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I had a very interesting vacation. My sister and I got bit by the same snake. I tried to jump between the boat and a rock and fell into the rover instead. I went cliff diving off a 30ft cliff with my cousins. My mom jumped off the same cliff but landed wrong and got a big bruise on her butt. Aaaand my uncle got a fishhook in his finger. (But he was smarter than Sokka and did not try to get if out with another fishhook.)

These are the Calvert Cliffs, in Calvert County, MD on the Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent River, for which bluff erosion is a serious problem (up to 2 feet a year are lost). Given that Hannibal is set in the DC metro area, and the discussion of bluff erosion, these are the most likely (and only real viable) setting for the final scenes of 3x13. At maximum, the height of these cliffs above the waterline is 25m (82ft). (These are the highest waterfront cliffs within a several hundred mile range)

Cliff diving generally takes place at heights between 18m-45m, though with the wrong angle and/or too shallow water, a height of 6m (20ft) is enough to break bones.  Most often deaths from heights of 50ft and above are attributed to panicking upon hitting water, gasping for air and inhaling water, and the length of time it takes to surface from depths of up to 30ft. Hannibal makes a point of mentioning the erosion and depth of the water, so it is not at all unlikely that they would survive the fall, even with poor entry, though likely sustaining some damage from the impact. Also, neither Hannibal nor Will are likely to panic, and Hannibal is shown to be a strong swimmer. So. Yeah. They survived (and didn’t even need murder wizardry)!


30 Day Fairy Tail Challenge
Day 18 - Best chapter: Tiny Fists (Chapter 289)

“This has turned into something amazing! Neither side is backing down! A clash of tiny fists! Is this determination for the sake of their guilds? Though their fists are small… their hearts are vast…”

Arena vs. Stadium

After having gone to 2 arena shows in LA, I was lucky enough to catch last nights show in SD. All I can say is, I don’t understand what all the hype is about stadium shows. Yes, it’s amazing to see all the extra thousands of people, and the open air feel is great, but the arena shows feel so much more intimate. Like, my side of the stage seats were like 30ft from Taylor where at the stadium they were like 200 yards away. I know everyone has their own preference, but I’m very grateful the LA shows are at Staples. Just my opinion! 😁

i was planning to draw ALL DAY TODAY and then i got distracted with 100000 different things and hardly drew at all BRURHGHRG!!!!!!! but on the up side i shouted MEOW at a cat from 30ft away today and it meowed at me and walked in my direction so i could pet it and it was the best experience of my week

GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!!!! sleep well be safe i love u all (KISS)

I love having a huge living room with a 30ft ceiling and no annoying roomates.

Sleeping here every night is the only thing that makes work tolerable.

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p1 So you're walking in the woods, your car broke down and your phone is dead, and then you hear a noise coming from the underbrush. Following you about 30ft back - Cassandra pentaghast. She comes at you in a dead sprint. You have no clue what to do

@ whoever u r thank u for this and i eagerly await the next part!!


A 25-30ft basking shark washed up in Lubec, ME yesterday morning and since it’s only a 45min drive from campus we tried to find it this afternoon. A necropsy was preformed on it earlier today and we were hoping it wasn’t rolled back into the ocean after it was finished, but we couldn’t find any signs of it. The tide was extremely high, though, so we might try again tomorrow when it’s going out. 

We did get a nice view of Campobello Island across the bay and we found this weird globular thing (and another, smaller one a bit further) in the sand we’re not exactly sure of. A lot of sandpipers too!

30 Day Fairy Tail Challenge
Day 1 - Favourite character: Gray Fullbuster

“No matter how many years pass, the fact that it’s my fault Ur had died will never change. In some way, I have to take responsibility. And that is now. I’m prepared to die… I have been ever since ten years ago!”

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Cousin Mz Butterfly…This is a Child of God who survived a horrible motorcycle accident which she went off a 30ft embankment in her parking garage which she survived! She flew in a tree & hit the rock face down, shattered her nose & eye socket, they didn’t know what to do with her face. Guess What? God healed it! 10 screws in spine, broken left leg, broken arm, in ICU, etc..we didn’t think she would survive. Amazing what God can DO! She was Covered in The Blood of Jesus! #Miracle #CoveredInTheBloodofJesus #God #ChildOfGod #Amazing #Alive #Survives #PeachesnCreamMC #2Sisters2Lupus #world #worldwide

Ben Fogle to hunt for UK great white sharks - with a dead whale as bait

Adventurer Ben Fogle has embarked on an expedition to hunt for great white sharks in UK waters, using the carcass of a 30ft whale as bait.

The investigation will reveal the hidden creatures lurking in British seas for an upcoming ITV documentary fronted by the presenter. It is believed to be the first whale-fall experiment to take place in the UK, recreating what happens when a whale drops to the bottom of the ocean once it dies.

A great white shark (Kike Calvo/AP)

The whale carcass, a female humpback weighing more than seven tons, will be dragged through the Celtic Deep, between Ireland and Wales, with cameras filming the response from marine life, including sharks.

The Shark Trust said its former chairman, Richard Peirce, had investigated over 100 sightings of great whites in Britain, describing a “handful of the sightings” as “credible”.

The availability of seals as prey and habitat is considered well-suited to the species, but there is no evidence that they inhabit UK seas.

John Richardson, the charity’s conservation officer, said: “This is certainly an exciting project – possibly unprecedented in British waters – however the likelihood of encountering a white shark is incredibly low.”

A whale carcass (Eric Risberg/AP)

He added: “Nevertheless a decomposing whale may prove impossible to ignore for a number of other magnificent oceanic sharks that are found in British waters, including the blue shark, porbeagle, shortfin mako, thresher – possibly even a Greenland shark.”

Fogle has tweeted a picture of a cloudy skyline from the expedition boat, writing “A perfect day for a shark expedition”.

The whale was donated by the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme (SMASS), which was unable to save it when it was found entangled near the village of Helmsdale in the north east of Scotland in June. It was transported to Wales, where it was frozen using four tonnes of liquid nitrogen, to preserve it ahead of the experiment.

Big Wave TV, the production company behind the project, has waited over two years to find a whale suitable for the experiment.

Ben Fogle (Lauren Hurley/PA)

Dr Andrew Brownlow, director of SMASS, said the team had wanted a “Goldilocks whale” – big enough to be towed out to sea and attract wildlife, but small enough to fit into a shipping container – and described the experiment as an “astonishing logistical operation”. He said: “I get some strange requests in my job, and this is well up there with them.

“But when an animal comes into the north east coast of Scotland it usually goes to landfill, and there is nothing more disheartening than to see these amazing creatures buried under tons of human refuse.

“It seems a little weird that we agreed to do this, but compared to just being binned along with the waste of the north east of Scotland, it’s actually brilliant.”

Dr Brownlow said it would be “amazing” to see what Fogle and the team find, adding: “The whale is a huge ecological resource so as it begins to sink it generates its entire own ecology, because it is a food source for lots of lots of creatures.

“The deep ocean environment is pretty sterile. There aren’t a lot of nutrients, so putting something massive like that in, it’s a huge injection of food energy into the sea.”