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Thank you very much for sharing my photo, that one was a little different for me and I was unsure about even posting it. I really appreciate that you liked it. Have a nice weekend, Monica


I see your photos often as I track tags like original photographers, photographers on tumblr, black and white, etc. I appreciate you sharing your talent on Tumblr and I’m very happy to feature your art on my blog. : )


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For the "I want the K" post. #6 with Cullen... or Alistair... I can't decide... =)

I went with Alistair x Evelyn in the modern AU because i had a great idea. (A gentle peck…this is more than a gentle peck) First Day = New Year’s Day ?

It was getting late—closer to midnight—and Evelyn was growing inpatient waiting for Alistair. They had agreed to meet at the small bar, deciding to celebrate First Day like many Fereldans did by drinking and celebrating in the streets in combined block parties. In fact the whole town seemed shut down, but it didn’t stop Alistair from having to work a night shift at the mall and keeping him from joining Evelyn right away.

In the mean time she waited at the bar, watching the festivities on the nearby TV while trying to ignore the drunkards that surrounded her. Many were looking for a date; a midnight kiss that was fast approaching. She slowly nursed her drink, occasionally glancing down at her watch as it got closer and closer to midnight and still no call from Alistair.

“Come on sweetie.” The same drunk man from before leaned against her and she politely pushed him back into his stool, glancing for the bartender to try and see if he could help her. “A pretty thing like you should have somebody to kiss at midnight.”

Evelyn was about to respond by throwing her drink on the man—she had just about enough of this guy and his ramblings—when an arm suddenly wrapped around her middle, a warm body sliding up behind her.

“The only lips she’ll be kissing tonight…” Alistair’s voice echoed in her ear as he leaned over her shoulder, flashing her a small wink before glaring at the drunken man. “Are mine.”

A chill ran up Evelyn’s spine at his words and she turned towards him to look at him with a mix of surprise and relief. The drunken man mumbled behind her before disappearing and Alistair only smiled before glancing back to her and catching her obvious shock.

“Sorry, that was wildly inappropriate of me to say.” He frowned, though his arm did not move from her waist. If anything, Alistair pulled her closer as the bar filled with even more people rushing to get a glimpse of the TV as it got closer to the countdown.  

“That’s okay.” Evelyn replied. “I was running out of things to tell him anyways.”

Alistair could only laugh, though he still hesitated to fully smile. He lowered his head towards her and Evelyn felt her breath hitch only to feel foolish as he moved towards her ear.

“I’m sorry I’m late!” He shouted over the crowd. “I almost missed the ball drop!”

Evelyn pushed a grin to her face as he pulled away and the two shared similar expressions before Alistair turned her in his embrace so she could face the TV and the broadcasted festivities in capital. Alistair really had made it just in time as the countdown started, the entire bar shouting in unison. Her heart began to race as Alistair’s grip around her waist tightened and for a short moment she forgot all about their pact and promise to put their friendship first.

Five. Evelyn rested her hands over his on her waist.

Four. She leaned against him, resting her head against his shoulder.

Three. Hesitantly she tilted her head up to look at him and felt the world around her slow down.

Two. Alistair angled his head to glance down at her, his eyebrows jumping up in surprise before his expression calmed as he leaned closer.

One. Evelyn closed her eyes.

She felt Alistair’s lips meet hers in a gentle kiss, warm and sweet and soft—everything she had missed about him and it made her body ignite and heart leap in excitement. It was over before she wanted it to be, too chaste for her liking but she knew it was for the best. Evelyn fluttered open her eyes to find Alistair holding a small blush, his lips curled into a small smile though his expression was one of mild guilt. She understood—their entire situation was still very confusing and hard to work around and now…she wasn’t sure if they had just made matters worse. Instead of doing anything to make the moment any more awkward, she simply smiled, looping her arms around him for a hug.

“Happy First Day, Alibear.”

“Happy First Day, Couscous.”

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"Kiss me before I go." Cullen and Lavellan? =)

Sorry this took me so long!

The roar of feet on the dirt is deafening. Voices ringing together, excited, nervous, and she looks out at the troops collected at her gate with trepidation gathering within her. The march to the Arbor Wilds will be arduous, and Cullen is taking their forces ahead of her so all will be ready on her arrival.

