는거에요? 

What are you EXOL, is this the only thing you do every single day? Why are you like this?

50,000 followers!! My child sacrifices worked! Jeez guys, thanks for sticking around so long. :’) 

As a celebration here’s a little something from the archives: A fan-animation of Rat from The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks. I was so stoked when I first saw her design I did a little run (and quickly got too busy to finish it haha). 

Thanks again everyone! Here’s to another year of weird crap and work crap. 

(Also, don’t forget to read my FAQ if you’re looking for advice. It’s likely I already answered a similar question!)