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Since you love Omega!Jensen/Dean so much, do you have any good ficrecs for the trope? - An Omega!Jensen/Dean starved anon

oh gosh, there will never ever ever be enough omega!jensen stories ✨✨✨

Estrus by lazy_daze

The doors were about to slide closed when a guy came rushing down the corridor and flung himself into Jared’s elevator, and stabbed quickly at the button for the first floor. Jared recognized him vaguely - Jensen, from the marketing department. They’d never spoken, really, were on head-nodding terms at best. 

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 2500; Warnings: Slight Dub-Con

Sure to Lure Someone Bad by mistyzeo and obstinatrix

Jensen plans to take care of his heat the way he normally does: alone. But there’s a stranger on the subway who has a better idea.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 6000; Warnings: None

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait by saltandburnboys

Jared had waited years for Jensen’s Ascension and when the day finally came, it opened his eyes in more ways than one.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 22084; Warnings: Slight Dub-Con, MPreg

Wild by keep_waking_up

After the loss of their Alpha and several other pack members, Jensen’s pack is left floundering without a leader.  Jensen is lost on his own; not only has he lost his father, the Alpha, but he does not know what his place in the pack is.  As a rare Omega, no one has treated him the same since he matured, and he doesn’t know what his future will be.  When he accidentally gets himself mated to the new pack-Alpha, Jared, Jensen has to figure out what he wants from Jared, the pack, and himself.  And quickly, because there is a new pack moving into their territory that does not have good intentions in mind.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 43082; Warnings: Attempted Non-Con

Battling for Bronze by morrezela

Jensen Ackles is an omega standing in the way to Jared Padalecki’s Olympic bronze medal in swimming. But Jared believes in beating his rival fair and square. When somebody tampers with Jensen’s medication, he volunteers to help out.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 7115; Warnings: Mentions of Miscarriage, Abortion

Chasing Cats by alycat and ashtraythief

The werewolf town of Moonrise should have been a safe haven for a werecat like Jensen; far away from his kind, without the danger of bumping into a compatible mate. Or at least, that was the idea, until Jared - alpha of the local werewolf pack - made things more complicated than Jensen and his family ever expected.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 10100; Warnings: Underage

When Two Suns Touch by ashtraythief

Jensen is human, Jared isn’t. Mixing their two species is much too dangerous, no matter how much they might want to. Everything changes the day Jensen is abducted.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 14000; Warnings: Exhibitionism 

A Question of Fate by hybridshade

Jared has never fit in with his pack, so he goes on a journey guided by the first moon of the New Year and the spirits of old, hoping to find all that his soul searches for.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 10300; Warnings: None

Dig Your Claws in Deep by ashtraythief

Every year for the hunt, the foxes offer up one of their own to the wolves to keep the peace. This year, Jared needs the prestige of the win to take control of his pack.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 4800; Warnings: Dub-Con

Unintended Ownership by alycat

Finding himself with an omega that he had never intended on owning Jared realizes that there’s more to life than working towards a promotion.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 7500; Warnings: Slave Society

Wildfire in Our Hearts by YohKoBennington

All Jared ever wanted was for Jensen to be his mate, even though, their mating could never be. But sometimes, fate is on your side.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 3191; Warnings: None

Jensen and the Terrible, Horrible Heat by etoile_etoile

Jensen’s in heat and his mate isn’t there.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 6532; Warnings: None

Essence of Us by lightinthehall

Lunar heat, the healer is saying. Jared sits numbly through the explanation, cold dread running through him. The healer rambles on, but all Jared understands is that Jensen is sick and suffering, and needs to be mated through it – repeatedly.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 2512; Warnings: None

I can provide more if you ever want them and can make an omega!Dean list as well ❤