can we start over (before it’s over) - persephonea

Word Count: 2, 611

Summary: “You know what Pidge said the other day? About you being a loner?” He decided to go straight to the point because he couldn’t handle going around it rambling with Keith looking at him like that.

Keith nodded. “Yeah, what about it?” His frown seemed to be saying, why are you bringing it up now?

“Just,” Lance made a vague wide gesture with his hands. “I guess it’s been bugging me. Do you really see yourself like that? I mean, if we’re talking past that broody vibe you’ve got going on. Do you still, even now?”

Keith’s frown deepened. “I’ve been alone my whole life.”

or: Lance had been watching Keith slowly pulling away from the team for months now and it wasn’t until Keith almost died that Lance realized how badly he messed up.

Tonight’s realization: Pokémon is a Solarpunk setting.


  • “Science is amazing!” / Science as a recurring theme
  • Coexisting with nature (pokémon) is a major theme
  • Healthcare is free for everyone
  • Society is generally safe enough for 10-year-olds to travel alone with only their pets. In fact, it’s almost common for children to do so.
  • Urban sprawl is pretty well contained in most regions.
  • Wilderness conservation is a well-kept priority
  • Most people walk or bike everywhere, and those who don’t usually ride pokémon. There are few cars to cause smog.
  • Solar & Wind energy is used in many places, even small towns like New Bark.
  • Cultural love of science coexists with respect for tradition and spirituality (mediums, psychics, aura readers, etc)
  • It’s a possible, nearby, optimistic, future (besides the pocket monsters themselves ofc). Very little of Pokémon’s tech is too far off modern tech.