2K Kinky Celebration

I hit 2k followers last month but had to delay celebrations due to GISHWHES, a stomach bug and real life struggles/responsibilities getting in the way.

But enough excuses! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Going to be lazy efficient and use this celebration as an opportunity to write drabbles for 10 of my untouched SPN Kink Bingo squares. 

Don’t get startled, Sam! You won’t have to do all the kinks because I’m opening this up for other SPN pairings and ships because my followers are the best. But if y’all want Sam to do the kinks then I’m more than happy to have a chat with him.


Note: Considering real life responsibilities and being mindful of the Kink Bingo deadlines, it might end up as a mini drabble with a picspam aesthetic and will be posted no later than November 2016. Actually, if you’d prefer a mini drabble and picspam let me know! Here’s a NSFW example

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truth or dare?

I’ve been trying to work my way through the pile of prompts in my inbox, but honestly it’s rough because I end up writing 2k+ words each time and it gets out of control fast. Anyways, here’s one for an anon who asked for “zimbits - truth or dare”!

summary: After playing a round of Truth or Dare with the boys at the Haus, Jack and Bitty start playing a private game of their own. (this is not smutty, don’t get your hopes up! it’s all fluff!)

          “Jaaaack,” Bitty slurred his name, well and truly drunk. “You can’t just pick truth every time. That’s so boring.”

           “He’s right, Jack,” Ransom agreed seriously from across the circle. “Plus, it’s in the rules that you can only choose truth twice in row before you must pick dare for your next turn.”

           “I don’t remember there being so many rules to this game,” Jack said. He frowned at Ransom and Holster who exchanged glances with each other and then grinned in unison at Jack. “Sounds to me like you’re making it up.”

           Bitty giggled and pushed Jack lightly on the shoulder. It was the most contact they’d had all night and Jack wanted badly to kiss him. He had almost immediately been sucked into the group when he’d arrived a few hours earlier and hadn’t had a real moment alone with Bitty yet. Bitty raised a single eyebrow at him and then smiled, obviously reading his thoughts.

           “Alright, fine. Dare then, Bits,” Jack said, returning his smile.

           “Excellent,” Bitty said, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

           “Get him good, Bitty,” Holster encouraged, pointing at Bitty meaningfully. Bitty nodded and turned to Jack, smirking.

           That’s how it started.

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it’s been about eight months since i released my last theme which is pretty ironic considering this is my EIGHTH theme in total ! if you cast your mind back a few months, i did a giveaway for 2k followers and the top prize was a custom theme for the winner. the winner of this was @unpopularofrph who is also known to the rpc as erin hence why i have named this theme after her ! the idea for this theme was completely pitched to me and whilst i wasn’t able to fulfil everything she wanted, i think i did pretty well ! also a SHOUTOUT to everyone who sent me their favourite faceclaims as gifs of them have been used to fill up the muse spots on the preview & they have been given ethnically accurate names by myself ! anyway, i hope y’all like this theme as it’s something a bit different from the rest of my themes & you can read below for the additional details you need for this theme


  • THREE sidebar icons !
  • EIGHT muses which you can link to a separate page (such as a bio page, a separate rp blog for them etc.) when clicked & add their name when hovered over - you can add more spaces but you’ll need knowledge of css AND html !
  • FOUR links !
  • AUTO-SCROLL description !
  • a simple theme perfect for your character blog or for your 1x1/indie rping blog !



this is actually so crazy… how ??? 2k people actually visited my blog and decided i was worthy of a follow ??? that’s crazy… anyway this follow forever is kinda special because a week from today will be a year since i dragged myself to hell made this blog and i also hit 2k, which is honestly wild. it’s been one hell of year, my dudes. thank you for sticking with me through all my moods, the good and mostly bad… from the bottom of my heart i want to say thank you and i love you all so very much.

okay before i start this follow forever off, i would like to give a special thanks to my good friend alaina ( @lucayagifs ) who made me this bomb ass banner… i love you my dude <3

i could honestly write essays about these people but that would be too long to post lol. 

people i’d die for , people i love, and amazing blogs

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i missed some people because remembering urls is not my forte but i still love you <3

Dog Days

Characters:  Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean steals her dog.  This is for my 2K drabble celebration. @820nd requested Dean for this prompt:  “Why did you steal her dog?”

