I’ve had a pretty busy week already, combing through Supreme Court Cases and what not. But then I log on today…and THIS HAPPENED



Thank you to all my followers, old and new. You are all so incredible. Thank you for those that have been around since the beginning, and welcome to all those that are new.

We’re gonna do some sort of milestone, I promise. I’ve gotten a few ideas from you guys, but I’ll make a decision, set up whatever it is and announce it on Friday. If you want to see or do something special for this special 5000 FOLLOWERS, message me!

I love you all, and thank you so much for reblogging and liking and reading my stuff. It means the world to me.


Thank you to every individual who took the time to inquire or follow this blog. I’m so over joyed to know that I’ve found so many people that share the same passion for art that I do. Thanks so much to all of you to reach a fantastic goal! (Especially all of my mutual followers I’ve followed for years now, I never forget ; )

Woo! Thank you all so much! I’m sorry I haven’t been very active lately, but I’m super excited for today!

I’m going to be answering questions all day today. Anything about Daria, anything not about Daria! Send in questions!

Furthermore, I’m going to have a review-a-thon! I’m going to start out with 407, and I’m hoping I’ll make it through season 4 today. Feel free to watch it with me! Stay tuned for more!

PS if you guys can get this post to 100 notes before I finish my reviews, I will live blog the TV movie Is It Fall Yet? So, like and reblog! I love you all!


I was tagged by andiprogress. Don’t worry I’m the same way with my emails lol. On my lock screen I’m feeding my precious lamb - my goddaughter. My best friend is next to me and she’s also the baby’s godmother. I changed my home screen to this quote while I was finishing up grad school and things were hard and stressful. Now some things are still hard and stressful so it’s a good reminder. I tag:

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If you already did this tag, cool! If you don’t want to do it, that’s cool too. Not as cool though. But seriously, no pressure. 

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Tail by Ladouce25
Via Flickr:
Never look behind they said, keep looking forward they said. But sometimes it is what we have done behind in the past that help us to keep going forward.. Ils ont dit de ne jamais regarder en arrière, de toujours avancer et de ne jamais reculer, sauf que parfois c'est notre passé qui nous permet de continuer d'avancer et d'apprécier chaque petit moment de notre vie..