That world is a little overwhelming for me, the whole social media world. It’s an aggressive form of social media; it’s there all the time. Fans are very passionate, but, as I said, it’s a great thing to be a part of. I did suddenly see a lot more of that and I remember Eliza saying, ‘did you see this? Did you see that?’. - Alycia Debnam-Carey.

Quiet Days

@starswirlblitz asked this for my 4k Celebration: Can I have a Dean x reader where they have a daughter and they’re spending time as a cute family? ^^

Not a day persay but I hope you like it none the less sweetie :D 

Sometimes Dean just sat back and watched the two of you. He couldn’t believe he had gotten to be this lucky. He didn’t deserve you. Neither of you. Yet here you were. His beautiful girls. Laughing and happy.

There was nothing in this world he wouldn’t give to keep them safe; more than that, to keep them happy. Dean had never really thought he was important; that his life had much value. All of that had changed with the birth of his daughter. He had grown up without a mother. With an absent father. He would be dammed if he would let his child experience either.

So Dean became more careful. He still hunted. Hunting was who he was, and luckily his wife understood that. He knew she worried, but he was hell bent on keeping his promise to her. He would always return to her and his daughter. He would always be there for them.

Dean returned her smile and pushed himself to his feet and walked over to them. He felt the love course through his body as he wrapped them both safely in his arms were they belonged.

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Cat-Nips Star Guardian Skin HYPE! (Smol Giveaway)

Who else is SUPER hype for the new skins coming out? I sure as hewl know I am!

I know I’ve been rumoring a giveaway for quite a bit now, I did plan on tossing one out when I hit 3k, now I’m at 4k almost 5. I’ve decided to do a big giveaway for 5k, so all hope is not lost! I had planned on running that giveaway next month, unfortunately, I’ll be moving and for the time being I’ll need to save up as much as I can. However, I am super excited for these new skins so I’ve decided to give out two free Star Guardian skins (With a 1st and 2nd place winner, respectively)! Any skin of your choosing: Lulu, Jinx, Lux, Janna or Poppy!

How To Enter:

The only way that I will count your name in the giveaway is if you either re-blog or comment answering three simple questions! Likes don’t count and if you were apart of my fan games back in the day or you’re in my club on league, your name is automatically put in twice! Everyone else gets their name in once. Sorry, that’s just how I’ll be working this giveaway!

Simply re-blogging/liking the post does not get you entered. I’ll only be counting those who answer the questions. This just makes it a lot easier for me, plus I’d like to get to know some of my followers! I regret not being more active with you guys, I’ll be sure to fix that!


  1. What lane do you main and what champ?
  2. Why?
  3. If you could main any other lane what lane would you pick?

The giveaway ends the day the skins drop!

Goodluck! And may the most magical guy/gal win!

Counting Colors

For my 4K Celebration @for-the-love-of-dean asked: For the preferences…. How Cas soothes you when you have a panic attack…

I hope this is what you wanted Moose :D 

Your anxiety attacks would come out of nowhere. You felt the knot in your stomach grow and your breathing quicken to a point where it hurt. Your instinct was to retreatinto yourself.To shut your door behind you and hide from the world, but Cas never let you.

He always heard your unconscious silent pleas for him to help you, and he always did. He wrapped you in his arms and let you rest your head against his chest so all you heard was the steady beating of his heart.

He repeated the words he always did. “Pick a color.” And just like always, you picked blue. Like his eyes. Like the color of his grace that surrounded you and warmed you. You took turns naming the items in the room until you calmed down.

On the days where this wasn’t enough he poofed you both out into the field outside the bunker. He would lay down in the grass with you, and you would focus on the sound of the birds. You would close your eyes and almost fall asleep to the music of nature as the angel began telling you stories of times and places far away.

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Holy shit 4K???? I can’t believe this blog is just barely a year old and I already reached four thousand followers? I can’t explain how much this blog means to me, I may not have had it long but it’s been there with me through all my weird phases, all my fandoms and interests, through all my breakdowns, it’s been here for me for everything. August 12, 2015. A year and one month and 13 days. I love all of my followers so much, I love anyone who’s ever visited this mess of a blog, I love anyone who’s ever messaged me or sent me an ask or liked or reblogged a post, I love everyone who’s had some part of this blog since I made it. Every one of you means so much to me, even if we’ve never talked just know that you make a difference in my life every single day. I love all of you thanks for 4K❤️❤️

Moving Day

For my 4k Celebration @adaisinwonderland asked: Congratulations hon on 4k! Can I request a Sam x Reader moving in together preference? 💖💖💖

This was fun - hope you like hun!

It had taken some persuading before Sam had convinced you to move into the Bunker with him and his brother, but finally after lots of wet puppy dog looks and begging, he had convinced you.

When moving day had come around, Dean had cleared out for the weekend to give the two of you some space. Sam had teased you about the amount of boxes you had brought and pretended to drown in them when they were finally empty. You had giggled and laughed as you had managed to get yourself stuck in one until Sam had come to your rescue, lifting you free and safely into his big strong arms.

You had spend the weekend mostly in bed cuddling, testing the bed, and kissing. You woke up together. You ate breakfast in bed while Sam read. In that quiet moment, you had no idea why you had waited this long.  Then when Sam looked at you, you knew he had never been happier. Neither of you would ever get normal, but normal moments were enough, and you couldn’t wait to wake up beside each other for the rest of your lives.

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