[16.08.06] BTS_JIN
Ah I’m so bored
Lets tease Jimin. Please send memes of Jimin

[16.08.06] BTS_JIN
I didn’t realised you all love Jimin so much
There are only cute pictures

[16.08.06] BTS_JIN
No… Why are there memes of me..
Seokjinie is suffering..

[16.08.06] BTS_JIN
ㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋbecause he’s not here
Please let him advertise water

[16.08.06] BTS_JIMIN
Well done~
Our ARMY’s did well

[16.08.06] BTS_JIMIN
our children (ARMY) are rather awesome
I almost died from laughing. I was there.

[16.08.06] BTS_JIN
please upload (a photo/video)
during the concert I will pour water on my face from excitement

[16.08.06] BTS_JIN
then show your parents the photo
then ask “What do you think of my future husband”

[16.08.06] BTS_JIN
It’s called “stay strong on Saturday”
you saw we’ve played. Have a good saturday

trans; @hobuing

First Day of Vacation: Productive but Existentially Exhausting

Walked the dog I’m dogsitting

Went to the bank

Bought groceries (aka a lot of kombucha, a pie, breakfast supplies)

Made coffee

Got sad out of nowhere just feeling very lonely and trying to combat the very sure voice in my head saying “Listen you’re going to be forever alone. You don’t have to like it but you have to come to terms with it.” 

Dealt with the voice by buying a cute crop top and flannel shirt 

Hatched a 2K pokemon egg on the second walk of the day with the dog

Cleaned the kitchen and watched Stranger Things

Tried to work to avoid the realization that I am afraid of and ashamed of the fact that I don’t know how to date and that the entire ordeal of dating and romantic relationships exhausts and scares me but the prospect of being always alone makes me equally sad and scared. 

Read an article on emerging infectious diseases

Where There’s a Will

Word Count: 2k+
Rating: T+
Pairing: Barry Allen/Iris West (Westallen)
Summary: It’s a battle of wills when Iris proposes something to Barry that he absolutely does not want to do.  Whose will is stronger?

When Barry had walked through the door of the home he shared with his long-time girlfriend and saw candles lit all around the room, creating a dim romantic atmosphere, he knew that love of his life was definitely up to something.  He had even prepared himself for a surprise when he saw said love seated on their sofa with a bright smile on her lips.  Such preparation was little help, however, when he had seated himself beside her and she had dropped her particular bombshell on his lap because he still found himself feeling completely caught off guard by the words that left her lips.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!  No!  There’s no freaking way that I’m going to allow that to happen!” His response came out in a booming voice that was meant to be authoritative and firm, but that, of course did little to stop Iris from countering.

“Barry, just listen-”

“Absolutely not, Iris.  My answer is no, and that’s final!”

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So, guys, I just reached 2k followers last week and I’m sUPER HAPPY!!! When I created this blog I had no idea so many people would be interested in it and for that I want to thank each and every one of you for the support! Each note I get from you is greatly appreciated and it gives me more motivation to continue my work. It is a great pleasure for me to bring a bit of Elvis for the daily life of so many of his fans and I plan to do this for many, many years to come! I really wanted to do something to celebrate this wonderful mark, but I can’t decide what… if you have ideas inbox me! I don’t know, it can be a blog rate, icon pack, gifs… it’s your pick! Just to conclude, if I do not follow you back yet and you want me to follow you, just ask! The thing is that I occasionally end up not properly checking my account (because I have all kinds of social networks, which means waaaay too many profiles!) and I forget to add more cool people to my dash. Know that my askbox is always open to requests, suggestions, cutesy messages … anything! Oh, you can also tag me in posts (I absolutely LOVE it) or send me a DM if you need someone to talk to :) Again, thank you all for the love! Have a beautiful weekend and TCB! *big hugs*

Asshole Part 2 (Jungkook Fluff)

Request: Asshole jungkook pt 2 pls? Omg that scenario was really good//I really liked “asshole” could you maybe do a part 2? Please? :3

Summary: You and Jungkook make up after the awkward night.

Tags: Fluff, cliché af

Word count: 1.2K

Note: I’m sorry this took so long, but I wrote this when I took a break from studying Literature haha.  Enjoy and tell me what you think! :D

Read part 1 here: Asshole (Jungkook Angst)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

“I’m sorry.”

