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Bicycle Flavored Ice Cream by words_reign_here

Derek finally has everything where it should be. His pack is good, strong, back from college and they are a cohesive team. Other than the occasional witch, hunters and blip in the road, this is what it should have always been like. A pack in the Hale house, watching out for Beacon Hills.

He finishes his drink with one last gulp, wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand. Bucky, who’d finished his long ago, idly taps at the side of his mug. Steve catches himself watching the action: Bucky’s always had such graceful hands, whether he was handling a knife in the kitchen, patching up his scrapes, or throwing around a baseball.

“I kinda wish something could happen between us, romantic stylez,” Jake says on screen, and sitting here, on their well-worn couch with Bucky’s feet in his lap, Steve suddenly, inexplicably, aches.

Harry/Eggsy - like a slave to your touch

Titlelike a slave to your touch

Author: coffeeinallcaps (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Kingsman

Word Count: ~20.5k

Warnings: Dom/sub, sub!bottom!eggsy, brief bottom!harry

SummaryHarry’s fingertips graze Eggsy’s neck, and that’s when Eggsy feels it–a sudden, intense yearning roiling somewhere deep within him, like a chasm opening up at his core. The feeling hits him like a punch to the gut, so hard and so unexpected that he’s sure his knees would’ve given out if he’d been standing.

In which Eggsy can’t stop thinking about Harry dominating him, and Harry gives him exactly what he needs–and more.

Comments: heck yeahhhhhhhh love this fic!

Title: With No Moonlight
Author: WasteNoTime
Word count: 123k
Chapters: 45
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: R
Summary: In a world where legal slavery exists in all continents except Europe, Kurt Hummel moves back to Lima after years spent in France. The idea of owning a person disgusts him but soon he meets a boy that changes his mind. Kurt wants nothing more than to own him.

My Story.

I’m only sharing this because I want to help others. and sitting here typing this is almost like therapy for me and I’m more than glad to leave this chapter of my life behind with all the weight lifted off of my shoulders.