She knows she should feel more confident; they are heading Corypheus off and the forces they have gathered are fierce and many in number. But the sight of her Commander on the back of his horse, strong and proud and looking so regal, makes her heart clench in fear. He is a warrior, capable and familiar with battle, but she does not relish sending him to war even so.

He turns and his eyes find her where she stands tentatively at the top of the stairs, and his soldiers begin to notice as well. The cry goes up, and they are cheering in unison, their voices full of fire and pride, fists pumping the air in time with her steps as she descends the steps. Cullen grins at her.

“I came to see you off,” she announces, and her voice is that of a stranger; not Lavellan, but the Inquisitor. Their leader. “I know you will all do the Inquisition proud. We are lucky to have so many brave and dedicated soldiers in our ranks.”

The cry goes up again, punctuated by a staccato pound of fists against chests as they salute her, and she feels her throat clench. Cullen smiles down at her from atop his horse, and his golden eyes are warm with affection.

“You’re worrying,” he says quietly. “I thought that was my job.”

She smiles, despite herself, and reaches up to grasp one of his gloved hands. His fingers curl tightly around her smaller hand, and they are warm and steady around hers.

“Promise me we will both come back here safely,” she murmurs. Her grip on his hand has become vicelike. She hears him chuckle, and the warm rumble of it steadies her.

“Nothing is going to keep me from you,” he says, so softly she almost doesn’t hear it, but he’s leaning down toward her now. A single golden lock falls out of place across his forehead as he bends over her, and she lifts a finger to push it back with a tiny smile. When he speaks again, his breath is warm against her face and she has to steady herself against his horse’s flank. “Now kiss me before I go.”

She feels the blush warming her cheeks, to the tip of her ears, and she looks to him in surprise. “Cullen - all our soldiers are right here - “

“I don’t care.” His voice is a low bass now. His hand releases itself from her grip and rises to cup her cheek, and she can feel her smile pulling painfully at her face now. So she laughs, and reaches up to circle her arms around his neck, and she kisses him with everything she has, and her fears are lost in the breath that escapes her in a soft sigh as their mouths meet.

She is only vaguely aware of the whistles and cheers that erupt around them, and he laughs softly against her before reluctantly pulling away. He rests his forehead lightly against hers, his smile soft and satisfied, before he straightens on his horse and she knows it is time to let go.

Even so, when the gate opens and he leads his forces across the bridge, she stands and watches his back shrink into the distance, until she cannot see it any longer, and then she stands and watches some more. And she offers a silent prayer to the Maker or the Creators or whoever is listening that she might keep this one, pure happiness for just a little bit longer.

Tech Thursday: Reel to Reel Digital Preservation

Many collections in the Woodson contain open-reel tape recordings, but we unfortunately lacked the means to listen to them. These recordings languished for years, slowly disintegrating, but all of that is about to change. This summer, Will Robedee, the KTRU station general manager, donated a reel to reel tape player to the Woodon. The player was sent to Tom Tran at Save on Sound, a local expert on the maintenance and repair of all things audio, and came back ready to work last week. Currently located in the Digital Curation Lab, the Woodson’s Norie Guthrie and Fondren Cataloging and Metadata Services’ Scott Carlson began testing a process for digitizing and preserving these recordings. Given the player’s provenance, it’s fitting that Norie chose to start with a few samples of audio recordings from the Rice University KTRU Radio records.

The reels are mounted on the player, an OTARI MX-5050, and the audio is sent through a receiver to a Tascam Audio Interface, which is connected to a computer via USB. Using Audacity, metadata can be embedded into the audio files, which were saved in WAV format.

The information on open reel tapes is stored in the magnetic coating, which degrades over time. This kind of project is crucial for preserving the recorded information. The KTRU tapes were already in a bad way. After one play through the leader ends fell off and tiny shreds of the magnetic coating were accumulating on the cart, but thanks to Norie and Scott, the recordings are safe even if the original tape is lost.

Scott and Norie are the authors of Indie Preserves, a preservation blog geared towards independent musicians and labels. You can check out their amazing work here.

For a great post on the recordings (and a better picture of the setup), check out Rice History Corner.

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BaconFest2015 50/50 Burger - half ground sirloin half ground bacon burger, topped with fried egg, chipotle mayo, avocado, and more bacon [2448x2448] [OC]

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