°˖✧ Character  Challenge ✧˖°

Day 1 » A character from your current favorite fandom

Guren Ichinose Owari no Seraph

Day 4- How Vain is your character? Do they consider themselves attractive?

The simple answer? No. Not at all. 

Kira has never been vain and always considered her looks average at best. She was never thin or tall like many of the girls she knew. Her thighs touch, her hips are too wide, her stomach too soft. She would always have a flat chest no matter how hard she tried. Dresses sometimes looked…abnormal on her frame, at least to her. 

She used to spend hours in the mirror at a young age, trying to push herself in in places. She wanted in the very back of her head, to be that thin beauty that glided gracefully through everything she did, who looked great in everything.

It’s different now than it was then. 

He looks at her like she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. 
                                                       And she’s slowly starting to believe him.

Day One- Parents

1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

Kira is the apple of her fathers eye. The only child of a wealthy noble family, Kira could have turned out much different. Nothing was too good for their little girl, whether she wanted it or not.

Her relationship with her father is still very strong, and she writes him often to tell him of her exploits and to keep him from worrying. He actively encouraged her need for knowledge and mastery of the arcane arts, getting her a fine tutor when she started showing her magical ability at the age of six. He never once tried to control her, unless for her own well-being and the well being of their curtains from a rogue spark or flame from her hands. She’d spend hours in his lap, reading whatever he was, from history books to medical journals. With his influence was how she found a place at the Priory at the age of 17, and often refers to her as his little scientist.

Kira’s relationship with her mother, however, is a different story. Her mother wanted her to be a lady, to attend balls and ladies luncheons. By the time she hit puberty, she was forced into corsets and ball gowns and put on display in front of men a few years older than she was. Her glasses were replaced with makeup, her books yanked from her arms. “Do not bore the men with your…science speak. It’s not becoming of a young lady.” Her mother told her when she was 13, before shoving her into a life she was much too young to understand. She detested every minute she had to spend with her mother, actively disobeying her. She never wanted to be married by 18, forced to live a boring life as a housewife to some nobleman's son who only liked what he saw on the outside and who couldn't hold an intelligent conversation to save his life.

Her mother has since relaxed, slightly. She still receives letters, saying that her ‘biological clock is ticking’, but she usually disregards them.

Day 2 - Prominent Features

2.) What are your characters most prominent physical features?

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Kira’s most prominent and the one people notice the most is her height. She stands at a mere 4′11 without heels, causing many people to mistake her for a child or treat her like one. She has often had to climb library shelves to reach books or stand on her tiptoes to reach the jar on the shelf that was just out of reach. A few people have picked her up like a doll or a child, saying how cute she was because she was ‘so tiny’ which quickly resulted in someone receiving third-degree burns to their extremities. 

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Kira’s second feature is her hair. It falls down her back in red waves, and it spends most of its time tied back some how, either a bun or a braid or even half up. Her hair is a feature of pride for her, as it’s a part of her families heritage, both her and her father have the same red hair.