when I started high school I was in a relationship with a guy (whose name shall not be mentioned) for almost two years. beforehand, I knew him for a few years and well, long story short we finally ended up together. then sure enough we broke up later on (reasons being personal). I never gave another guy a chance since I met my ex, Chris or aka Damon. all of it was spontaneous. I obviously knew him from social media but at that time he literally had about 20k followers on instagram. I noticed him on vine to begin. but anyway, I wanted to meet him not knowing how such a genuine person he was. we exchanged numbers after we took a picture. we texted, and I believe days after I sent him a long message saying much I’d love to get to know him, treat him right, etc. and he asked why I couldn’t do it for him.. and we went from there. after months being together he even told me I stood out to him because of the words I said to him just through a message. so throwing shade saying because we met at a meet and greet is all about looks, okay, well it was more than that and he knows that for damn sure. we spoke for a few months (everything rushed) and finally ending up together.. seeing him again.. (total of about 5 times) everything was perfect as it was. he publicized our relationship, always had sweet things to say to everyone to see.. it was really perfect. getting reassurance while I’m away is always nice. then towards the end, when things became hard to even hold a conversation for either one of us because we both were soooo busy.. him being in football season, school and me being in school, working coming home.. then all over again every day we did not have time for each other. and what made it worse is we couldn’t even see each other face to face to discuss it. or even see each other on the weekends. so we fell apart, slowly, but we surely did. and once he wanted to leave I of course, was devastated. I tried everything I could to bring us back together but he always pushed me away and I couldn’t picture myself with anyone else. on social media he supported rude things his “fans” were saying about me.. talking and flirting and tweeting girls all over. it really hurt seeing all of that so I knew I just needed to let go. and I did. months during this he would randomly txt me saying how he wanted to see me. I needed to go out there and see him. one time, he contacted me telling me how he wanted to be together again. I told him everything he didn’t want to hear, he didn’t like what I had to say. we were done after that. he led me to believe for months of my life I was the flawed one, the person who was at fault behind everything that went wrong. it was my fault I was with another guy and he didn’t like it. he claimed he kissed one girl and that was it. yeah right. this entire time this boy played me. he had another girl, (why he got over me so quickly) was sexually active with her with serious intentions. he leaves mets his new girl kisses her, does whatever she claimed how they met, comes back home and goes to his old girl. she doesn’t want him. he comes to me telling me I’m the one for him all along.. next day posts a pic with his girl. he played me, her, and girl #2. it’s all fucking manipulation. never let anyone convince you are less than any of what you deserve. I did that for too long. I beat myself up for months thinking I wasn’t good enough, why me, why this.. I was tearing myself apart. at that point in my life was when I had my psychic reading, I needed closure. I was very lowkey in my life at this point. I deleted most of my social media because I didn’t wanna deal with it anymore. I was depressed and anything I would post wouldn’t be good. I didn’t want people to see that side of me. close was what I needed and I would’ve done anything at this point bc I sure as hell wasn’t getting it from that boy. hearing the words come from that lady felt almost so unreal. she told me he was toxic and I would never understand why and it was better to keep that way. she warned me about his existence. his presence in my life transformed my entire vibe to a weak, emotional person. she said his presence was the strongest and first thing you can sense about me. if that doesn’t tell you enough then you can just stop reading. this is a personal experience I want to share so people know they’re not alone. so people get off my page, snapping me, mentioning me how I’m in the wrong when I’ve been on the shitty end of the stick. I went thru months of depression… you can watch the videos posted because I was led to believe for so long SOOOOO long I am at fault. it disgusts me how loyal he claims.. he hates liars.. puts such a huge ass front on social media to lead to believe he’s this perfect ass person. and I’ll be the first to claim he’s a lying, deceiving, manipulating punk. looking back at everything it’s almost like sharing our love with everyone through pics and vids just gained him exposure and now he’s obsessed of the concept over having a female by his side to show and express and gain more support from new and more more people. cause in reality, what are you known for? instagram videos? our relationship goal posts? your fame ain’t shit either. acting like you have a higher power isn’t someone you want to be around. and no female should ever go through what I did, no one. after all of this, I have learned I do not need anyone to make me happy and okay, if I do find someone I will never depend on them like I used to. it’s nice to share a love with someone, yeah. but shit that makes you lose sight of yourself. and my biggest advice is not to when you are not ready. I thought I could recover from my past relationship with him. which I did but the mistake was, he was my only happiness because of that. so everyone disrespecting me saying I’m mad for not having a new guy in my life.. yeah no. its because I CHOOSE that. completely. I don’t need anyone to move on. I’m young and I’m gonna experience my life without being held in a relationship. I am in no rush to grow up. life lesson learned- you can never be that hung up on someone to a point you feel nothing without them. this is the last of what I have to say because it’s toxic and waste of my precious time to continue explaining anything any further cause at the end of the day, I am living my own life and these kids over a computer screen will not validate for a second how I should feel. so no, I don’t care which side you are on. no one is hating. I’m just done covering up for a guy that ruined me for far too freaking long. this was something I wanted to address because it is brought up too often and I am more than ready to wake up everyday without a single thought about any of this on my mind, and be able to scroll on MY phone without seeing his damn name pop up once. I am done answering ANY questions about this, speaking about this, after this post. but from all of this, I am known to have dealt with the devil himself. I’ve been in some dark places and felt awful things because of him. he’s truly not a good person. I deserve true happiness and this just all gives me more motivation to learn and embrace myself and never give that up for anyone. end of story.

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beautyandthebeastie-boys asked:

Are there fics of them with Smosh? W/ Ian, Anthony, or both?

The only ones I could find are the ones that involve lots of youtubers, but I know there are some with just smosh (i think some based on that picture of d+p carrying drunk anthony?) so if someone could link us that would be awesome! 

Secrets Can Kill Forget-Me-Not high school lies in a normal town with normal kids. However, when student Pj Liguori is found dead and alone on the theatre stage, will students spill the secrets they’ve held for so long? Unravel the mystery through a detective’s eyes. The doors locked shut, windows tightly closed; there is no escaping. danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, KickThePj, Smosh. Tons of youtubers. Words: 20K

Saving The World In a world where superheros are real, Phil is a superhero and Dan is a huge fan. (lots of ytubers) oneshot

The Midnight Game  An old mansion, and dimly lit candles. Watch your back…he’s coming. (lots of ytubers)

Plague is holding a super cute Xmas in July secret Santa thing rn

I went all out for my person (I’ve easily spent a collective 300k already and the gifts won’t be sent out for a few days still so I’m a sure I’ll probably shell out even more before it ends) I just hope I don’t get someone who just gives me some 20k familiar because that would suck

Like we even set up two separate wish lists (low price range vs higher, low price range people get paired with others in that list and so on) but I’ve still seen people submit high price range wish lists and literally comment stuff like ‘We only have to get our person one thing right?’

