Case Closed

CS AU Week #5: role reversal - a sheriff killlian au!


ps I’m not sure how good this is but this week has really encouraged me to start writing again so I’m going to keep at it.  hope you like!

Eighteen hours and twenty minutes.

That was the amount of time since Kathryn Nolan’s car had been discovered just on the edge of the borders of Storybrooke, the front seat door hanging open and the driver absent.

It took six of those hours for someone to notice that she wasn’t at home, and one more to discover the abandoned vehicle.  

Another hour after that before someone thought to call the sheriff.

Killian Jones was used to tough cases.  As the sheriff of Storybrooke, he’d tackled everything from robberies at Granny’s (the grilled cheeses were to die for) to missing dwarves (whose idea was it to put Sleepy on watch duty?).  This case hardly seemed any different.

Fortunately, he knew exactly what to do.  After combing the car from front to back, he’d found Kathryn’s acceptance letter into law school, a suitcase filled with clothes, and her phone, slightly cracked from the crash but with information still retrievable.  He’d gone with the phone, and the first thing he’d discovered was her last call - made to one Emma Swan.

This was what worried Killian the most.

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