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Arrow Summer Rewatch: Week Seven Roundup

Take a look at this weeks products of Arrow Summer Rewatch. All of these are amazing. Please take the time and investigate any of these.

2x02– Identity

Episode Discussion by otamber

And I love spending the night with you by just-me-and-the-tv

2x03– Broken Dolls

Oliver and Diggle’s “Kitten” fight by diasia031

Episode Discussion by otamber

2x04– Crucible

Olicity Eye Sex by diasia031

Episode Discussion by otamber

Workouts and Wisdom: a Missing 2x04 moment by jedichick04

Sara Lance is Alive by cherrychapssstick


Dressing Like a Queen: a Season 1 Felicity Smoak Roundup by smoakandpepper

Laurel Lance in Season Two by kimberlately

anonymous asked:

Hello again, it's your Philinda Secret Summer agent! Sorry I haven't messaged you in a while, I've been busy with summer things and then the Fourth of July (I'm American). This is my Philinda question for you: what is your favorite canon Philinda moment?

Hey ! Hope you had wonderful Fourth Of July celebrations :) ! Belated wishes for the same ! 

Favourite Philinda canon moment ? 

umm I think it has to be Philinda going undercover as a married couple and them dancing in 2x04 Face My Enemy. I mean when you watch these kinda shows that involve secret agents, you always wait for scenes that involve your favourite characters going undercover. So yeah I really loved this moment. 

Philinda undercover, as a married couple, dancing, May flirting .. it was lot of fun .. almost as if the writers spent our reading Philinda fanfics on AO3 :P 


dean appreciation week

day four - favourite feature