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으아 … 너무 맛있어. 자꾸 생각남 ㅠㅠ)bb

녹음 끝나고(무려 12시간을 일하다니!!!!!!) 들어오는 길에 사옴.

우유맛 아이스크림 좋아하는 분들 꼭 드세요.
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heima2406 두개 먹으면 돼지 됨 (…)

zeewonderful 아니 살 뺄 곳이 어디 있으시다고… 그냥 마구 드세요! ㅋㅋ

2015 IZACAR Fur Racing Points Standings - August 29
  1. Jaxen Grey - 2712
  2. Forty Hyena - 2711
  3. Simon - 2702
  4. Ghost Otter - 2540
  5. Baree - 2537
  6. Billy Squirrel - 2522
  7. Robbie Ryans - 2450
  8. Rufus Red - 2406
  9. Plague Rat - 2401
  10. Quiet - 2400
  11. Perry “Agent P” Platypus - 2396
  12. Justin Martail - 2294
  13. Todd Riverden - 2281
  14. Skylar Hawthorne - 2230
  15. Slappy Squirrel - 2221
  16. Weasel Grease - 2215
  17. Shaun Cheatum - 2131
  18. Mad Dog - 2112
  19. Nef LabMaus - 2077
  20. Charles Roberts - 2060
  21. Cadmus Vordmen - 2033
  22. Ampersand - 1999
  23. Lancer - 1971
  24. Experiment 626 “Stitch” - 1914
  25. Duez / Frisk E. Coyote - 1882 (TIE)
  27. Lingling - 1871
  28. Joe Muck - 1847
  29. Ray Chaos - 1813
  30. Zippy Squirrel - 1785
  31. Ratchet Lombax - 1732
  32. Kain Fuery - 1712
  33. Stefano - 1708
  34. Myst Bunny - 1675
  35. Tashomire Wailynn - 1630
  36. Ricky Ansar - 1594
  37. Jake “Razor” Clawson - 1577
  38. Cat - 1460
  39. Kyle Flint - 1455
  40. Ricky Dalton - 1412
  41. Quillcy Stachelschwein - 1392
  42. Rocko Wallabee - 1370
  43. Drago Hasuki - 1235
  44. Sam - 1119
  45. Roger Buck - 890
  46. Dog - 836
  47. Max - 831
  48. Throttle - 792
  49. Exile Sanhusky - 738
  50. Modo - 680
  51. Vinnie - 670
  52. Chance “T-Bone” Furlong - 629
  53. Shura Buck - 627
  54. Marty - 618
  55. Heffer Wolfe - 589
  56. Hunter Retriever - 455
  57. Rocket Raccoon - 416
  58. Blitz Doberman - 363
  59. Zoop Iruka - 340
  60. Colleen Collie - 328
  61. Niles Moose - 322
  62. Virgil Keys - 145
  63. Filburt Shellbach - 119
The Temper Tantrums

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1JDH6a0

by wheel_pen

“I’m bored! Bored, bored, bored, BORED!”—socially isolated five-year-old, or genius consulting detective? In other news, John is a saint.

Words: 2406, Chapters: ½, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Finn

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1JDH6a0

1961- Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space.

1969- Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to walk on the moon.

2083- Luna colony is established.

2106- Mars colony is established.

2154- Europa colony is established.

2209- Faster Than Light Travel is discovered.

2246- Terra Nova colony is established.

2291- Armstrong colony is established, Armstrong Incident.

2292- First Contact, HDC Marines established.

2333- Sputnik Station built.

2367- Khawdash Yisrael colony established.

2370- Avalon colony established.

2374- Holzek Embassy established.

2377- Kulp ambassador appointed. (The kulp have no embassy on Earth due to being an aquatic race, but an ambassadorial ship orbits Earth, and the ambassador conducts meetings via telecommunications).

2380- Kalnar Embassy established, Conex Embassy established.

2383- Flinth Embassy established.

2385- Flinth-Human Trade Treaty signed.

2396- Gemini Station built.

2398- Holzek-Human Trade Treaty signed.

2400- Elysium Colony established.

2406- Psori Embassy established.

2408- Gagarin colony established.

2413- Xin Zhongguo colony established.

2429- Outpost colony established.

2430- Psori Embassy dissolved.

2442- Eden colony established.

2448- Brian Moriarty born.

2450- Ned O’Driscoll born.

2454- Yitzhak Ostrovsky born, Ruby Birt born.

2455- Peter Llewellyn born, Jacob Warren born.

2456- Gwen Wright born.

2465- Assault on the Pirates’ Moon, Conex Embassy dissolved.

2467- Conex Embassy reestablished.

2468- Kalnar-Human Military Pact signed.

2470- Asgard colony established.

2478- Crew formed.

2481- Year of story.

greygreenwolf, bow-of-burning-gold

Like a River Around a Rock

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1J65FIV

by Blondie99

“Give me the remote, you tool bag!” Liam growls at the older werewolf and tries to snatch the remote from his outstretched hands. Isaac laughs mockingly and waves it tantalizingly in front of Liam’s face.

