me: *works hard on a post*

yall: anyways

me: *makes a dumb ass post in the heat of the moment*

yall: 30k notes, 2 emmys, 10 oscars,-

30k Follower Admin Applications

Have you ever wanted to fall down a rabbit hole of gay ships and sin? What about make friends from all over the world and by that we mainly mean the United States? Have you ever realized you have so much knowledge of phanfiction that is unusable in the real world? WELL DO WE HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU!

As a thank you to all of you amazing people for getting us to 30k followers, applications are officially open for admins to join the Phanfiction Catalogue family!

Before applying, please keep in mind that:

  • This is pretty much like a full time job without the angry bosses and the paycheck. Please only apply if this is something you really want!
  • A computer with reliability is necessary. Editing on the theme is about 70% of the work on this blog and it’s not possible on mobile.
  • Timezones definitely won’t be an issue for being an admin, but please be aware that being on this blog takes up a lot of time and work.
  • We get a lot of asks per day, sometimes we can have up to 100 asks in our inbox, so patience is a key part of being an admin on this blog.
  • There is no way to avoid triggers as an admin, so keep that in mind while deciding whether or not to apply.

What does being an admin include?

  • Adding fictions and authors to library via html
  • Fixing broken links
  • Creating masterlists of a wide variety of genres
  • Finding lost fictions and generally responding to asks
  • Tagging appropriately
  • Other random odds and ends

The Process

  • Fill out this first general information survey
  • You will have two weeks to complete this application
  • If you’re chosen to move on, you will then complete a second application survey
  • If you’re chosen to move on from there, interviews will be conducted
  • After interviews, the new admins will be chosen
  • Please keep your ask boxes open
  • We will make a post when we’ve sent out all messages for that round.

Why you should apply to be an admin:

  • The admins of the blog are amazing and v supportive of each other and we all think we’re hilarious
  • There’s never ending phanfiction to read and connecting others to their desired fics is super rewarding
  • You can add this to your resume and say you do, ‘basic maintenance and operation of popular social media’. Employers love it.
  • It’s a fun environment to surround yourself with and interacting with the followers

If you change your url after you’ve sent in an application please let us know immediately!

Any questions you have, please feel free to ask but we ask to please send them off anon if possible so we aren’t flooding the blog with questions!

If the real Dan Howell could please stand up and apply, that’d be pretty chill. 

Best of luck to all of you! Click on the picture to be taken to the survey and we look forward to getting to know you all!

The Phanfiction Catalogue team aka Julianna because the other admins kept dicking around


On the topic of ‘music to get into the mood for a 40k faction’ here’s the track “Barbarian Horde” from the Gladiator soundtrack.

Now I’m in the right frame of mind to go build more 30k Ultramarines. :D

well imagine taking a dumb text post meant to make people laugh at a dumb idea this seriously hahaha

“praise and worship”
I’m not worshipping anyone over here except taylor swift if you know what I’m sayin I just think the Obama family would make for better prime time reality television than the washed up dried out Kardashians and so do like 30k other people, it’s a Capital idea 😉

i-swear-i-accidentally replied to your post:will you ever tell us what the massive plot hole…

So it wouldn’t work without Sollux being compromised :p //I’d still read the heck out of all your writing. ///yells cus I wish I read LP attentively ‘nuff to see the oversight

Aww, thanks! Also, the Lime Prophet that was published was fixed.

But not beforeI had to rewrite the fucking thing. All 30K of it.

Because I forgot the Great Mother existed.



Working on tactical squad #2 tonight while listening to Pandora. Having fun modeling as much personality into them as possible. Observations:

I can tell my blood sugar is getting low because my already shaky hands get HELLA shaky

Synth pop and industrial and ebm are great zone-out-and-build genres

Apocalyptica remixes of metal songs (such as Rammstein’s “Benzin”) work really well for freshly treasonous Emperor’s Children. The classical touch for the legion they were and the LOUD NOISES for what they’re becoming.

I think “anything with latin chanting” is probably best for Ultramarines.

wowza….sorry for the interruption…but i just reached 30k followers here….30,000!! that’s so many of you!! im so flabbergasted, honestly. i dont even know how to react to these sorta things…it hasnt ever really happened before…. i googled pictures of 30,000 people…you guys could fill a stadium!! WOAH!! h-hope i have enough food for ya haha…but really tho. thank you so much. every single of one of you. i never expected to have such a large audience of ppl supporting what i create….i feel so incredibly lucky. i hope i can live up to your expectations. and i hope i can make more art that you enjoy looking at. because its amazing to me that there are so many others out there that seem to enjoy what i already love creating. i couldnt ask for more. thank you so much. for your support. for your kind words. for your trust. aa…..

thank you . .. so much . . /dsfsdkj / ////////////