Soooo I hit a pretty big follower milestone yesterday. I was up fixing pages of the next chapter, and I thought it would be nice to put something together as a thank-you, so here. These are some of my favourite panels and sequences of the work I’ve put up so far…. and a few previews of the next chapter (can you spot them? ;) )

I’ve really enjoyed making Undertale comics. I am very grateful to have a space where I can lean into concepts that I’m not usually as free to explore.  The UT fandom has been so chill, playful, creative, and supportive, I’m honoured to be a part of it.

- Thank you for your insightful questions and discussions

- Thanks for all the kind notes and dubs and ghostsona fanart you’ve sent, it always brightens my day and keeps me going when the work gets hard

- Thanks for all your amazing and hilarious tags (I read every one!)

- Thanks for not sending me spoiler asks when I asked you not to send me spoiler asks (I try so hard to answer every ask and I can’t answer spoiler asks :( )

- Thanks for being patient between updates and chapters :) 

- Thanks for reading!

I’m getting everything ready here behind the scenes and I’m so pumped for Part Two of the Second Son of Gaster series to begin. February 9th! Next Tuesday!!!

Reylo Fic Recs (FF.net Edition)

Just in time to ruin your weekend! :D

Most of the time when I look for fic I stick to AO3; I prefer their interface and in my experience the quality is higher. Oh and you can download the stories as eBooks, how cool is that?!

However, there are some good stories on ff.net that aren’t on AO3 (yet)! All the stories on this list are longer than 20k words, firstly because I prefer long works anyway, and secondly because an author who cares enough to write that many words probably cares enough to make sure their work is decent. Also, man, I really hate ff.net’s interface, I’m not suffering through that nonsense for a oneshot.

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this tag urself meme is humble and good and is allowing me to learn so much about my mutuals, like which of you love screaming a lot and which of you want to kiss 547 bees