“Well then come up here and get it, short stack.” Isaac snarks down at the young werewolf.

Of course, Liam’s only thought is to tackle Isaac to the floor and duke it out, WWE style.


Or the one where Scarlette is such a mom, Derek chooses to sulk in the shadows and growl at the pups, and the pack doesn’t know proper table etiquette.

Words: 2406, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1J65FIV

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Wanda Sykes' On Her Voice

She has one of the most identifiable voices in Hollywood, but see what Wanda Sykes’ mother had to say about it when Wanda was growing up.

European markets jump after days of turmoil

Shares (Berlin: DI6.BE - news) in Europe rebounded on Thursday as markets gained ground following a chaotic week fuelled by fears of economic slowdown in China.

In Paris, the leading CAC 40 index was up 3.08 percent at 4,639 points, after losing 1.4 percent on Wednesday.

London’s FTSE 100 traded 2.31 percent higher at 6,117.25 points, while the DAX 30 in Frankfurt gained 3.27 percent at 10,324.84.

Asian bourses had also closed the day higher, with Shanghai soaring 5.34 percent to end the worst five-day rout for almost two decades.

Despite enduring investor concern about China, trading in Europe and Asia received a lift from comments Wednesday by US Federal Reserve officials, who said the current turmoil had weakened the case for a US interest rate rise in September.

Playtech mulls deals in online gambling, trading businesses

By Esha Vaish

(Reuters) - Playtech Plc, the online gaming and betting software provider founded by Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi, is still hungry for acquisitions even after having spent over $1 billion this year on its foray into forex trading.

Isle of Man-based Playtech has made three acquisition with the aim of carving a niche in currency trading, while the gambling industry consolidates to combat higher taxes and tougher regulation in Britain.

“We definitely intend to continue considering certain additional M&A opportunities going forward, for both gaming and online CFD trading,” Chief Executive Mor Weizer told Reuters.

CFD, or contract-for-difference, trading allow a buyer to trade without actually owning the underlying asset.

Playtech earlier this year put skin in the forex trading market, where the sudden removal of a long-held ceiling on the Swiss franc in January has spurred M&A activity.

The company bought a majority stake in TradeFx and then strengthened its hand by then snapping up Plus500 Ltd and Ava Trade.

It funded the first two deals with cash and secured a 200 million euro revolving credit facility at the time of the third. Its has since then secured an additional 40 million euro unsecured facility to fund growth initiatives.

“I think given the size and position of Playtech, we can afford to do larger acquisitions,” said Weizer, who has led Playtech for more than eight years.

He declined name possible targets or a price or even when the company would make an acquisition.

Playtech, which has a market value of about 2.9 billion pounds ($4.3 billion), had cash and cash equivalents of 780.3 million euros ($881 million) as of June end.

Betfair Group Plc and Irish rival Paddy Power Plc, both licensees of Playtech, on Wednesday agreed to a 5 billion pound merger, to stake a claim to leadership of Britain’s online gambling market.

Playtech said the deal would boost its prospects as the 2.3 billion pound wager by its customer Ladbrokes to combine with bookmaker Gala Coral had done.

“We definitely see a further opportunity for Playtech to further extend and support companies in the process of their merging,” Weizer said.

Ladbrokes, on announcing its merger, bought out partner Playtech from a digital marketing service deal. Playtech, which should benefit from the larger footprint of the merged entity, has taken a 9.7 percent stake in Ladbrokes.

Playtech’s stock was down 1.8 percent at 875 pence at 1123 GMT on the London Stock Exchange. Up to Wednesday’s close, it has rise 12 percent since its first acquisition in April.

(Editing by Anupama Dwivedi and Savio D'Souza)

柯文哲逛艋舺 首次買洋裝送陳佩琪



Apotek skyltade med recept

Recepten låg fullt synliga i apoteksfönstret i centrala Borås. Alla som passerade på gatan kunde under minst två dygn läsa namn, personnummer, vilken medicin som ordinerats och varför.

海油摩通六二購A (19907) 現報 0.043港元,上升 79.17 %

[智珠] 香港8月27日 - 中國海洋石油 (00883) 的窩輪 海油摩通六二購A (19907) 呈異動, 現報0.043港元, 較上日收市上升 79.17 %,成交11,520,000.00份,投資者宜留意下列相關的技術分析指標,以及其正股的股價變動和公司的市場動向,提高警惕 : (貨幣 : 港元) 溢價37.965 %,槓桿比率(倍) 33.583,引伸波幅0 %,對沖值0 %,認購比率0.10,行使價10.88,到期日2016-02-29,10天平均價0.0433,50天平均價0.07282,52周最高0.28,52周最低0.016。

註: 我們的窩輪監察站在每個交易日的交易時段內,全面性監察窩輪的股價異動,由於窩輪波幅往往較正股來得突然和較大,我們認為由其股價觸及百分之五的波幅,即有需要作即時報導,隨而每百分之三再作追擊報導,務使讀者能追貼其走勢。