Grey’s Anatomy 30 Second Dance Party 

On not going to class.

I’ve stated a few times that I don’t go to class. Unless it’s absolutely mandatory and I’ll lose points if I don’t go- I stay home. Choosing whether or not to attend class is a very personal thing and no one can tell you what’s right for you and your learning style. The reasons that I skip class are endless:

-I wake up when I want to (sometimes detrimental but most of the time it’s good). 

-Comfy clothes. No bra. Sorry if TMI. Fuzzy socks. Messy bun. Lookin’ a fool but feeling good. 

-Making my own tea/coffee and eating my own food- less likely to spend money and less likely to grab whatever is fast/convenient on campus. 

-Lecture speeds are honestly just too slow for me to pay attention. When watching a recorded lecture or a pathoma video- I speed it up to at least 1.7 speed. 

-I get to move at my own pace. If I need a break from pathology to study some pharmacology… I can do that sitting at home. I can’t very well stop a pathology lecturer midway through and decide it’s pharmacology time. 

-I still look crazy doing my 30 second dance parties but no one can see me when I’m home alone instead of in a packed library or lecture hall. 

-Naps. I take them sometimes. 

-I can actually work in some exercise. I have no excuses!

And the list goes on… these factors facilitate my learning style for massive amounts of pre-clinical material. Today was one of those days that I didn’t even leave the house. I was able to get through everything on my to-do list for the day and then some. The key to being a successful class-skipper is planning. For example, I already went over tomorrow’s pharmacology lecture in addition to today’s topics. I’m not going to class (duh) and I have a dentist appointment during the time I would normally be studying pharm. I love this flexibility, it makes life a lot easier for a super busy, overworked medical student. 

The hardest part about skipping classes was just letting go. I can probably count the number of classes that I skipped in college on one hand. I distinctly remember a doctor telling me: “Oh, I never went to class in med school. Skip it and learn from the book.” I was horrified! But now that’s exactly what I do. Granted, medical students have incredible outside resources to learn material and I take full advantage of them in addition to the books. At first I had major FOMO about skipping class and would get anxious that I had missed some critically important, high-yield piece of information about a topic and would fail the test. Spoiler alert: pretty much all high-yield stuff is in First Aid. Chillax, bruh. 


I heard a gasp from the bathroom. Thinking something was wrong, I yelled down the hall. Only to be left waiting by an uncomfortable pause, followed by my wife beaming with a positive ovulation test in her hand. And just like that her ovulation is right on time! Yay for the smiley face! We definitely had a “30 second dance party”I made her take three just to be sure! Who knew that all we needed was a relaxing European getaway to kick start her Fallopian tubes. Now all we have to do is wait until next month to see Derek and get some baby dust!


Grey’s anatomy harlem shake


30 Second Dance Party