The Choreographer And The Dancer (M)

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader
Word Count: 1.2k
Author’s note: I had to write this because ughhh Jimin dancing with a blindfold on at MAMA 2016!!! Okay so, this is the fifth part of my smutty AU drabbles series featuring BTS. You can find the rest of the drabbles here. I highly suggest that you watch this video first before reading this. And also, I dedicate this to @jiminni3christmas aka Chelsea because she loves Jimin so much and she’s been so good to me. In addition to that, shoutout to @jinatetae aka Meyg for sending me that one video (I’m sure you know what video it is, girl!). Anyway, enjoy everyone especially all of you, Jimin stans! ♡ The GIF isn’t mine.

Park Jimin is an excellent choreographer - however, he is also a massive pervert.

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a rly rushed header bc i almost didn’t make this, but i hit the 2k mark not too long ago and decided that there were some blogs and mutuals that i rly wanted to mention! i remember making my first ff a few months back and i’m amazed at the great experience i’ve had so far~ 2k isn’t a big number but i’m online inconsistently so i’m thankful for every follower/note i’ve gotten (your tags make my day). here’s an ff dedicated to some of my fav blogs and mutuals 

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Gift for @icemintfreeze

AAAA I been wanting to make you a Christmas Gift! More coming btw >W< 

I noticed you been upset lately and I thought I should make you something to show I care <33 And I love you so much.. You are a amazing idol and you get better everyday! I’m glad to call you a best friend, Never give up alright bab?? You are worth it

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