Nicole Stamp

stampnicole Sometimes the best place for a microphone battery pack is in your boot, which means a 4-foot cable is run up your leg and torso all the way to the mic head that’s taped to your sternum. And it feels reeeal personal when that cable gets pulled out.

I took this video about 40 minutes after #CarmillaS3 wrapped. At this point Elise had been crying- first as an actor and then as a human- for minimum 4 hours, and the cast and crew were hyper, exhausted, weepy, and loopy.

As Sean pulled the cable out of Elise’s clothing she giggled like a loon and hopped around like a pixie for a good 15 seconds before I managed to capture this little moment on video.
This is everything I like about Elise in 4 goofy seconds- here’s someone who possesses both the discipline to work herself to the point of near-collapse and yet also has the warmth to be funny and open with everyone around her despite exhaustion.

Happy birthday, Elise- you’re a good one. xo


Elise Bauman

baumanelise Ahh, I remember that moment so well 😊😊😊😊 what an incredible day that was. Thank you for your kind words Nicole ❤️