Spillers Millennium Mills

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Designed and built by Mills William Vernon & Sons of West Float, Birkenhead in 1905 Millennium Mills was a flour mill equipped by Henry Simon Ltd that was capable of producing 100 sucks of flour per hour. The Royal Docks and Millennium Mills closed in 1981. The neighbouring Rank and CWS mills were demolished in the 1990’s as well as the Silos B and C however D was to remain as it was granted Grade II Listed status along with the Mills themselves which are locally listed by Newham Council. https://www.facebook.com/Proj3ctM4yh3m/photos/a.537733723008515.1073741964.232703890178168/616325938482626/?type=1

evde yedek şarj kablosu buldum 3m ama çakma ölürsem mezarıma “her şey senin için mis kokulum” yazın

The wreckage of a German Junkers Ju 52/3m transport destroyed on Gabes airfield. In the background is a convoy of RAF transports moving in to occupy the airfield. The photograph was taken the day after the airfield was captured at the end of March 1943.


mysteryprof asked:

So many AUs to choose from.... I would say possession AU, but nah. How about ol' El monster folk AU

VIBRATES MY JAM we gon assume they have human forms and monster forms ye

1. Elesis is a fire spirit/djinn and she met fox spirit Ara while she was setting a wildfire near her shrine. They hit it off and from then on, there have been no fires on Ara’s land and it’s always warm. If you’re lucky you might see a shrine maiden walking through the grounds with a woman with hair like the flames of the sun.

2. LP is an amassed form of plasma and holds his human form very well for extended periods of time. Sometimes if he gets flustered or startled a lot, he may lose control and body parts may fizzle.

3. MM is, ironically, a ghost. He’s similar to LP in that he’s an amassed form of energy, but has memories of being human. Conversely, MM can’t hold a physical form for very long and is more suited to being a travelling poltergeist than haunting a specific place.

4. BM is a spirit of ice and snow. He’s special because he has three forms: immaterial (usually for travelling long distances or when grumpy where he’ll end up freezing the vicinity), ice (or really just very cold. Think frost giant except not giant), and human (has a colder than average body temperature). In our AU, he’s living with LP and DL :)))

5. DL has a stomach mouth bc why not. It drools a lot and basically acts like a bored child at times. Likes licking things if DL isn’t concentrating on it and he can’t count the number of shirts it’s ruined with its saliva. One time DL woke up and his stomach mouth’s tongue was stuck to BM. BM woke up to DL panicking and LP offering to cut the tongue free with a plasma blade.

6. RF is a lava boy that’s always worried about burning someone. Lives near a dormant volcano that’s due for an eruption a few decades ago. He gets along with Elesis and MM because they pose no risk to being hurt by him.

7. DE is a human that unfortunately has to frequently play host to eldritch beings from the furthest ring. Possession and prophetic dreams of futures and pasts and the futures and pasts of alternate universes are common so he doesn’t really get to have a lot of sleep. Over time, his hair turned white and the fluids of his body dark and viscous. He doesn’t look a day older than 18.

8. VC is a crow boy, not quite a harpy but I can’t think of any equivalent haha. Can also see the future at times, mostly outcomes of disaster or major death. Purely carnivorous, can probably lift a medium sized car while flying. He hangs around DE a lot and occasionally helps him out when his episodes get bad.



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