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I've heard this meta around, and I wanted to know what you think of it. People compare the Impala to Dean's soul or like the trunk having something to do with Dean on a deeper level, and I wanted to know what you thought of it because I adore your Dean meta. <3

Oh, Baby is definitely a metaphor for the state of Dean’s soul/emotions/conscience. Especially when it comes to fixing her up. One of the biggest examples of this is in 2.02, after John dies and Dean is focused on fixing the Impala. Focusing on that rather than what’s really wrong: 

And then the episode goes on and some of the cracks are exposed until finally, we have this beautiful scene: 

Dean beating the impala to holy hell. Not only is it a metaphor for the beginning of Dean’s understanding of his anger toward John, it’s also a metaphor for his own self-loathing. 

We see the fixing thing again in 7.01 after losing Cas, and after Sam’s head is filled with Lucifer, and that too is another great example of Dean at the start of some major grief and self-loathing and self-doubt. 

The car is useless; exactly the way Dean feels.

And what about when the car is not broken? How about this time in 10.04, when Dean is doing his damnedest to scrub Baby clean:

Oh man, the symbolism. Dean just spent the previous episode getting beat to hell by Cas, who was under a curse, and he wouldn’t let Cas heal him because he decided he deserved it because of beating Cas while also under a curse. And in fact at the start of 11.04, he still won’t let Cas heal him, but by Chuck, he will try to scrub that stain right off his soul. 

How about when it’s time to symbolically let your little brother grow up, after a lifetime of giving up everything for him (5.05)? 

Yep, that’s right. Hand over those keys, Dean Winchester, it’s time for a metaphor. 

Need to muddy the waters when it comes to free will and fate? Is Dean Winchester the master of his own fate, or has it just been a ruse all along? Convince your dad from the past to buy the car that started it all, so you’ll have it in the future to end it all, and let us ponder together. (4.03)

Or how about a metaphor about the state of Dean’s depression? After Sam went to the cage at the end of s5, Dean kept Baby under a cover for an entire year. And when he finally gets back to hunting (in 6.02): 

Just look at that smile. 

And if you want one that’s especially fun, how about that time in 9.16 when some demons marked up Dean’s car? 

Pretty interesting that Dean was only recently marked up by a Knight of Hell, no? 

And in only a few more episodes, we’ll see Dean on his knees again, desperate to have never been marked in the first place: 

Or how about that time in 12.19 when Dean gave the keys to someone he loves and then he stood there and watched as Baby was stolen away and he was left behind, high and dry?

And poof Baby is gone. So the only option is to do something you don’t want to be doing or be left behind forever.

You couldn’t possibly find a better metaphor for s12 Dean Winchester if you tried.