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Hello friends! I promised I’d be back with more Fic Rec posts and here I am! :D

I read through a bunch of KuroKen fics this week, so here are some of my faves! <3

1. How Kuroo Found Kenma by suggestivescribe (37641 words)

“Oh my God,” Kuroo said, eyes growing wide. He slowly turned to fully face Oikawa, “I’m in love with Kenma.”

Oikawa brought his tea to his mouth. “Yeah,” he said, smiling through the steam rising in front of his face, “I know.”

2. Principles of Chemistry by freckleder (32419 words)

In which Kenma ends up being sorted into the wrong group and has to endure his new, exhausting lab partner for the next month.

3. Curiosity Kills by newamsterdam (41426 words) 

Kenma rescues a cat.

Later on, the cat saves him in return.

4. Saltwater Room by hipster-yams (60640 words)

Kenma had been perfectly happy just attending class half-asleep, secretly practicing cello, and occasionally getting his hand stuck in the vending machine but certain people refuse to let his quiet bliss go on and force him to think about everything he’s been trying to hide away in the depths of his mind for years.

5. Dial 119 by nimbus_cloud (13923 words)

Based on faiyuuhi’s HQ fireman!AU

The very kind and talented faiyuuhi commissioned me to write a Kuroo/Kenma get-together fic for her fireman!AU and how on earth could I possibly say no?

6. Cat Slippers at Midnight by jojotxt (5509 words)

Kuroo wears comfy slippers and makeup and Kenma is just a disgruntled librarian. Let him live.

7. There’s No Tutorial For This by sinata (21500 words)

“I think maybe Kuroo-senpai likes him, and that’s why it was hard for him to tell us.”
“On the fucking nose, Lev.”

Kuroo likes Kenma, but he can’t figure that out for himself. Kenma likes Kuroo, except he’s never had a crush on anyone before and has no idea how to cope. Hopefully they can both figure it out by the time their summer vacation ends.

“…I swear to god I’m going to die Bokuto, he’s so cute and I’m so fucked.”

8. Color In The Rain by esmaewrites (11865 words)

Kuroo is leaving for college. Surely that’s why Kenma furiously sketches him to the point of obsession. Why Kuroo catches himself staring at Kenma for perhaps too long. Or why both of them can’t shake the feeling that somewhere along the lines of their long friendship something got tangled along the way.
But that’s because Kuroo is leaving.

9. The Wedding Hall Shuffle by icespyders (17604 words)

Box steps for a waltz are easy, even if you’ve never done them before, even if you learned at a strangers’ wedding from another stranger, even if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing. But love? Love is something else, something without regimented one-two-three-four patterns, without rules.

Maybe it’s silly, but Kenma thinks he might be figuring it out.

10. Rough Draft by shions_heart (16186 words)

Kozume Kenma’s a novelist tasked to write a romance into his action-adventure stories in order to attract more readers, something he has no idea how to do. At a loss, he recruits his attractive next-door neighbor Kuroo Tetsurou to assist him in experiencing what a relationship feels like.

He should have anticipated the way things grow more complicated.

I hope that you like these as much as I did, and I’ll hopefully have more Fic Rec lists coming out soon!


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