My friend Cameron used to drink a lot and go shred on the regular. 

One night sometime in 2013 I asked if he wanted to go 5050 this kinker down the way from where we were skating. I didn’t realize he was that drunk. He nailed it in like 3 tries then immediately started throwing up. It was great. good times with great friends.


For my run today, I made it out to run a couple of miles with the Iron Cowboy on his 50th triathlon in 50 states in 50 days. What an inspiration this guy is. Truly shows you how amazing the human body is. 

So anyway. I only ran 2 miles because he was about a half mile ahead of me and I wanted to catch him coming across the finish so yeah lol. It was really about half walking/half jogging because of how many people and kids there were. But I still got it in and it was fun. 

Once I got home I did a 15 minute yoga video and ate dinner and I’m now off to bed. 

Goodnight everyone <3 


Letterpressed about 1/3rd of my blocks. The rest tomorrow. #troll #sfprintmaker #sfprintmaker #sf#art #letterpress #vandercook #5050 #woodcut #prints #printmaking #printsaboutprinting