And then she smiles. It actually reaches her eyes, and you wonder just how long it took her to do it, but you don’t dare ask.  You don’t ask her how many nights she spent on the bathroom floor piecing it back together. You don’t ask anything like that, because you know that if humans have anything in common, it’s that we all break somehow. You know that no one lives their whole life unscathed, and old wounds aren’t meant to be reopened. So, you just smile back.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write #13 (236/366)
Um ano com a Palavra #236

João 6:1-24
I Crônicas 22
I Crônicas 23
Zacarias 9

Que nossa fé em Deus nunca se esfrie, que Ela nunca se vá. Que nossa obediência seja constante, que sejamos fiéis. Que nossa gratidão não seja instável, que todos os dias nosso coração seja grato, seja por um puxão de orelha ou por coisas que não entendemos. 


Street Lights | Kaunas #236/365 by Andrius Aleksandravičius
Via Flickr:
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How much money did Suho burn???

Like this rich lil shit could care less about how much money he just roasted…

** just for fun, if you guys go behind me and check my math or challenge me on this I will hide. @slayeol​ this is for you because I couldn’t figure out your math last night.


  • He is standing on 100$ bills.
  • He is 5′8″ or  173cm 

By comparing his height to the pile of money we can find out the height and width of the mound, and assuming its a circular pile we can calculate the volume.

In my picture I use the number of pixels to height of suho as ratio

  • 291 pixels = 1 suho
  • 793 pixels = width of huge money pile
  • 236 pixels = height of huge money pile *rough guess*

so if 291 pixels = 5′8″ or 68 inches then the pile is 185.3 inches wide or 15′5″ feet or 469.9 cm. The pile is 55 inches high or  4′7″ or 139.7 cm heigh.

Do a little math here… Half the width or diameter is the ratio and that is 92.65 inches. To find the volume of the dome of cash he is standing on we have to do (4/3πr3) / 2 and that is  1665692.708 cubic inches. This is also 10746383.075 cm3 or 1074.638 meters3 or 11567.310 feet3. 

A dollar bill is 0.06890922 cubic inches. source

divide   1665692.708 by  0.06890922 and you get 24172277 bills. 

24172277 100 dollar bills is worth….. 

2,417,227,700.00 USD $

TWO BILLION 417 MILLION 227 THOUSAND 700 dollers! Thats 2,671,362,934,239.50 Won.

No… that’s not quite right.

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Super Berry Blast

1 Heaped Tablespoon of Greek Yogurt

A Palmful of Frozen/Fresh Blueberries

A Palmful of Frozen/Fresh Strawberries

A Palmful of Frozen/Fresh Blackberries

A Palmful of Frozen/Fresh Raspberries

1 Small Banana

1 Tablespoon of Flax Seeds

1 Tablespoon of Oats

A dash of honey to taste

Total Calories - 236

Simply pop all the ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth. Pour into your favourite cup and enjoy!

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