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Mavin smut ((a gold star if its a/b/o ))


Too Hot to Handle by aznflyingkitty

Summary: Michael is an alpha, Gavin is an omega, and they probably should not have had swimmy bevs before Gavin’s heat. [R]

WC: 6,854 - Discontinued

[Tags: AU (Creature), First Time, Series, Smut]

Alpha and Omega by GabrielTheTrickster

Summary: Gavin Free is the Alpha of the Achievement Hunters’ small pack of wolves. Everyone else was a beta, simply existing below Gavin. Well, they thought everyone else was a beta.

Michael Jones is not a beta. Michael Jones is an omega, the only one in Achievement Hunter. He takes massive amounts of hormone suppressants to mask his heat cycles, making everyone assume he was a beta. He forgets his suppressants one day and goes into heat. [R]

WC: 2,626

[Tags: AU (Creature), First Time, Smut, Supernatural]

Help You Out by Waffle-O

Summary: Literally just wrote this for that one squirting scene. Yeah, for those two sentences. And now it’s 7,302 words. So, enjoy. [R]

WC: 7,301

[Tags: AU (Creature), Kink, Smut]

One On One by jazzyo3

Summary: While Michael and Gavin are stuck in a hole together, Gavin decides to take advantage of the opportunity.[R]

WC: 642

[Tags: AU (Minecraft), Established Relationship, Smut]

The British Are Coming by Throne

Summary: The British are coming. Literally. [R]

WC: 659

[Tags: Smut]


there’s something endlessly hilarious to me about the phrase “hotly debated” in an academic context. like i just picture a bunch of nerds at podiums & one’s like “of course there was a paleolithic bear cult in Northern Eurasia” and another one just looks him in the eye and says “i’ll kill you in real life, kevin”

Girls are amazing

Girls are amazing

Girls are amazing

Girls are amazing

Girls are amazing

Girls are amazing

Girls are amazing

  • Girls are amazing
  1. Girls are amazing

And this absolutely includes trans girls and non-binary girls pass it on