If you don’t have the treasure to properly gift someone, why didn’t you do the lower price range wish list instead of being so transparently greedy?

But I’d still rather go all out for my person and make then super happy than try to cut corners, even if I risk getting some cheapskate as my SS in return

anonymous asked:

How do you even get 20k followers? That's impressive congrats

idek tbh. like literally rn i’m just sitting in my underwear in bed eating chocolate cake and for some reason you all want to follow me so figure that one out

My I-have-way-too-much-stuff-i-dont-use yard sale!

What’s for sale: A bunch of clothing items, furniture, shoes, a couple tools, ore, fruits, hybrids, etc, my entire plaza is covered in stuff

Looking for: you can buy two items for 3k five items for 8k or fill your pockets for 20k, or you could just donate an item or two from my wishlist http://moridb.com/catalogs/mi0rFpAGSe

Note: You can make multiple trips, i really just want this stuff gone. All items are on my plaza, but the hybrids are on the left side of the train station, if you dont see any hybrids you like, i might have some others to give you.

Url: http://redrumridinghood.tumblr.com/ask

FC: 0101 1202 2956

20,000 + followers

Passed the 20k mark this morning. It amazes me how quickly this blog has grown in such a short time (just under 14 months). It’s very refreshing to know that so many love Black and White lesbians.

Still looking to hear ladies’ fantasies, actual experiences, observations, or what not when it comes to IR lesbianism; to make this blog more interactive. :))

Thanks again! ♡♥

Thanks, Ms. Angel, this blog has basically been rolling since its inception. It seems to have a life of its own in that I don’t have to do much to make it grow (although I do spend a lot of time hunting down quality images). I’m pleased with the 20k mark because it validates my approach. But I’m even more happy to discover that so many people love this erotic niche. ♡♥

friends, i would like to apologize for this blog taking a right turn into criminal minds hell.  actually, i take that back.  i’m not apologizing for that.  if y’all hadn’t figured by now that i can and will shift fandoms as swiftly as a race care driver shifting gears, you know now.  i didn’t intend to be wallowing in criminal minds hell, and i sure as hell didn’t intend to write what appears to be close to 20k of a long hotch/reid series, but it happened.  i’m dangerous in public, as i can’t help inserting my show into every conversation i ever have.  it just winds up in there, escaping me.  welcome to my world.  still love you guys.  still love the other fandoms, too.  just really into criminal minds right now.

i already lost like 4 followers since i went full scale criminal minds, lol.

anonymous asked:

Back. But the thing is now I have my shot together I'm more confident and I started to open up again I even make dua that he's doing well and that God protects him. My question is yeah, why do guys do that ? Why do they come back all of a sudden?

Let’s talk about gambling.

Let’s say your boyfriend has a $100,000 Las Vegas chip. The most valuable chip there is in the world. You’re that chip.

At the beginning of the relationship he wouldn’t dare change it for smaller chips. But Eventually he does because that’s human nature. People are greedy and always want more eventually. They think they’re slick and can get away with it.

So he decides to be silly and sneak behind your back and turn that 100 into 120. He does. He then loses 20k and you find out what he’s done and love yourself enough to leave someone who doesn’t cherish you as they should. As you should have done of course.

He now only has 10k left. Whereas you are left hurt and not in the same condition as you were initially. You’re now worth 90k. What do you think he’s going to try and do next?

Try his upmost best with in directs and sneaky little mind games to get his original hunnid back. But guess what, he’s not worth shit anymore. You’re nine times as good as he possibly could be. You took an L but you’ve gotten your shit together and are now consequently worth 110k so move on with your life darling. What’s 10 or 15k to you now really?

By all means pray for him. Wish him the best of luck in getting his net worth back to 100k but he lost the best thing he ever had and has only himself to blame for it and technically in the long run you’re now better off than you ever were before.

Gamblers don’t stop gambling, they keep going until they ain’t got shit. By all means you can go back to him but the inevitable outcome in that situation is that you’ll both be broke and you don’t want that. Especially when you weren’t and aren’t even the one playing around with the chips.

anonymous asked:

no but really?? how did you get 20k?

oh um well i guess i was one of the first twenty one pilots blogs like two years ago so that helped! but also making many of my own edits and gifs and keeping a queue running that my blog is consistently active is helpful, and i guess just like not being a shitty person is good too