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I'm actually looking for a fic, wondering if you/your followers can help me. It's a Game of Thrones inspired fic where Kurt is Danaerys, Finn is his brother and Blaine is Drogo. It has some Brittana as well, I think Santana is part of Blaine's court. Any ideas?

I’ve never read any Game of Thrones AUs, but a quick Google search led to the following stories:

Under the Open Sky by _hurricane

It’ll Take a While by ThatFoxyGrin

Untitled story by @slightestwind

Our Ungodly Hour by fleurdelisee

When the Two Collide by skintightsocks

And two Glee Kink Meme stories: http://glee-kink-meme.livejournal.com/19682.html?thread=22571746#t22571746 and http://glee-kink-meme.livejournal.com/22507.html?thread=26418667#t26418667

I hope this list has the story you’re looking for :-) If not, maybe our followers can help?

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