Seventeen dancing to Ooh-Aah @ SVTinAKL!!

so, today was a bad day, I cried, I wanted to be alone and all those things, but then decided to go to instagram, and that was where my day change….
yESSS I found the most beautiful drawing in the world, one of my favorites and special people in this world did it to me …. I do not find words to express how special and important it is for me, but I always want thank you @tuentyonepilots for being there for me, for making me smile and remind me that everything will be fine, T H A N K S x1000000 etc etc i will repeat it as many times as necessary, but I feel so lucky to have someone like you in my life .. everyone deserves a person like you in their life, but i have the best, okay?… I LOVE U SO MUCH 

No se que tan bien este mi ingles ( utilice un poco traductor porq la pereza :( y lo mala bilingue que soy )

el caso es que te quiero agradecer por cuantos medios se pueda porque ha sido una excelente sorpresa, cambiaste ese dia tan malo que llevaba, como siempre, Nucita rayito de sol te quiero demasiado y espero que te quedes mucho tiempo, dos años solo son una muestra de que la distancia no te impide tener a las mejores personas en tu vida, que somos lo mas dramatico del mundo, y que juntas superaremos cualquier obstáculo….