This week’s prompt for the 52 Short Stories in 52 Weeks is:

A story about finding something that has been lost.” 

And more importantly, today is the beautiful and talented @foxerica‘s birthday! I hope you are having a fantastic day Erica, and I hope you enjoy this story!!! 

Ship: Derek/Lydia

Tags: future fic, getting together

Rating: Mature 

Words: 3K

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This is probably a bad idea.

Lydia knows she’s probably made worse decisions, but usually she’s just going along with someone else’s bad idea (and giving them hell for it along the way). This time, it’s all her.

It had started simply enough. A month ago she had been finishing up her dissertation, and she’d mentioned in the pack group chat that she needed to take a couple of weeks off from life once she was finished. She felt like something was missing, like the year of working tirelessly on her research had sucked the glow right out of her. Her hair was limp and her skin was dull and she just needed a break. The pack had all agreed, but most of them (with the exception of Scott) are done with school now, and couldn’t necessarily just take time off from their jobs on a whim to take a few weeks’ vacation with Lydia.

And then Derek had chimed in.

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Weekly Writing Update 2/7/16

Leaves of Grass

Goal: 1k

Accomplished: 0k

Next Chapter Status: 4,058k/10k

Making Arrangements

Goal: 0

Accomplished: 4,021 words

Next Chapter Status: 4.5k/20k

By Any Other Name

Goal: 0/15k


Next Chapter Status: 0/15k

things ive heard people say in class:
  • “what if i just straight up break down in class and scare the shit out of ms neo so that she’ll postpone the test?”
  • “is it too early if i have a breakdown in january?” “its the second week, man.” “i know.” 
  • “let’s all just collectively skip the national exams, fuck the system!” *aggressive cheering*
  • in a really choked up voice, “i have rights.”
  • “what if i become a monk? do monks have to take exams?”
  • “in this context, what does ‘rapid’ mean?” “FAST AND FURIOUS”
  • “did y’all do the chem homework?” *collective ‘no’s* “alright, good. nobody be a wimp and do their homework, alright? if we’re fucked, we’re all fucked together.”
  • “wait, you mean to say that this school still teach fun stuff like music??
  • *scandalised gasp* “you stole my circle template’s virginity!” “all i did was hook a finger through one of the holes!” “exactly!” 
  • “i bought this $2 knee guard just because i want to pretend that i’m injured so that i can sit out of PE.” [slides knee guard on] “i have three consecutive tests after this and lord knows i need all the extra study time that i can get.”
  • in an increasingly panicked voice, “i can’t just do my lit homework in 30mins!” “well, i did.” “what did you put for characterisation and further analysis?” “i said the protagonist was a fuckboy, and then proceeded to write 3 paragraphs and a conclusion consisting of utter bullshit on why he’s a fuckboy.”
  • “don’t they call people from Germany, germanese?” said by a top student.
  • “i think i’m a hermaphrodite.”
  • “fuck, i hate this. can i just be an escort? or have like 67 sugar daddies?”
  • in the middle of physics class: “i’m leaving, i’m fucking leaving. i’m going down to the canteen to buy takeouts of 3 fishball noodles. y’all want anything?”
  • “i want the saddest pepe the frog meme you can find as our class logo.”
  • “i found a salsa dip in my bag, anyone have some chips?” [a girl sighs, puts down her calculator and reaches into her sports bag] “i do.”

Guarding the baby