Word Count:  790

Warnings:  Dog-napping, smut

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

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Dog Days

“Why did you steal her dog?” Sam asks, kneeling to pet the fluffy beast.  

“It’s not a dog,” Dean protests. “It’s a shifter.”

“It’s not a shifter. We’re not even hunting a shifter,” Sam says as the dog’s tongue lolls about, clearly enjoying the feel of Sam’s fingers scratching behind it’s ears and under it’s belly. It’s one of the hottest days of the summer and Sam worries about the furry creature being out in this heat.

“I’m telling you, it is.”

“I’m telling you it isn’t. Test it.”

Dean pulls a silver butter knife out of his pocket and presses it to the dog. The dog suppresses a shiver then…nothing. “Ain’t that a bitch,” Dean mumbles.

“Told you so. Why did you steal her dog?” Sam questions.

“Alfie!” Sam’s eyes track the attractive woman crossing the lawn. “Alfie! Come here boy!” The dog responds to her voice, his tail thumping against the ground.  

Dean looks at his brother sheepishly. “Ah, I get why you stole the dog now,” he teases his brother.


Sam is flabbergasted when Dean invites you and Alfie move into the bunker. According to Sam, Dean hates dogs. You just can’t see it. Dean seems to have taken almost as a great a liking to Alfie as he has to you. Sam, however, spends almost more time with your beloved dog than you do. In fact, he’s currently on a jog with Alfie, which means you and Dean have the bunker all to yourselves.

Dean sits in the library completely engrossed in whatever it is he’s reading on his laptop. Padding silently up behind him, you cover his eyes with your hands. “Guess who?”

“Sam. These are definitely Sam’s gigantor hands.”

You giggle before leaning over and kissing Dean just below his ear. He takes your hands in his and pulls you down over his shoulder, your hair tumbling over his chest in waves. He tilts his head to capture your lips with his own. Your heart races as the contact. It’s like this every damn time. “Come here,” he says gruffly when you surface for air. Throwing your leg over his lap, you straddle him. “That’s better,” he says, his eyes tender with affection as he watches you. “You sure are somethin’ sweetheart,” he comments as he sweeps your hair back over your shoulder.

This man, dear lord, he sets you on fire. A touch, a glance or a simple word is all it takes to make you tingly all over - from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. He pulls you down to him, his hands seemingly everywhere, groping, exploring under your shirt, as he kisses you. All this fabric separating your bodies is maddening. Pawing at one another, you seem to tangle up in clothing and body parts as the energy between you escalates. Dean sweeps the laptop to the side before sliding his large hands under your thighs and standing, lifting you up on to the table. Your fingers work frantically at his belt buckle as his fingers deftly unzip your jeans. Finally free of  the confines of clothing, Dean shoves your thighs apart and presses his body to yours. He’s thick and hard as he pushes the blunt, wide head of his cock to your dripping folds. He glides easily into you, stretching you. You instinctively curl forward gasping at the fullness, anchoring yourself to his broad, strong form. His skin is warm to the touch, his lips sinful and full against your own.  Your bodies fall into a rhythm, slippery and moist and wildly pleasurable as he pumps in and out of you. You feel as if you are careening wildly into a world of utter bliss as your body responds to his, as the dull ache spreads through you body, intensifying into wild flames pulsing through your veins. Tiny explosions rack your body as you clench and pulse and undulate with him. You choke back a sob as you shatter, overwhelmed with the intensity of your orgasm.

Dean moans as his hips push faster, harder, his own release chasing yours. “(Y/N)!” Your name tumbles from his lips like a prayer as his knees weaken and shake, as he spurts thick ropes of cum inside of you. When he is spent, when you have been filled with every last drop, he kisses you softly, his hand cupping the back of your head.  

