30 Day Challenge: Questions to make you think

All these great questions were being passed around and I like these 30day challenge things so I purloined some people’s questions and a few others and made this 30 day challenge. Answer 1 question per day about your Muse.  GL HF!

  1. How independent is your muse for their age and life situation?
  2. Does your muse follow in their parents footsteps? One of them? Someone else’s entirely? Or do they follow their own path?
  3. What are your muse’s favorite hobbies/pastimes? Have they changed since they were a child?
  4. What is your character’s favorite memory? What is your character’s worst memory that they are willing to share?
  5. Talk about your most treasured possession.
  6. Do other people have misconceptions about some parts of your muse’s personality?
  7. Your muse is going on a picnic with some friends and is asked to bring one type of food or drink? What do they bring? Do they end up sharing it or keeping it to themselves?
  8. What subjects at school did/would your muse excel at? Which ones did/would they struggle with?
  9. Busy cities or quiet villages? Does your muse tend to seek out a crowd or do they isolate themselves? Any reason why?
  10. Has your muse ever want to pursue something that felt out of reach to them? Be it a goal, profession, change of lifestyle? Are they stubborn/determined enough to keep trying? Or do they just settle down in the role they already have?
  11. Does your muse have any biases or prejudices? Have they been on the receiving end of any? If so, how do they handle it?
  12. Scavenger hunt time! Your muse has to go out and find three objects that they feel represent them. What do they find? Bonus: link pics
  13. It’s your muse’s birthday. What kind of cake do they request? No cake? How about a pie? What flavor? Actually, what’s their favorite dessert? Bonus: pics
  14. Decision Time! You have two choices: Live an endless nomadic life or live in any place of their choosing, but they cannot leave it. Which do you choose and why?
  15. What is your character’s favorite magic to cast and/or watch cast?
  16. How does your character fall asleep?
  17. What is your character’s combat experience?
  18. What is a location that your character would like to visit that they haven’t gone to yet?
  19. What is your character’s favorite time of year and why?
  20. Name some of the types of things your character enjoys. (Hobbies, items, creatures, buildings, etc.)
  21. What does your muse feel is important to be talented at?
  22. Does your character have messy or neat handwriting? Anywhere is between? Why do they think this is the case?
  23. If your character were in the present day, what would they be doing?
  24. Does your muse struggle with any type of addictions?
  25. Does your muse have an unrealistic view of some area of their life or worldview?
  26. What aspect of your muse’s personality or essence do other people usually have a problem with?
  27. How does your muse see their own value in comparison to other people?
  28. Is your muse loyal or more prone of take advantage of people close to them?
  29. Is your muse wild/ reckless or do they tend to stay on the safe side inside their comfort zone?
  30. What calms your muse down the best under severe stress?How does your muse behave typically under severe stress?
  31. What type of people does your muse idolize the most? Why? If you could meet anyone (NPC) who and why? Name some of the people who are friends with your muse that are similar.

(PS Thank you to whoever came up with some of these, I didn’t save whose they were and for that I apologize!)


28/08/16  || 30 Day Studyblr Challenge by @hayley-studies

Day 1: A photo of your supplies

okay so my supplies are really just a pile of gorgeous clairefontaine notebooks and about eight pens but it works for me! (feat. fancy first week of school splurge coffee & early morning sunshine making photos a challenge)


Day 5 on the #NoCheatChallenge

I forgot to post yesterday but I did fine. I had a rough day and almost caved but pushed through! Just gotta keep chugging on. I gotta get my head in the game again.

Meal 1 - Sausage Green Pepper Omelet with cheese and a side of bacon

Meal 2 - Chicken Picatta from Olive Garden

Snack - Pepperoni, Cheese, and Keto no bake cookies

Calories - 1,653
Net Carbs - 26

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