1x22 “Devil’s Trap”
“I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up.”

This will forever be one of those lines that for the casual viewer may sound like a throwaway line and a nice little detail about Dean’s childhood. It will always however be one of those lines that will always be among the most tragic ones too, because god knows we all know why Dean dreamed of becoming a fireman at a time when his father was already hunting, but he was too young to grasp what his father was doing. Because even when Dean was a small child he wanted to save lives, protect others and not just from anything, but from fire. Because that was what ripped his family apart as far as he as a kid could make any sense of. Because he didn’t know about monsters, about angels and demons. What he remembered was that there was a fire and that it killed his mom and in many ways his dad and most of all his childhood too…

This makes me sad and happy. Happy because of the way Sam says that.They would have talked about this stuff growing up because Dean was always trying to give Sam a sense of normalcy. So it seems strange for Sam to not know something like this about Dean and he clearly expects to know everything about Dean.

It’s sad because no matter what Dean says about living an apple pie life (especially in the earlier seasons), in the back of his mind he wished for a normal life where he and Sam could grow up to be a fireman, a lawyer, a rock star and be a family. 


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