“That was fucking amazing,” he murmurs. “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a girl like you.”

“Good thing you stole my dog, huh?” you joke.

“Hey, I thought it was a shifter!”

“Sure you did,” you taunt before wrapping your arms around him and molding your lips to his.

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The Dangerous Women Project is Curating Responses from Freelance Contributors - Pays $60+/editorial piece

The Dangerous Women Project, a global campaign of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh, is curating reflective responses to the moral question: “What does it mean to be a ‘dangerous woman’?”

The notion that women are dangerous singularly or collectively suffuses many historical eras, heritages, and aspects of everyday life. But behind this epithet asks numerous critical questions about the characteristics, disunities, identities, and power struggles with which women experience today.

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This went a lot quicker than I thought it would, but thank you to everyone who joined and thank you to getting me to 2k followers! 

So here are the results!

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There were so many people to chose from and originally I was going to do 5-6 per category but honestly y’all have amazing blogs!!

hi so, i hit my follow goal for this blog, 2k, so i thought i should make one of these even though i might not talk a lot on this blog jfasdklfs my old url was johnnysnovia !! sorry for the bad edit ajofisjefasfkdl thank you guys for following me and interacting with me esp a lot of you from the predebut fandom i really appreciate it and all the new friends i made since then ily sry for the bad meme and gif contributions i made to this fandom afuhisaf

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THANK YOU, 2K FOLLOWERS! (please read!)

I have just reached 2K followers and I am so thankful for all of you! You guys are the reasons why this blog is still here. I am overwhelmed by all of your support & kind words! 

Now, I told all of you that I would be doing a 2K followers resources pack to mark the milestone. However, I am still in the process of making it because now school just started and I’ve been a tad more busy. 

I WILL ASK ONE MORE TIME: What would YOU GUYS like MOST in the pack? This includes: psds, icons, pngs, etc. IF YOU WANT A SPECIFIC ICON, PNG, etc. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!?

The King

This one is really short, but I am completely in love with it! Hope you enjoy it, guys! Requests are open!

Word Count: 1.2K

Warnings: None

Although you are just twenty four years old, you can’t help being a big fan of old music. You live for the past decades’ song and you listen to them whenever you have time. You love rock’n’roll the most, although you also enjoy other types of music like grunge. But, you are completely obsessed with The King, the greatest rock singer, Elvis Presley. You love his movies, specially Love Me Tender and Blue Hawaii. But you are in completely and deep love with his songs. You are constantly listening to them, humming to the tunes or singing the lyrics lowly.

And that’s what you’re doing right now. Jailhouse Rock is blasting through the speakers in the living room. You are alone in the Tower, so you aren’t bothering anyone. Dancing to the cheerful tune, you move around the floor, your socks allowing you to slip while doing it. You sing happily while moving your arms and legs around.

“(Y/N)?” You turn around quickly, stopping your moves.

You feel your cheeks becoming red while the two super soldiers look at you holding their laughs. You order FRIDAY to stop the music, the silent filling the room.

“Nice moves.” Bucky points you with his finger and you roll your eyes.

“Shut up.” Finally, the both of them let out big chuckles while you cross your arms.

“I’m sorry, we are sorry. It’s just that you looked funny.” Steve puts his hands up, a big smirk still on his face.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”

“C’mon, don’t be mad at us!” Bucky puts his arm around your shoulders, bringing you to him. “What were you listening to, anyway?”

Your eyes grow wide at his question and you move away from him.

“You don’t know what I was listening to?!” Bucky moves his head and shrugs his shoulders. You look at Steve, he has the exact same look his best friend has. “You also don’t know it?”

“No… Why are you so shocked?”

“How can I not be shocked, Steve?! I was listening to the King of rock’n’roll! Elvis Presley!”

“Never heard of him…” Bucky mumbles while looking at Steve.

“Oh my God, guys! Okay, okay, sit down!” You motion for them to sit on the couch and you go grab something from your room.

