Shut Up Steve!

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Pairing: Bucky x Barton!Reader
Warnings: Flurff, slight self-esteem issues, love your beautiful selves!!
Summary: Team Cap have moved into the Barton household, how will Y/N cope with all that testosterone?
A/N: I have a thing for writing sibling x readers. This is dedicated to @yuhkii-kaze Thanks for all the support girly!! Requests are open!
Word Count: 4000+

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“Aunty Y/N/N, wake up…” I heard a faint whisper to my right. “Not now Lila, let me sleep…” I grunted/moaned, burying my head deeper into my feather pillow, covering the rest of my body in my blankets. “But Aunty Y/N/N, daddy’s home…” “Daddy’s home is he? That’s nice…” I said absentmindedly, not really taking it in. I waited a moment trying to gather the new information, let’s just say, I’m not really a morning person, I think it’s a Barton thing; Clint’s the same. I suddenly shot out of my bed, knocking my niece over into a giggling mess. Clint’s finally home! I haven’t seen him since he left his 5 minute retirement for some stupid civil war… He told me in a letter that he was staying in Wakanda, that’s all across the world! I quickly shooed out Lila to get dressed; I slipped on some jeans, a Harry Potter shirt and threw my hair in a ponytail. I slipped on my leather boots and thudded down the stairs with lightning speed, almost running into the door opposite. I skipped around the corner of the living room wall and straight into the doorway (I still have the bruise to prove it). I grunted slightly and hissed in pain, but quickly recovered. I turned and saw my brother’s back facing me (I didn’t notice the extra people in the room at the time, I was a bit out of it, apologies).

“Clint…” I breathed, slightly from exhaustion, but mostly from relief. He turned around and I ran up to him, full on jumping into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist. He placed his hands on the back of my thighs, steadying himself a bit, and returned his embrace. After a few minutes I heard a cough from behind us. I turned my head, so the world was upside down for me, and my ponytail dangled. I saw four men and a young woman standing awkwardly by the door. I recognised one of them as Steve Rogers. I was introduced to Steve when the Avengers had to take refuge on our little farm a few years back. He waved awkwardly and I returned it. I lifted my head back, getting a head rush in progress, and jumped down from Clint’s embrace, I walked over to hug Steve.

“It’s good to see you again Y/N.” He muttered as he wrapped his massive arms around me. “Same goes for you.” I said wrapped my smaller, but no less weak, arms around Steve. I returned from the embrace to stare at the other four guests. On man in particular caught my eyes. Piercing blue eyes, razor sharp jaw line (seriously! You could cut cheese with it!), shoulder length brown hair and his left arm was entirely made out of metal (my mind went to a dark an dirty place for a second, but I quickly shook it off). I walked up to him and held out my right hand out to the mysterious figure.

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So after a pretty crazy first day of classes (I’m exhausted) I COME BACK TO THIS!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 GUYS THIS IS CRAZY! CRAZY AMAZING! 

Whenever I started this whole thing, I had no intentions of it getting to this point and now that we’re here, idk what to do with myself!! Y'all (for the most part 😉) appreciate what I post and hearing the praise and feedback from y'all is seriously my favorite part of this! Y'all are all a very important part of my life and I can’t thank you enough for going on this tumblr journey! Y'all are seriously amazing!! Thank you so much!! 

I seriously can’t stop smiling rn 😊

Avrei voluto avere 20 anni quando i ragazzi parlavano con la ragazza in disparte alla festa, e non si buttavano a gruppi di dieci sul troione con le tette fuori al centro della pista. Avrei voluto avere 20 anni quando una persona bisognava scoprirla e non cercarla su Facebook, e quando chiedevi ai tuoi amici “Come si chiama?” e non “Ma la da?”. Quando dovevi sudare per avere un numero di telefono e ti facevi mille paranoie. Quando qualcuno alla prima difficoltà non rinunciava pensando “Tanto ce ne sono di più carine” ma provava e riprovava fino a quando non si faceva realmente male. Quando aspettavi tutta la notte con il tuo vecchio Nokia 3310 una risposta che non arrivava mai perchè non esisteva il visualizzato e pensavi “Magari non ha soldi”, “Magari non è arrivato il messaggio”. Quando le foto dei baci le stampavi e le tenevi nel cassetto e a volte te le riguardavi un po’ e le custodivi gelosamente e non le postavi facendole vedere ai 4000 amici che hai su Facebook. Avrei voluto avere 20 anni quando c’era Tom Delonge, e l’amore era puro e crudo come una fottuta canzone dei Blink-182.
—  pietrodesimone

Mister gave me cash gift for spending the week with him!

Haha love it!

He spoiled me all week by taking me on vacation, flying me first class, getting me my own suite with a view and bath, taking me shopping, and to top it off he gave me $4000 for being so sweet to spend time with him.

I’m so happy he understands my needs and fulfils them, all while allowing me to fulfill his needs. He loves and adores my company.

Ladies, make your man NEED you and not want you, so you are SET!

Lux 💋

My edgelord friend likes posting le atheist memes

“For 4000 years religion has promised life after death; in 100 years science has doubled your life expectancy. Religion makes empty promises, science delivers.”

>life after death
>doubled life expectancy

風呂は究極極楽施設!! -  由布院煙
Baths are the Ultimate Facility of Paradise!! - En Yufuin 
(english/kanji/romaji) translations 3/5 of the boueibu character songs !

((kanji reading))

Fallin’ bath…

す べ て が 風 呂 に な る
All right?



風 呂 と 共 に 在 っ た
All right?





