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Name: Ciara
Age: 21
Country: Ireland

Hi there! I’m Ciara and I’m from Ireland! I’m currently studying German and English in university in the hopes of becoming a teacher! I’ve just finished my second year! ^__^ I would love to have a penpal from a different country as I love learning about different cultures. I love art and I really enjoy painting and drawing when I can find the time for it. I also love music as most people do. Personally, I don’t have a favourite kind of music, if I like a song or if it puts me in a good mood, then it’s good enough for me! ^__^ I also am teaching myself how to play the ukulele (because it’s just the cutest and happiest instrument ever!) and I can also play a little bit of piano. I love baking, with gingerbread men being my favourite snack to make! In my downtime, I also enjoy playing some video games. :) Without a doubt though, my biggest hobby and aspiration in life is to travel. I am an adventurer at heart and have a serious case of wanderlust. I want to go everywhere and see everything because in my opinion, life is too short not to explore the world as much as you can. Since I will be studying abroad next year in Germany (as in school year), I would like to keep in touch via email since it will be the best way to allow me to remain consistent. ^__^ If you think we could get along and have adventures or anything to share, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Preferences: Aged 20-28, and nice of course! ^__~

[STARCAST] The last story of BTS singing youth, jacket photo shooting site!

Hello, this is BTS. We’re back. (Ta-da!)
BTS received a lot of love from ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2’ in 2015. The full version of that story! They are going to release special album <The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever> on May 2.

Before that, STARCAST visited BTS after hearing the news the flower bloomed. To where? To Jeju Island!

The place where BTS’ special album <The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever> jacket photo taken is Jeju Island. The shooting was held in the warm spring day.

JUNG KOOK’s Young Forever
JUNG KOOK was the first runner for shooting. If you think he was the first because he’s the youngest member, you’re right!

Feel the breeze of Jeju Island and photosynthesis for the good photo to be taken… 

He tried to cover the hot air balloon which was the prop, 

and took a selfie!
and the result is? 

It is during the day but it wasn’t for JUNG KOOK?? JUNG KOOK was in dream still! 

It’s hard to wake up ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅  Therefore he shot while sleeping. (Genius) 

JUNG KOOK’s concept is reality. It was a concept of just got up… But he really was getting up!!!! 

I can’t open my eyes.  ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅

JIMIN’s Young Forever
JIMIN’s attractive figure making us to anticipate today’s shooting!

The King of facial expression 

In fact, he was bit drowsy because of the sunshine. ˘⌣˘ * 

Hey, JIMIN? How are you? Would you please be in my pocket….?
He looks so young with black hair! He looks like a detective child… He kind of looks like he has to go to school with a backpack…* 

He’s not 22 months old. He’s 22 years old PARK JIMIN. 

Releasing moody eyes with cute face is cheating!!! 

JIMIN is drowsy because of sun light today..

JIN’s Young Forever
JIN had most shocking change since he debuted. [He’s legally blonde!]  

He’s been changed into school’s top student who would say “Hey, you’re bit pretty, you know?” 

He’s still the friendly JIN, we thank for his existence.

However…! Vroom, vroom. There was a sound of motor vehicle from somewhere!….

Hey bro, is it still going on? 

/KOOK is going back/

JUNG KOOK came to pick up his older brother… He’s not a son of head of a village. He’s the golden youngest member of BTS, JUNG KOOK.

The oldest member of BTS who doesn’t sleep until late in the morning, JIN. He was the first one to shoot started from early in the morning…

Truly handsome.

He’s checking his photo.

J-HOPE’s Young Forever
J-HOPE’s photo looks like it will say something to us! The shooting starts with energy!

Starting with sweet eyes.

Squeal!! He stretches with his unique sound. 

Sometimes tries to be looking moody.

Vroom, vroom 22222 I think I hear some familiar sounds… That’s right! 

JUNG KOOK is on the way to pick you up.
JUNG KOOK came to pick up his another older brother. 

/Going backward/
Our maknae is the best! Maknae is the best! 

Started shooting along with warm sunshine. it feels like getting sleepy! 

J-HOPE is taking Polaroid photo to give it to the fans as a gift. Really… Gorgeous…*

The sketch camera captured J-HOPE who was taking a selfie from far away! J-HOPE captured JUNG KOOK who was recording the video!


Hey, hi everyone? Do you know who I am!? The ghost, HOPE! HOPE, the ghost!

V’s Young Forever
Vroom, vroom 333 I looked back as I hear the familiar sound again..


-After a few minutes- 



V was a professional. It’s V pro looking so impressive in front of the camera. 

If we go to camping site, there are firewoods, fire and marshmallows- V’s props to shoot were sweet marshmallow. 

Looking for party to be marshmallows.(1/951230) 

V is back with colorful hair again. Which one do you like? 1. Red 2. Dark color 3. Orange!?  

RAP MONSTER’s Young Forever
RAP MONSTER is looking good with whatever he wears. He possess flowers with him..

It’s cheating if you smile like that..Because it’s threatening my heart.. 

I should take him with hot air balloon like that! 

Don’t start the hot air balloon. Let’s stop him from going back to heaven.. 

RAP MONSTER was waiting beside in advance because the weather was so good. 

He took a photo with the winsome J-HOPE.


SUGA’s Young Forever

Hey, SUGA! What is the hair color that doesn’t suit you!?
SUGA looks amazing as his hair color suits him perfect! 

It’s here today! Lies down.

It’s here today! 22 Lies down here too.

The #Genius SUGA expressing emotion well in spite of angle, background and situation.

Today’s #SUGA’s eyes 

Title: I got up just 5 minutes ago. 

Title: I want to take a picture quickly. 

JIMIN who has finished his shooting wanted to take a photo with SUGA..

BTS’ Young Forever

BTS arranging the giant hot air balloon. 

V & JUNG KOOK’s playful features aroused…and the BTS members watching them. 

It is hard to take a group photo.

It is really hard to take a group photo.

It is really really hard to take a group photo…
However, BTS members are happy and fun today. 

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever jacket photo shooting has been finished in happy atmosphere. Please look forward for BTS upgraded than the last album!

[ Bonus Cut ] Young Forever wallpapers!
BTS will taking in charge of ARMY’s phones! Here are images for wallpapers! It would be happy if you see BTS’ faces for 24 hours a day…

cr: star cast

twef short story

a woman raises her hand and makes a comment in a college classroom. the professor replies:
“I think that’s very astute of you. Actually, wait, are you trans or cis?”
“Cis,” the woman replies.
“Oh, well in that case, no male privilege for you. Your comment was a big flop and for dumb dummies.”
Another woman chimes in.
The professor frowns.
“I disagree strongly with the basic premise of your comment. Oh, wait, I forgot to ask: Are you trans or cis?”
“Trans,” replies the second woman.
“Oh shit, well then I think you deserve a big double scoop of male privilege! Your comment was the smartestest thing ive ever heard and you win at college.”

And that professors name was, Biology.