Coming back with a CD on your hands, you put it on and press play.

“Guys, this is Blue Hawaii, Elvis’ most famous movie.”

“Wait, you said he was the King of rock’n’roll.”

“He is, Buck. But he also did some movies.” You sit down in between the two super soldiers. “Now shut up, it’s about to start.”

Once the movie is over, you can see that Steve completely loved it. Bucky, on the other hand, seems a little bored.

“So… Did you like it?” You smile at both of them.

“Yes! (Y/N) that movie was beautiful!” Steve smiles back at you and you giggle at his reaction.

“C’mon, it wasn’t that great. Sure, it’s nice, but it was very predictable.”

“Pal, that movie was awesome.” Steve looks at his best friend with a really serious expression and you try to stop a chuckle. “Specially the scene where he sings that slow song… How is it called?” He looks at you and you smile.

“Can’t Help Falling In Love. Beautiful song and one of my personal favorites.”

“It’s one of my favorites songs now, too.” You laugh at Steve’s words while Bucky just sighs, not understanding what his friend think it’s so cool about the movie.

“Anyway, you need to hear his songs, they are awesome!”

You order FRIDAY to put on some Elvis song. The first notes of Suspicious Minds start to sound through the living room and you sing the lyrics happily. You get up, holding your hands up for them to grab. Bucky refuses while laughing, but Steve gladly takes it, dancing with you to the song. You let him lead the dance and, you’re not gonna lie, he definitely knows how to move.

The song ends and you look impressed at Steve.

“Did you learn to dance like that in the 40s?”

“I’d say I learned during the 30s. We got great music back in the days, too.”

“I know. Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong and let’s not forget about Frank Sinatra.” Steve looks surprised at you.

“You know about them?”

“Of course! They are some of the greatest musicians from the 30s! How could I not know about them?”

“Well, the 30s were a long time ago, (Y/N).” Bucky gets up, smiling at you.

“So what? The music was good, I like it.”

Another song starts to blast through the speakers, and you recognize the tune of Hound Dog immediately. This time, is Bucky the one who grabs your hands and turns you around, making you dance across the living room. You chuckle at his expert moves and dance with him happily. When the song ends, you are almost breathless.

“You got nice moves, Barnes.”

“I was a great dancer back in the day, doll.”

“You still are, pal.” Steve puts a hand on Bucky’s shoulder and laughs.

You spent the whole afternoon showing them more Elvis’ movies and introducing them to his songs. You give them a little class about his life, when he was born, why do they call him The King, where did he died… Steve and Bucky seem genuinely interested in what you’re teaching them and you smile, almost feeling as if you’re teaching a pair of little kids.

By the end of the afternoon, they are really into Elvis and you smile, knowing you did the good action of the day. The songs keep sounding, although Tony has screamed a few times for you to stop it already. Another song starts and you recognize this is not Elvis anymore.

“Is this Elvis?” You look at Steve and shook your head.

“No, this is Bill Haley&His Comets. The song it’s called Rock Around The Clock and it’s considered the first rock song ever.” The two super soldiers have a curious look on their faces that makes you laugh.

“(Y/N), can you teach us more about rock, please?” Steve looks at you with pleading eyes and you chuckle at him.

“Sure, I’ll do it gladly! Maybe next week we are able to arrive to The Beatles!” You joke until you hear Bucky’s voice.

“The what?” You look at him with your mouth hanged open.

“You don’t know about The Beatles? Oh my God… We have a lot of work to do here, guys!” You laugh and they just look back at all the CDs you gave them.

“Can we keep this, (Y/N)? I really liked all of Elvis music and movies.” Steve smiles sweetly at you, already holding a bunch of CDs and DVDs.

“Sure, boys. Just please, don’t break them.”

“We won’t! Thank you, (Y/N)! We’ll see you tomorrow.”