((english translation))

Fallin’ bath…

Don’t just say it’s only “H2O”   
Because it’s much similar to that of Duchamp’s “fountain”
Meaning that if you have the guts to believe
Everything will become a bath
All right?

The feeling of warmth and gentleness
Perhaps baths are like parents or a companion…
Or maybe even a god 
Doesn’t matter! I want to bathe! 

Because baths exist as they are
I can exist as the person I am
Closing my eyes, I’m within a bathtub
Without wanting or having anything
As long as I can float in the bath
How is it? How is it? See?
That is a bath existing as it is
It’s the evidence! 

From the year BC 4000
Baths have existed in this world
Meaning that the evolution of mankind
Occurred alongside the presence of baths
All right?

Its impact to even embrace history
That’s right, all paths have
Been connected through the power of bathing
Wherever you may be, go take a bath! 

If baths didn’t exist as the baths they were
You wouldn’t be the you that you are
Such as only having a shower at the bathhouse
It’s practically paradox
As you flow through the warm water 
You begin to understand the meaning of life 
I understand… I understand… That’s right!
Baths can’t exist as anything else other than the baths they already are

Like I said, because baths exist as the baths they are
That’s why it’s called a bath
If baths weren’t the baths they were
Baths can’t exist as they baths they are
You understand now right?
You see I myself, adore baths! 

If I am a bath and the bath is me…
Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory
There’s nothing for me to say anymore
Without wanting or having anything
As long as I can float in the bath
How is it? How is it? How is it?
See? See? See?
Right? Right? Right?
That is a bath existing as it is
It’s the evidence!

((romaji reading))

Fallin’ bath…

Tada no H2O to itte kureru na
DUSCHAMP no izumi to nita youna mon sa
Tsumari wa shinjiru kigai ga areba
Subete ga furo ni naru
All right?

Atatakaku yawarakai ittaikan 
Furo wa oya ka tomo ka… hatamata kami nano ka
Nandemo ii! Tsukaritai!

Furo ga furo de arunara
Ore wa ore de areru
Hitomi tojireba sore wa furo no naka
Nani mo motazu hossezu karada wo
Furo ni fuyuu sasereba
Douda? Douda? Horana?
Sore ga furo ga furo de aru
Shouko sa

Kigenzen yonzen mo maekara
Furo wa kono yo ni sonzai shitanda
Tsumari jinrui no shinka tte yatsu wa
Furo to tomo ni atta
All right?

Rekishi sae tsutsumi komu houyouryoku
Subete de michi wa sou
Furo e tsuujitanda
Dokokara mo furo e GO!

Furo ga furo de nainara
Kimi mo kimi ja naisa
Furoba de SHOWER dakedotoka
Oyu ni nagare nagasarete futo
Jinsei wo satoru no sa
Wakaru… wakaru… soreda!
Furo wa yappari furo de nakya dame daro

Dakara na, furo wa furo de aru kara koso
Furo nandayo
Furo ga furo janakya
Fro wa furo de arienai 
Mou wakattaro?
Ore wa, furo wo aishitenrunda!

Ore ga furo de furo ga arunara
Maa, souiu koto da yo
Mohaya hoka ni iu koto wa arumai
Nani mo motazu hossezu karada wo
Furo ni fuyuu sasereba
Douda? Douda? Douda?
Horana? Horana? Horana?
Sodaro? Sodaro? Sodaro?
Sore ga furo ga furo de aru
Shouko sa

Life! is! killing! me!

  • Must hire for two positions (reading cover letters and conducting interviews stresses me out like you wouldn’t believE)
  • Must stop falling behind on my own work
  • Must organize large community event for 4000+ people
  • Said event is the same day as the Duke and Duchess’ visit so we’re fucked
  • But I still need to raise several thousand dollars of sponsorship despite being fucked
  • Icing my horse’s leg for 15 minutes twice a day is apparently fucking impOSSIBLE for me
  • Having rather a lot of dental work being done on Thursday so that whole day is a write-off because I have to take Ativan to not be a nightmare for the poor dentist
  • I don’t even remember what else I’m stressed about but I am sure I am stressed about it nonetheless

anonymous asked:

One of my friends wanna go to doctor strange premiere at LA, the VIP tickets cost aprox 4000 dlls, and the date is 27/10, an anon said that are 2 premieres , 1 at LA, 1 at Florida , bcz disney

I heard the Florida thing too but come on, has any other Marvel movie had a FL premiere?  Maybe Disney World is doing a Doctor Strange ride LOL?

gayweeddaddy69  asked:

What is the best time for you to write in large quantities? Personally when I'm drunk I don't edit as I go so much and just go with the flow so I can edit sober. What's your most productive state of mind for writing (first drafts)?

I don’t really have an answer to this question as it’s based on my current mind state.

Some days, as reflected on my Mai Writes A Novel series, I can write 4000 words. Other days, I write barely 500.
I think it depends on two things: the place where my story is at and how motivated I feel to write.

When I can’t extend what is happening in the chapter enough to make it worthwhile, I feel like I have hit a dead end. For example, for each chapter I have a basic plan saved away which is only a couple of lines.

There are times when I can take a couple of those bullet points and create the entire chapter from it and have to move the other bullet points to further down the line. However, there are also times when I use ALL the bullet points and it’s barely anything written down.

Motivation is another serious problem. Of course, I could just look through the motivation tag on my own dang blog, but sometimes I know exactly what I want to write but I just don’t have the energy/cannot put it down into words/get too easily distracted. It’s a problem.

Basically, it’s all dependent on how I’m feeling that day. I need to be motivated enough and have enough ideas for the next upcoming chapter.