Why the nearest nursery is your best bet in the apocalypse

Every goddamn zombie movie released since 2003 really wants to be 28 Days Later and they make the same mistakes the leads of the OG Danny Boyle film. The survivors in 28DL were doomed from the start. They stocked up on sugar and painkillers for food which is a reasonable strategy for about two weeks. What about protein? Vitamins? Where the hell are they getting theirs chugging Sprite and Sunkist?

They should have been raiding nurseries and agri shops instead of vending machines and pharmacies. Here’s why:

1. Your standard plant nursery is a Mecca of food production information. There are brochures and info packets and almanacs by the hundred in a plant nursery. Everything you need to know about creating your own food supply within weeks is all there. In 28 days, if the survivors had gotten the hell out of the metropoles and into the suburbs with lawns, they could have grown their own supply of green beans, lettuce and other short crops with some basic shit from the store.

2. Every seed that can be propagated in your locale is in most local nurseries. Whatever the local soil is friendly to, a nursery has. One could realistically leave an agri store with less than a pound of seedstock and turn it into over a hundred pounds of food within a couple of months with the info available in the same store.

3. Do you have any idea how many weapons you can get in an agri shop? Every kind of blade you could want is there. Plus shovels, mallets, axes, picks, crowbars and, if you’re lucky, hunting rifles with ammo. Not to mention that you can build a bomb with NPK and detergent.

4. A lot of those seeds are edible. Now, the seeds that come in non-food packets, NEVER EAT THOSE. They’re coated with protectants. However, most agri shops have edible seeds around if they buy from local farmers. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are a great bet.

5. Fuel. You’ll need it, they have it. Agri shops carry fuel for power tools and heavy machinery as well. Get a diesel vehicle, hit up the local agri shop and outlive the dumbass who took an SUV.

6. You can make a fucking suit of lightweight armor in an agri shop that carries PPE. Head protection? Check. Thick gloves that pass your elbow? Definitely. Heavy boots? Sure. A lightweight, full body piece of clothing that can be modified to protect from bites anywhere? Bet your ass it’s there.

7. All the chemicals. You’d be surprised at the array of flammables, detergents, poisons and purifiers that are kept in stock at a nursery. If you need to build a bomb or clean your drinking water, they can help.

8. There’s a good chance you’ll find a heavy duty vehicle on the compound. Pickup trucks, Jeeps and trailers are some of the useful vehicles one may run into at a nursery. The hundreds of pounds of supplies they stock have to be carried in something.

9. There’s at least three different kinds of map in an agri shop. Plant nursery owners know every back road and dirt trail that leads to a farm near you. You could use that info. It will probably save your life.

10. A big enough nursery has a house attached and it’s probably very, very secure. That house probably can’t even be seen from the road and has a excellent water supply and infrastructure. Backup generators (yes, multiple) are present in any large nursery dealing in ornamentals. An ornamental plant nursery is a profitable business but it hangs on having an extremely reliable micro-infrastructure. No hiccups in supply allowed.

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Some of us are here for photos, some of us are here for something old or new, some of us are here to socialise with others who have a like mind.

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