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  • everything should be pretty straight forward; large images are 500x600, and the other ones are of various sizes. Just use clipping masks and resize images at your lesure.
  • all of the text is editable!
  • fonts used are AvantGarde and Didot.
  • like/reblog if you download, and feel free to message me if you have any questions! 
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Spencer’s Character PSD 001


This is a character PSD meant to be used for any kind of roleplay, from town to horror. It’s a 500x600 graphic featuring the fonts Impact Label (Reversed) and Typewriter Royal 200 (Trashed). The top banner features a 500x90 image, each of the three face claim images is 125x125, and the texture or color slots are 185x25. (all image sizes are written in the PSD as well). Knowledge of how to use Clipping Masks is useful. Feel free to recolor anything or change any fonts to best fit your purposes.

download → here

Please like or reblog if you are going to use this. Take my work and redistribute it as your own, and I will hunt you down. Feel free to message with any questions, comments, or concerns if you have them!