A different side, 2006.

November, 2006.

           Eric stood next to Dylan and a few other guys, while Johnny and Antonio handled a drug exchange with another mob boss who was a friend and business partner with Marconi who was unable to attend the visit and chose to allow his best employees to handle it well.

They had been there for a while.

Eric’s patience was wearing thin from hearing Antonio brag about himself to the other henchman. He was a higher rank than the majority of guys who were put on tonight’s drug exchange. Including Eric and Dylan. 

            Eric felt a lot better and was much calmer without his medication. However, much like anyone else, if he was pushed far enough he could really get angry. 

Eric couldn’t keep himself quiet as Antonio continued to put those who were “below” him down and voiced his agreeing opinion with the other henchman he was speaking with that he didn’t respect anyone below him.

Eric wasn’t involved in the conversation but he was close enough where it wouldn’t be out of the question, or inappropriate for him to volunteer an opinion.

Eric narrowed his eyebrows and snapped at them, “You didn’t start at the top.”

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