CLASS OF 3000: Full Theme

The Class of 3000 theme is an almost five minute long song in full. It’s some great music, nothing short of what you’d usually expect from Andre 3000. I really recommend giving the whole thing a listen.

"Be yourself ‘cause no one else can
take your seat at cool school.
And always remember to let ‘em where you come from,
just so they know.” 




Just last June I was celebrating 900, and now I could fill an auditorium with people who like my art. This blog also turns 2 years old in a couple days.

Man, I have no idea what to do. There’s no way I’m drawing all of you. Maybe a special stream? Maybe an actual story arc? Hmm

Maybe these things might happen if I could stop playing Monster Hunter for five freakin’ seconds.

Thanks a lot, everyone. Stay tuned for something special, and let’s shoot for 5k!

And remember: Pocky contains glicogen, which is good for your heart.))

3,000 posts!

Way cool, but I do need to get a life.  :)  I believe that’s in less than two years, and it’s a good time to say thank you to all of you!  I definitely wouldn’t be writing or sharing otherwise.  Not bad at all for someone who used to cry at least twice a week “I quit, I can’t write anymore”.  I’m sure some of my favorite long time friends like Joy, Philine, Kevin and Edward can remember those posts painfully well.  At first they’d send me notes, “please don’t leave, you’re loved and valued here”, then after a while it was more like “There goes Mike writing his whiny I quit poems again”.  I won’t promise never to whine, but I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon.  Thank you and I do love you all. Mike <3          

My Day/Some Body Positivity

I finished my first week of half marathon training tonight! (:

Aaaand here are some pictures from the trail I ran on today - Yes, those are dinosaurs, and they are the most important part of that collage lol.

A little lovin’ for my back tattoo and my dermals! I love them both, and I don’t get to see them nearly enough lol. 

Aaaand some general body positivity. This body carried me through 4 miles of a pretty hilly trail today, so I love it for that (:

That puts my official February mileage up to 37/30, crushed my goal! (: 

thisbeachbutterfly smileygirl13000 

And my shoutout today goes to those two lovely ladies above! I’ve loved every second of being part of this challenge! Thank you for hosting it <3