Sherlock x reader

Summary: Sherlock and Reader are trapped in 221b due to a blizzard. The reader is Asmatic so the cold begins to affect her lungs.

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Snow fluttered outside the window as the fire in 221b struggled to warm the room. John was with Mary and Mrs.Hudson was on a vacation to the Bahamas. Lucky. So the only souls in the Flat was you and Sherlock who was in his mind palace.

Your lungs begin to tighten because of the cold so you moved closer to the flame. Since the blizzard was not exactly forecasted you left your inhaler back at you flat on the other side of London. The warmth was not helping much and you began to wheeze.

As a child you had asthma so you practiced the breathing practices the doctors taught you. Nothing. In fact it got worse. It was so much harder to breath and your lungs burned for air. Coughs filled the air from the lack of oxygen and it snapped Sherlock from his mind palace. “Y/N?”

Coughs filled the air. He rushed to your side and moved your (h/c) hair out of you face. “You’re freezing! Wait here.” The detective rushed to the kitchen and began to boil water. He rushed to the his room and re-emerged with a breathing treatment machine.

He plugged the machine into the wall and placed the mask on your face. Once the treatment was running, Sherlock brought the pot of boiling water and placed it on the fire. It hit you. Makeshift humidifier.

“Y/N, next time you have an asthma attack and I’m in my mind palace, snap me out of it. The cold was drying out your lungs and causing them to cramp.” Sherlock curled up next to you and held you close. ‘Why is the great detective cuddling me? I’m not complaining.“

“Two reasons my dear. I want to keep you warm and I love you.” The rest of the blizzard was spent like this, cuddling and sitting by the fire.

Springtime Picnic

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John x Reader

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E/C = eye colour

Y/N = your name

Y/L/N= your last name

“Stop being an ass, Sherlock.”

“What? Would you rather I lie?”

You rolled your eyes as your flatmates argued over the client who was previously sat in your living room of 221B Baker Street.

“John, you know how he is. We’ve had this conversation before, it’s giving me serious Deja vu.” you pointed out to your boyfriend, Doctor John Watson. “I wouldn’t waste your time. We need to get ready anyway, you even said so yourself.”

“You know you don’t really help, Y/N” declared John, as you winked at Sherlock who smiled back at you. “You’re meant to defend me, not him.”

“Ouch.” You put your hand up to your chest, feigning hurt.  “I’m gonna get changed anyway, I shouldn’t be long.”

John mockingly rolled his eyes, and began packing some food into a wicker basket.

You adjusted the collar of your leather jacket against the cold. although it was the first day of spring, it certainly didn’t feel like it. john noticed, and shrugged off his tan coloured jacket and draped it over your shoulders.

“You’re going to f-freeze J-John!” you protest, your teeth chattering.

“Better me than you.” he shot back, adjusting his cardigan.

You shook your head. His protectiveness was going to get him killed one day.

You turned to look at him. He was fidgeting, which was very unusual. You, being you, began to worry instantly.

“John, is everything ok?”

“Hm? Yeah, I’m ok, why?”

“You’re fidgeting.”

“I’m just thinking, don’t worry about it.”

But you did. You tried your best not to think about it, but it kept cropping up at the most random moments. Little did you know, you were in for a shock.

“Mmm, these sandwiches are sooo good!” You polished off your fifth sandwich, and reached for the glass of Prosecco John had poured for you. “This is literally the best date I’ve been on!”

“We’re not finished yet.” john drank the last of his drink, and put his hands in his jeans pockets. He fished out a matchbox sized case, covered in navy blue velvet. He got down on one knee, and looked you in your E/C eyes.

“Y/N Y/L/N, as you know, we have been in a relationship for two years now.”

You felt your eyes tearing up. Could this really be happening?

“Granted, we have our moments, and we do need space sometimes, but we are strong together. You make me smile, you keep me sane, you are the prettiest and most lively woman I know. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, because I love you Y/N. So, Y/N, if you’ll have me, will you be my wife and partner in solving crime?”

You were bawling by this point, and there was a large crowd around your picnic blanket. You practically flew into John’s arms, and managed a shaky “Yes!”

Applause rippled through the park as John slipped the small, silver band onto your finger, and you couldn’t have been happier.



When they’re discussing plans for rebuilding 221B, Mrs Hudson asks them if they’ll be needing two rooms. ‘Of course we’ll be needing two rooms’, says John. He glances at Sherlock’s downcast face before continuing, ‘Rosie’s going to need her own room, after all’ and Sherlock whips his head up just in time to see John smirk and wink at him.