Arriving for dinner w/ Todrick Hall | New York City, NY | August 24, 2016

M Gemi ‘The Balcone Sandal in Taupe’ - $248.00

I’m all over these sexy strappy sandals. Fingers crossed she rewears with some tight light-washed ankle-length denim, a simple top and some killer sunglasses.

Worn with: Alexander Wang jacket, Miu Miu bag and Lovers + Friends co-ord set 

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1D Hiatus: Day 248

* Danielle talks about Louis, Freddie and Briana in an awkward interview for ET (yikes!)

* Niall tweets a picture of himself talking to Justin Rose on FaceTime

* A DVD titled ‘One Direction: Standing At The Crossroads’ can be now pre-ordered on Amazon and we don’t really know what’s going on

* Unseen pictures of Harry and Louis partying in Melbourne on Valentine’s Day last year come out

It’s Aug 17th, 2016.

SIGNS AS: texts from last night...PART THREE!

Aries: (913):
I’ve decided to have sex with him one more time to make sure I don’t like him

Taurus: (570):
I got horny for like a second but the eggplant snapped me out of it

Gemini: (860):
i’m sitting in bed scratching my boobs and wearing a sparkly fedora and have no one to blame but myself

Cancer: (843):
Girl you’re stalking so hard you’re gonna know both their social security numbers soon (as the stalker) lmao

Leo: (815):
When is the right time to ask your new roommate for her school schedule so she doesn’t walk in on you fucking some rando in the kitchen in the middle of the afternoon?

Virgo: (248):
Fucking hipsters really piss me off man. They are just such punk as bitches, all of them. Oh, and fuck Ed Hardy too.

Libra: ((403):

Scorpio: (603):
I moved to this city Tuesday and got laid Saturday. Still got it.

Sagittarius: (425):
Weddings might be fun but they are not getting fucked in the wilderness fun.

Capricorn: (623):
I made out with him in the club and he endorsed me on Linkedin. My networking skills are off the charts.Fav 0 20 1

Aquarius: (317):
Also, what day were you thinkin we should trip balls at the children’s museum?

Pisces: (734):
Someone needs to lock me in a chastity belt because all my vagina does is get me into trouble. Fuck.