I feel like the lyrics from kitchen sink, ”No one else is dealing with your demons Meaning maybe defeating them Could be the beginning of your meaning, friend” are so important because they are literally saying that your life has purpose because you are the only one who can defeat your demons, nobody else really knows exactly what you are going through or how to fight it, so you have to stay alive because you have that unique purpose

21p’s merch team continues to roll out the most horrific aesthetically unpleasing apparel i have ever seen in my life like deadass pitching their .bmp MS Paint-made artwork with the text tool and selling it for actual, real money that helps turn the cogs of our capitalistic society

ATL’s video for Missing You actually means a lot to so many people. It shows the bands love for their fans, and that they care, unlike some other fans. The video showed how far all time low has come and that they wouldnt come as far without their fans by their side. All time low are family to me, hustlers have such a strong bond with the boys, and the video just shows that. It is emotional, and the video is just taken right from the heart. The video shows the love, and the care, and that they will always be there for us as we are there for them. How did it lose against 21P? I dont understand.

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Some non-mcr blog recommendations?

uhmmmm most of my friends are mcr blogs but here’s some friends and blogs i follow that don’t post mcr!

@pan-sexualpizza irl friend with good variety of content! aesthetic, memes, dogs, LGBT+, and some fandoms
@respectfully soft pale aesthetic!
@merrigo also AMAZING ART
@tulipnight aesthetic!
@getawayfromchula many different things, very good variety
@imaginedecstasy huge nerd don’t follow him
@myscriptisahorcrux mermaid queen, definitely follow her
@fueledbyjyler bandom but not mcr! mostly 21p and halsey and pvris

this is just a few…. i definitely forgot some good ones but my brain is tired!!

and always feel free to follow my LGBT+ sideblog @screwyourbinary !!!