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I have this headcanon, that at least one, maybe both, Americas , absolutely love broadway and broadway music. My question is, which one(s), and how did the other nations (or 2p nations) find out about their secret love?

Okay-I love this headcanon because I can totally see it.

1p America and 2p America both found out they both liked it when a song came on in a mall they were at together with a few others and they both said “Oh, it’s (whatever it was)” at the same time. Little to say they talked about it for the next two hours.
The other people in the group were 1p and 2p England, and 1p and 2p Canada. 
The Canada’s already knew because they both hang with each other enough to know it (especially Matt ‘2p Canada’). Arthur was kinda taken back and Oliver thought it was adorable and said “Jinx” after they said it. 

Flavio (2p Romano)  found out about Allen by looking through his phone when he left it out and open and saw he had a few songs on his playlist from various musicals. 

Kiku (1p Japan) walked into the room when America was listening to it on his laptop and scrolling through songs and stuff. 

They’ve all been sworn to secrecy

Try to smugly tip me 1p, end up looking embarrassed because you didn't pay enough.

I work in hospitality at a huge hotel, generally on the bar. I poured a man two half pints which came to £4.25, ‘how would you like to pay Sir?’ 'I’ll stick it on the room please’ To pay for room charge you have to have the 'wallet’ that your room key came in that says your name and room number and has a signature, just to stop people saying random names and numbers they’ve overhead. 'Okay sir do you have the wallet it came in? Reception gave you it when you arrived’ Him annoyed now, 'erm no it’s in the room’ (reception purposely tell them that they need it for room charge) 'Okay. Do you have any form of ID that has your name on please? It’s just to stop people using your name and number’ 'Oh for god sake I’ll just pay cash’ at a busy bar he proceeds to pull out his wallet and empty his change on the bar, counting out £4.20 in 10 and 5ps. He hands me it with a smug smile, and places 1p on top (if you’re not familiar with Sterling 10 and 20ps are silver whilst 1&2ps are copper, it was an obvious dig). 'Sir there’s £4.21 here it’s £4.25’ Cue him looking embarrassed, 'oh I thought you said £4.20’ and hands me 5p. 'That’s okay sir, here’s your 1p change.’

He soon hurried off.

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AJ tends to frequently sleep at random times, but Li-Mei and Tanya go to bed around 8. Since they’re kind of energetic, it won’t be until 8:30 that they actually fall asleep.

Occasionally, though, they’ll notice how sleepy I get and wait for me to go to bed and then they sleep beside me! Isn’t that sweet of them?

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Can I ask for something weird ples? What if [2p] Canada, France, Germany and [1p] France, Russia had a crush/ s/o who did literally everything they asked/ asked nothing from them, only to find out it was because they were extremely insecure and scared of them leaving them? Does it make sense? I sure hope so. Thank you, have a good day/night ❤️

(I’ve missed writing for 2P’s)

2P Canada/James/2P France/Francois:

He’d instantly sit them down and tell them that he wouldn’t leave them. He’d tell them that he really loves them and cares for them even if he doesn’t act like it sometimes because he can be a bit colder. He’d say that there’s no point for them to keep doing everything for him because he just feels bad then. From then on he might start being a bit more open so that they know he still cares about him. 

2P Germany/Lutz/APH France/Francis/APH Russia/Ivan:

He would pull them in for a gentle hug, telling them that if it ever seemed like he was going to leave them, it really wasn’t. He’d reassure them and tell them that he does love them and with all his heart so they don’t need to worry about him leave them.