I love how Wardstans apparently put a lot of importance in how awful it is for the team to abuse (sources??) a canonical childhood abuse survivor like Ward but no one on that gross, racist, pro-Rape Culture, Nazi-apologizing fandom has ever mention that it was unforgivable for Ward to abuse a canonical childhood abuse survivor like Daisy Johnson (information that we know Ward knew about Daisy because she confirmed he knew in 3x07).

So basically fuck off with your faux “pro abuse survivors” bullshit because we know how much you don’t fucking care about abuse survivors unless they are called Grant Ward. Or must I point out how quickly you all turned on Thomas Ward and called him an abuser and a monster when he confirmed Ward was a horrible person and he basically begged SHIELD to put him down so that ward’s victims can finally breathe in peace?

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so the 'maybe someday you and i' was a reference to king arthur? what's your opinion on that?

It is. Javier confirmed it on his blog when the question was asked.

(Side note: I am a non-shipper, but I still love to answer questions about the relationships in the show, because I honestly appreciate all of them)

I’ve never been a huge fan of King Arthur, the books, films etc. but I’ve seen many adaptations of the movie in film class (there are a lot let me tell you) and I think the homage is very fitting for Clarke and Lexa during the scene in 3x07. I find it so fascinating that Javier decided to create this reference to King Arthur’s speech to Guenivere, because the ‘Maybe someday you and I…’ line really captures the essence and true nature of Clarke’s and Lexa’s relationship as well.

I suggest you watch both scenes and see it for yourself [KING ARTHUR] [CLEXA].

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