-- 3O days of character development ♕ [ day 5 ]

What’s your character’s ranking on the [kinsey scale?

Currently 1 - predominantly heterosexual, incidentally homosexual.

Because instincts are instincts, they don’t discriminate. He’ll do anyone he wants, when he damn well wants, but females are the preference. 

Grimmjow isn’t bluntly, sexually suggestive like Szayel or Nnoitra, but there are hints. When Orihime comes in, his attitude is dismissive until he sees what she is capable of and realizes she can be useful to him. So he saves her from the two Arrancar attacking her, and makes her look like a total bondage bitch when taking her to heal Ichigo (later, he makes it clear that he won’t hesitate to choke the life out of her if she gets defiant). He also taunts Ichigo by saying that she could have been hurt “inside” during her stay (although he could have been implying just mentally). That seems suggestive. 

So it’s doubtful he is ignorant to sexual attraction, and women appeal more to him. Should he develop feelings at all, it would be the pure carnal desire. To dominate and not take their wellbeing into consideration. Based on how he treats women (the way he dealt with Orihime compared to the way he dealt with Loly & Menoly), and just his personality, he probably doesn’t have an inkling of what romance is. 

With men, he’s more prone to rivalry, and maybe respecting them if they’re powerful enough.

— 3O days of character development ♕ [day 13]

What does your character’s bed look like when he/she wakes up? Are the covers off on one side of the bed, are they all curled around a pillow, sprawled everywhere? In what position might they sleep?

People tend to sleep how they live, depending on their personality and whether or not they feel stressed that day. Once he finds a comfortable position, he will barely stir. Grimmjow is not a fitful sleeper because his mind is not plagued with stress or insecurities. The only exceptions would be occasional muscle spasms, incoherent growls and silent snarls when he dreams about fighting.

He doesn’t bother tucking himself in most of the time, and one could expect to find the Sexta just lounging on his stomach above the disheveled blankets. He would be stretched out in a sort of “freefalling” position, subconsciously claiming his territory. If a whole bed belongs to him, he’s going to take up the space. Sometimes, one arm could be curled around the pillow, the other stretched out and guarding another corner of the bed. And other times, they could both be folded against the pillow.

Rin “accidentally” left one of his university hoodies at Haru’s place. Haru wears it around cause it’s actually pretty soft and warm and definitely not because it smells like Rin, because it doesn’t, not at all.


Heeeeey so guess who epically fell off the wagon of the 30day challenge? Not even surprised tbh. Oh well, here have something I guess you could call day 5? Hahaha OTL

— 3O days of character development ♕ [day 14]

How does your character react to temperature changes such as extreme heat and cold? 

Rukia managed to freeze him in a mass of ice for about 30 seconds before he broke out. That goes to show, cold temperatures have a meager impact on him. There could be a blizzard and Grimmjow would still be walking around in that bolero jacket with ice crystals glistening on his chest. He’s probably more accustomed to cooler temperatures, because Hueco Mundo is a deathly world of perpetual night.

Every Arrancar wears light clothing, and that could be due to the occasional heat of the desert, or just in contrast to shinigami. If he is ever faced with extreme heat, he’d simply strip down. 

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— 3O days of character development ♕ [day 27]

Pick two songs that describe your character at two different points of their life, and explain why you chose them. 

Godsmack - I Stand Alone.    || Now I’ve told you this once before, can’t control me. If you try to take me down, you’re gonna break. I stand alone inside. I’ll never rest until I can make my own way. I’m not afraid of fading, I stand alone. Feeling your sting down inside me, I’m not dying for it. I stand alone.

Can’t say all of the lyrics in this particular song express Grimmjow, but the harsh, assertive instrumental and definitely the lyrics I listed above, symbolize the way he thinks towards anyone who tries to step down on him. He’s the proud, lone warrior-King and he hasn’t fallen yet. 

Sick Puppies - You’re Going Down.   || Define your meaning of war, to me it’s what we do when we’re bored. Because I’m hyped up out of control, if it’s a fight, I’m ready to go. It’s been a long time coming, and the table’s turned around. ‘Cause one of us is going down. I’m not running, it’s a little different now. 'Cause one of us is going down.

This is also the song I have on his blog, and it definitely symbolizes the way he is about fighting anyone. To him, fighting is living. More importantly, the song expresses how much he wants to defeat Ichigo.