The pair of your shared a quick glance as you both simultaneously apologized. You looked away from Jungkook, clearing your throat.

The rest of the journey back to your hotel was filled with silence, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but the glances that Jungkook sent you made you feel like jumping out the car window.

You couldn’t believe that, one, you thought he was cheating when in actual fact he was just drunk, and two, that you overreacted. You physically cringed at your embarrassing actions, causing Jungkook to give you a strange look.

Thankfully Jungkook didn’t puke until the both of you reached your hotel room. As he was leaned over the toilet puking his guts out, you went to grab a cloth and water bottle. When you returned, Jungkook was still hunched over the toilet.

You dampened the cloth before handing it over to him, causing him to cast you a thankful look. As he shakily stood up, you held onto him, his arms wrapping tightly around your shoulders.

As soon as Jungkook’s head landed on the soft pillow, he immediately shut his eyes and went to dreamland. You on the other hand, got a trashcan and set it next to him before leaving the hotel to go get some medicine and crackers for the hangover he was going to experience the next morning.

It was the least you could do.

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A Series of Unfathomable Feelings (2/10)

AU Rommate!Steve x Reader

Summary: After Bucky decides to move in with his long-time girlfriend, Steve has to look for another roommate. But destiny, or rather Bucky, will set him with someone less boring than Steve intended.

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: Breaking and entering, fighty old lady

A/N: Mamihlapinatapei (Yaghan) is the look exchanged between two people who want to start a relationship but are too shy to do so. I do not own the gif

(cross-posted to Ao3)

[Part 1]

Peggy’s nephew never showed up so Steve was going through the list of people who visited his apartment. He took your file with two hands and sighed. He had to admit that out of all the women he saw, you were the one he enjoyed the most.

Gathering his strength, he picked up his phone and called you. After six months of living in a rat-hole, you were excited to find a proper place and once the paperwork was signed you took Bucky’s old room. You spent the entire day moving stuff around your room with Pietro and his sister Wanda.

Steve left your keys on the kitchen table and by the end of the day, you really felt at home. Pietro and Wanda were slumped on the sofa, resting while you paid the delivery man. Steve came back from work, he agreed to spend the evening with you and your friends so you would get to know each other.

Dinner didn’t last long, most of the pizza was gone within a few minutes and after an hour of laughing and chatting, your friends were returning home. Steve was as awkward with Wanda as he was with you but he seemed to relax a bit after a while. Once you closed the door behind your friends, you realised you were completely alone with Steve for the very first time.

“So,” You rubbed your arms nervously. “I’m gonna go to bed, I had a long day.” You smiled at him.

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Rest and Relaxation

PAIRING: reader x Steve Rogers


WARNINGS: Fluff and light smut, oral (female receiving) 

Request from @theoneandonlysaucymoSo im at work ew, but could use some fluffy steve. Like maybe reader has been working a bit too much and steve thinks she needs a break from it all. It could get steamy too not opposed since she has been ignoring him some for work. Love your blog ♡

This was a little bit shorter than I expected it t be, but I tried my best with the fluff and I threw in a little bit of smut as well :) 


Originally posted by buddyineedyou

Wearing heels was possibly the worst decision you made today. You limped into your apartment slamming into the wall as you ripped the small torture devices off your feet. Wincing as the hard wood floor came into contact with your sensitive skin you hobbled into the kitchen. Working at Stark Enterprises meant not only sacrificing your body to the strict office dress code. It also meant sacrificing your time, a lot of your time. Lately it felt like you spent more time at work than you did at home. But it was a Friday night and that meant you had two days, two whole glorious days just to yourself and Steve. 

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Request: Prince!Brad AU / Bradley never expected himself to fall in love with the daughter of a florist. It was forbidden for royalty to have peasantry relations, but, he loved her.

Words: 2.2k

a prompt loosely based on this post by @stussybrad

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last fling (before the ring)

“-some baldy McGee pushes me against some chair and starts you know- gyrating his hips in my face and it was all very traumatic.”

“That’s a lap dance, Philly.”

(Or the story of Dan and Phil, stag nights, and why Phil Lester cannot go clubbing alone)

Word Count: <2k

Extra Tags: Stag nights, TW: Alcohol mention, swearing, Misunderstandings™