you know

when clarke watched lexa sleeping she was sketching, she was letting herself step away from her responsibilities, hide in this safe, warm bubble of lexa’s protection where she didn’t have to face the hard choices, the fight with bellamy. the scene was lit really warmly, all in gold and orange tones.  sun streaming through the window. it serves to gives us the scene as this intimate, soft moment where clarke feels safe.

but when clarke watched bellamy sleeping she was working, facing those responsibilities even though she hated doing it. she was still there, still working for her people despite butting heads with raven and bellamy. that scene isn’t lit warmly and comfortingly, it’s really blue and cold, iirc it’s raining outside. but you know who is lit by a soft warm light? bellamy blake napping on the couch. ‘cause even when she’s in the cold, dark, hard place making choices she hates making bellamy is her safe, warm place. 

i’m not crying you’re crying