They both kiss you on your cheeks at the same time, making you chuckle once again. You go back to your room and set a bunch of CDs, you’ll have a lot of work teaching these two.

anonymous asked:

top 5 underrated emrey moments? :3

5. Their first scene together, there was INSTANT chemistry there. I shipped them from that moment on.

4. Emma comforting Audrey after Audrey finds out about Rachel. It’s a tiny moment when Emma goes to touch Audrey’s shoulder and Audrey pulls away. Oh how far we’ve come.

3. Why was Audrey holding onto Emma’s hand like that in the season two finale when they were crouched under the window like that, there was no need, what was going on there, I want a 2k word essay.

2. During the dance episode in season one when Audrey is convinced Kieran is the killer and she’s trying so hard to protect Emma even though Emma doesn’t believe her wow you guys wow.

1. When Audrey calls the police in season two because she thinks the killer is after Emma and she drives like Vin Diesel to get to her in time and finds Emma outside with her dad, after that moment when Audrey walks Emma to her car and Emma gets into it and Audrey just sort of leans against the door, peering into the window after her, listen that moment did things to me it was such a girlfriend thing I don’t now but I’m emotional.

(0. Their date at that carnival when Emma is cheering like a proud girlfriend cause Audrey won something and Audrey reaches over and puts her hand on Emma’s arm OKAY)


 Really wow 2000 people are following this blog and it’s so crazy how a tiny blog that started out with only like 10 followers can reach 2k!!!!! AHHSDGSHHDHSJ IM SO HAPPY AJDHSJS I REALLY DONT DESERVE THIS MUCH LOVE (I do though! - pocket kookie) 

Okay so to my new followers that I haven’t greeted yet. HI!! WELCOME! *big hugs* from me and pocket-sized Jungkook.
Thank you guys so much really I can’t even explain how thankful I am LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 

Now pocket Jungkook’s turn
THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME SO MUCH AND GIVING ME SO MUCH FOOD, CANDY, HUGS AND MUCH MORE THINGS THAT ADMINNIE NEVER LETS ME EAT hehe You all deserve cookies made by the one and only Golden Maknae~ I’ll get started on them and give one to EVERYONE! So make sure you wait for them! I LOVE YOU ALL ❤
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Again, thank you so so so so SOOOOO much for 2k I wish I could hug you all but I guess I’ll just have to do it virtually *hug* me and pocket kookie will work even harder to make sure you all enjoy this blog ❤

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dannika-kom-trikru  asked:

“I wish you would write a fic where…” MURPHY AND BELLAMY ARE IN LOVE A LOT ((I'm such trash))

you know how long i’ve wanted to do this so here’s 2k of poet!Bellamy and artist!Murphy!

Also on AO3

Some people have simply been born into love. They’ve grown up with it as easy and as natural as locking the doors behind you when you come home. To them, it’s a hearth that keeps them warm in a cold night and they do not think much about it.

Some people have simply been born into love.

But not John Murphy and Bellamy Blake.


The two of them always saw only stray bits of it; kind glances of passersby when looking at the ragged children with sullen cheeks. Bellamy, when he took Octavia by the hand into the corner bookstore, unable to spare a dime for even the books with cracked spines, but eager to show her stories different to their own. John, when he trailed after his mother, all grey skirts and running mascara, more fury in his heart than food in his stomach.

So when they love each other, it’s a collision.

Bellamy writes poems in a café when he’s off his shift, dropped out of university so Octavia could go, and John’s got paint-stained hands. Always red. Never blue or green. Just red, the same color of his blood, the same color of his anger. Sometimes, they’re one and the same.

It’s Clarke who introduces them, when she prances to Bellamy, ruffles his hair the way she always does, kind of dismissing him, kind of growing into him, and says, “Bell, this is John.”

The boy is all sharp angles, clear blue eyes, and Bellamy recognizes the underlying hope underneath a devil-may-care attitude. “It’s Murphy, actually.”

So he wipes his hands on the coffee-soaked rag, then on his apron, blows away the stray curl that’s Clarke’s fault entirely, and smiles because he’s always loved enigmas and he’s always loved people who pretend to be ones even more.

“Nice to meet you, Murphy. I’m Bellamy.”

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