Andre of Outkast talks about 2PAC

Crow: I was up to crazy days over at Fosterville, you know, the other day, for that, uh, that Clown Parade thing they do, Joel?

Joel: Uh-huh, yeah. Sure.

Crow: You’ve heard of that. Yeah, sure, they get the Lion’s Club together with the Kiwanis from Ellsworth, there’s about a hundred and fifty of ‘em there for this, uh, Clown Jamboree, you know, and, well, you know, about a hundred and fifty clowns runnin’ wild in the street with the big clown suits and the fake mustard and all that…

Joel: They do a wonderful job.

Crow: Oh, yeah, well, I know how much you boys like clowns, you know. Well, these boys, anyway, they, uh, took a few tall cold ones and that wasn’t even enough, they had a few road sodas with ‘em, you know what I mean? Well, they ended up rolling that fire engine right there on the Main Street. Gasoline and clown white all over the road. You know, and those clown shoes burn like black tires! Yup, big black, stinky cloud hanging over the whole ugly scene, why, they’re still pickin’ up clown noses! Yup, they called the coroner from up at Bixby, you know, he’s got that, uh, that ambulance from the war, you know. He’s the only one in town! Well, they still managed to cram all two hundred of them clowns into that little bitty wagon. Yup.

*fade to black*

Hey guys! Since tomorrows friday, I was thinking about possibly doing a game of CAH or streaming a bunch of ML episodes (or doing something else–let me know if you have ideas!) ? What would you guys prefer??

  • Episode 236 - Daredevil
  • We Hate Movies
  • We Hate Movies

Episode 236 - Daredevil

On this week’s episode, the gang takes on the Valentine’s 2003 superhero movie, Daredevil! Could Affleck be any stiffer as the titular Devil from Hell’s Kitchen? What’s with all the Nü Metal on this soundtrack? And could they make a great character like Elektra any more lame? PLUS: Joey Pants wants to remind you that he’s from Hoboken. 

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Daredevil stars Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Jon Favreau, Joe Pantoliano, Leland Orser, Erick Avari, and the late, forever great, Michael Clarke Duncan; directed by Mark Steven Johnson. 

Host Segment 3 (S01E04)

Joel gets a haircut from Crow whilst Tom Servo continues to drool over the pages of Tiger Bot magazine.

I love this sketch, I was talking it up earlier this week, but there’s not really much to show! It’s pretty much one shot:

In this static frame, nothing visual really happens. The brilliance of this sketch comes from Crow’s homespun gossipy monologue, with some interjections from Servo and Joel, which slowly progresses from the banal to the macabre in a slow escalation that is the hallmark of many an excellent scene on MST3K. 

It’s not strictly a monologue, I guess, but it’s mostly Crow. The idle chit-chat descends into violent madness as Crow goes on to describe a terrible car accident involving the deaths of over 150 clowns.

New Baldwins Brew Recipes

Level 5 Recipes

Rosetail: 1 Copper Muck, 2 Orange Sludge, 4 Green Goo, 1 Sizzling Phosphorus, and 2000 Treasure.

Tropical Caiman: 1 Copper Muck, 2 Orange Ooze, 3 Yellow Goo, 1 Sizzling Phosphorus, and 2000 Treasure.

Level 13 Recipes

Acid-Tongue Serpenta: 2 Copper Muck, 3 Orange Ooze, 3 Yellow Goo, 3 Green Sludge, and 4000 Treasure.

Marbled Serpenta: 1 Gold Muck, 3 Orange Sludge, 3 Yellow Sludge, 3 Green Sludge, and 4000 Treasure.

Dusklight Alchemist Tools: 1 Black Slime, 3 Purple Ooze, 2 Purple Sludge, 1 Purple Goo, and 3000 Treasure.

Golden Glow Alchemist Tools: 1 White Slime, 4 Yellow Ooze, 2 Orange Ooze, 2 Red Ooze, and 3000 Treasure.

Primary Alchemist Tools: 1 Grey Slime, 3 Yellow Sludge, 2 Red Sludge, 1 Blue Sludge, and 3000 Treasure.

Supercharged Alchemist Tools: 1 Grey Slime, 3 Green Sludge, 3 Green Goo, 3 Green Ooze, and 3000 Treasure.


I am so close to 3000 followers, guys. 3000 FOLLOWERS. That is just… mind-blowing. I can’t believe you guys actually stuck through all the stuff that B and I were going through, and that you’ve stayed for just me. I am so so humbled and grateful for you all, especially those that’ve been vocal and talked to us on a regular basis. I love you all.

So, to celebrate, I wanna give you guys some options (’cause I’ve seen a bunch of other blogs doing this sort of thing recently too). So, the total number of followers right now is 2782. When I get to 3000, I wanna do something special, but I’m not sure what. So. Options, and you get to vote.

1) Personalized drabbles (you tell me some basic info about you and what character(s) you want and I’ll write a drabble for you)

2) Blog takeover with Olive, Lana, and the Mad Max AU versions of the other characters. Ask them questions about their lives, any question is alright!

3) Theme song. Like tell me about you and then I’ll tell you a song that I think should be your theme song.

4) I’d say normal ships but like I already have a whole backlog of those, so I’m gonna add ship song. Like I’ll ship you and then tell you what song would be “your song” with your honey bunch.

5) Fancast. You send me pics/direct me to your selfie tag

So let me know what you want! Of course, votes either have to be through reblogs, messages, or asks off-anon so that everyone gets their one vote and can’t spam vote as a way of cheating the vote.

Anyway, thanks so much you guys! I am so so grateful for you!

Final Segment (S01E05)

This is a kinda legendary final segment; possibly the best Good Thing/Bad Thing segment there is. Joel starts with Crow, because Tom Servo is acting really salty from the first word of the sketch:

Crow’s Good Thing: got to meet an entire family of mutants.

Crow’s Bad Thing: they’re so stupid they tried to commit inconspicuous murder on the most conspicuous day. 

Crow gets a RAM Chip.

Servo, still feeling salty, begins a litany of Bad Things about the film but is interrupted by Joel who insists on a Good Thing as well. This does not go well, to say the least:

Trying to come up with something good to say about The Corpse Vanishes made Tom Servo’s head explode (I know the feeling). He sings a little ‘Daisy’ when he’s about to blow up, like any good intelligent computer-based lifeform should. 

Joel is remarkably calm about this whole head-explosion situation; he’s just like, “gotta get my tools again.” I guess this is a common problem with your Servo-type robots?