American Dragon

2001 was the year that Bryan Danielson began branching out as a professional wrestler. Wrestling as American Dragon, Danielson had just parted ways with the WWF after spending a year in their developmental system, during which time he learned from and wrestled the great William Regal. It was in 2001 that American Dragon wrestled in the ECWA Super 8 tournament in Wilmington, Delaware. Among the competitors in said tournament were Billy Fives, Mike Sullivan, Jayson Reign, fellow former WWF contracted talent Reckless Youth, and Tony Kozina. There was also Spanky (Brian Kendrick) whom Danielson had trained with and would later join Ring Of Honor with, as well as fellow future ROH star Low Ki, whom defeated American Dragon in the finals.

2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968, dir. Stanley Kubrick

‘Armchair / Jacket’ from the ‘Inflatables’ line, by C.P. Company (2001)

“This bright blue polyurethane design could be worn as a waterproof barrier shell hooded jacket and featured magnetic buttons throughout. It could also be rapidly inflated with the provided air compressor to create an armchair that could be used in a multitude of conditions.”