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Guided Meditation - “Loving This Life - Happiness (Metta Practice)”

16:3008/27/2014Guided Meditation: Space and Aliveness

24:4508/20/2014Guided Meditation: Emptiness Dancing

26:2008/13/2014Guided Meditation: Coming Home to Being (a favorite from the archives)

21:1808/06/2014Guided Meditation: Entrusting Yourself to the Waves

26:5107/30/2014Guided Meditation: Embodied Awareness

24:3107/23/2014Guided Meditation: Coming Home to Your Breath

26:0307/09/2014Guided Meditation: Awake, Relaxed and Open

28:1107/02/2014Guided Meditation: Relaxing Back

23:1806/18/2014Guided Meditation: Resting as Awareness

26:2406/11/2014Guided Meditation: Stand Still (standing meditation with instructions included)

25:0406/04/2014Guided Meditation: Letting Life Live through You

27:3005/28/2014Guided Meditation: Dedicated to Maya Angelou: Being at Home

23:2505/14/2014Guided Meditation: Vipassana Instructions

26:0304/30/2014Guided Meditation: Relaxing Back into Wakeful Openness 

22:0504/23/2014Guided Meditation: Listening to and Feeling the Moment 

23:1904/16/2014Guided Meditation: Breath as Homebase 

26:5204/09/2014Guided Meditation: Living Presence 

25:0204/02/2014Guided Meditation: Connecting with Aliveness and Openness 

25:3703/26/2014Guided Meditation: Relaxing into Presence 

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DAY 2407

Grand, Kolkata                Nov  17,  2014                Mon  7:50 am

Apologies … the Post button was inadvertently overlooked for DAY 2406 ..

There are times when multitasking takes its toll .. it did last night, and so ..

There is a great amount of activity that occupies the mind when involved in many aspects each day, which is good in a way - keeps the brain working at 34% percent, instead of the recognised and approved and justified and approximated percentage of 33 .. but .. it fails you at times ..

Must increase the quantum of ‘akhrot’ intake .. hoping that that element of the walnut which looks like the brain from the inside, is helping in enhancing its replica in the human ..

Haha .. some odd theory that I read somewhere, where the fruits gave benefit to the various parts of the body ..!!

So ..

Off to work .. and its biking down within the narrow lanes of a particular section of the city and then some more ..

Still tuning up and cheering for the DAY !!

Love all of you ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2406

 Grand, Kolkata          Nov 16,  2014          Sun 9:57 pm

Time has a way of expressing itself in some strange ways .. immersed in work and the environments one has lost track of time and day .. today is Sunday .. !!!

Never ever thought that it would be Sunday ..

Sundays have a special place in the mind and heart .. that of the meeting of the well wishers on the doors of Jalsa .. and to say that i do not miss it would be so wrong .. I miss it and the roar of affection and love … BUT

Here in Kolkata, had a large taste of it when I left the work in the evening .. the people and their love still amazes me .. I often wonder there are so many others which deserve to get all this and they do .. so mine should diminish or not be there at all .. at 73 , this is not correct I would say .. not correct in a way that says it is past the time and place for it .. so let it disappear and evaporate like most other …

I am now beyond explanation for this and its justification, for, I do understand and know that it shall be received with disdain by the Ef .. sooner or later though, all must prepare for the inevitable .. the fading and the disappearance of all glory and mystique and enigma and our work and our history of effort .. it will happen and shall .. I know it will and I shall and am prepared for it .. but so must all .. to face the facts and realities ..

The work for the moment though slowly comes to an end, and we are beginning to feel the symptoms of a withdrawal .. those symptoms which we all experience when we have been with some or thing for long intimately and in a committed manner .. much like what you all have been here on this platform .. this Blog, this family that we have so consistently built with great compassion and love ..

But yes .. PIKU sees change of location .. and completion of work from one city to another … and then another ..

Life is such too .. from one to another and then another ..

There have been some greats on set today .. the great and legendary Saurav Ganguly, India’s pride on the Cricket field ..

And then the maestro Niladri Kumar, the incredible sitarist , one whose music remains permanently on my music platforms and systems ..

Such an honour to be in their company .. 

And then for the shot a small effort at the sitar myself .. been a while since I held the sitar .. magic .. never learnt how to play one and still have no idea .. but just to pretend that I do is in itself such a feel ..

Well someday I shall learn and learn to be at the piano and the classical ragas of our music .. someday .. !!

Looking really professional … but such a fake … hehehaha .. one day someday it shall be real ..

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan