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I can see where the anon is coming from though. The troupe does only one dance for 30 seconds it's an after party left them do more dances. I mean they showed more of Melissa and Louis. Sorry but I don't care about them. I would rather see the troupe perform another bumper than seeing Melissa and Louis

True dat

The only way I make it through the day without crying is by having 30 second dance parties in the school bathroom throughout the day.

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom 24hr Kick-Off to Summer

Just picked up a schedule for the Magic Kingdom Park for the 24hr day and WOW it’s going to be a long night. I’m working from 5:45pm-4:15am that day. I’ll be in Fantasyland the entire time and am looking forward to lots of 30 second dance parties to keep me goin’ through the night. I work the next day at 2:15pm, which sounds not so bad but I will actually not get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep after the 24hr day before I have to get myself back to work. I’m not an energy drink person but this might be an exception…

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❛ i honestly can’t handle anymore stress in my life. ❛

quinn fabray sentence starters.

butimalwaysalana​ ➳ STATUS: accepting! (pls send more quinn fabray is the light of my life!)

          the lounge singer smiles slowly, approaching her companion
          with CAUTION.     she’s always sure to not move too quickly
          around alana. after all, annika too knows what it’s like to feel
          the way that the doctor does.  many of the scars alana dealt
          with,   annika did too.   as soon as she’s close enough,   she
          gently pulls away the book that the doctor holds.

  You WORRY too much and you should try relaxing
     more.   We should have a 30 second dance party.
                            It’ll help, I swear. 

          clearly, someone’s been watching TOO MUCH grey’s anatomy.

#happyfriday! To the weekenders and non weekenders remember to live for today! Don’t wait for that Friday or that summer. Have that 30 second dance party! Order pizza in the middle of the week! Eat ice cream for breakfast! Drink that huge glass of rum and orange juice at 5am!…okay… maybe not if you have to work.. Lol but you get my point! Don’t say you’re waiting for a special occasion or special day to enjoy life. Do so now! #foodforthought #friday #danceparty #pizza #drinkers #dontgetwastedatwork #drinkresponsibly #livefortoday #itsnotlikeyouregettingoutalive

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1 3-5 11 13-16 26, ps you're awesome and i like your blog

you’re even awesome-er and I like you you’re cool stay cool ily💕🙊

1. i don’t really like anyone rn it’s kinda weird🙈 but I guess I’m developing a new crush too🙊🙈
3. same sex: most girls I know personally are so used to slut-shaming other women it makes me mad, when they don’t support each other, also when they think they’re superior to men or any other person bc really we are all the same
opposite sex: sexism, when they think they have a right to say everything they think and do whatever they want just because they have a freaking penis, and also when they’re mean to women/other men. Again, we are all the same and everyone should be nice to everyone so it bothers me.. (kinda long answer lmao)
5. Uhm sometimes I have 30 second dance parties lmao (thank you Grey’s) or I just randomly scream sometimes haha
11. I’d rather be with someone I hate for a month because maybe in that time I will learn things about them I don’t really hate much and also when I come back I’ll get to be with the person I love forever and ever
13. gosh I can’t really think of anyone omg but there are so many cute people on tumblr like why it’s offensive who gave you the right (to those people, fuck me and marry me lmao)
16. uhm lets see: I was actually with my parents and it was so funny my mom and my sister were laughing so much at the shit I said and my dad was so serious like why did I even let you drink😂 and when we came back to our hotel (which was pretty fancy so it made it even more embarrassing) I didn’t see the glass door and got a huge bruise on my forehead😂
26. so I was like 11 and there was this guy (weird times when I was “straight”) who kinda showed interest in me so I was so dumb and let him kind of take advantage of my inexperience and when I met him one night with some friends he kissed me like three times.. not romantic at all… 🙊 but whatevs when I kiss a girl for the first time which I’m sure will be better that will count as a good first kiss🙈💕