I’ve been feeling really dissatisfied with some of my progress, especially around my stomach. But I went looking for my before pictures which I think I took at the beginning of my journey (well my DBF journey) and I couldn’t be more motivated! I still feel like I have a looooong way to go but it’s great to see how far I’ve come.

SW: 100.1kg CW: 90.2kg


Sunday vanilla cinnamon protein waffle stack ✨ got slightly addicted to the banana chips from korodrogerie.de even though they are actually not sweet at all and taste more like real chips but they are so crunchy and just an awesome addition to every single meal 🙊 you can get 5% off with the Code “ELEPHANTS” 🐘 and they are actually really cheap with 10 € for a giant bag of 1kg 🍌 🍌

Fica horas sem comer, fazendo exercícios, tomando remédios, falando que já comeu ou que depois come, deixando de ir para os lugares para não comer... e tudo isso pra que? Pra depois ter uma compulsão? Sendo que ser você não tivesse aquela compulsão estaria 1kg mais magra e depois mais 8 kgs e quando você menos esperar já estaria na sua meta... Não faça isso com você, você consegue não entre naquela cozinha e não belisque aquela comida, ser for para colocar algo na boca que seja algum líquido

Here’s a little Christmas post for the season

So santa supposedly makes it around the world delivering presents to children of which there are about 2 billion on our planet. But seeing as Santa only handles the Christan children, that lightens his work load to a meagre 378 million of the child population. Now that would mean he would have to make it to 203,225.806 children a minute (according to my calculations which could be very wrong). Now assuming the population is evenly distributed which it’s not, the total trip would be something like 75.5 million miles, not including stops he would have to be travelling about 650 miles a second. Now assuming every child only gets a measly 1kg of presents, the weight of all of that would be 378,000 metric tonnes. So I’m just going to say a sleigh big enough to carry all that would be about 10,000 tonnes and assuming the reindeer are an average weight (170kg) the eight of them would add a further 1.36 tonnes. Now I’m just estimating here but 388,001.36 metric tonnes travelling at 650 miles an hour would expose the front reindeer to something like 16 quintillion joules of energy causing them to burst into flames almost instantaneously. I suppose if Santa had found a way to manipulate time then it really wouldn’t matter how long he took or how fast he travelled because he could take as long as he wanted and it would still only seem like a second.

Oh yea, Merry Christmas guys :)

Sharks fascinate us - but are we prepared to protect them from extinction?
Sharks’ reputation as fearsome predators means that it can be difficult to convince the public of the urgent need for conservation.
By Lauren Smith

Bite-Back discovered that passengers are allowed to import up to 20kg of dried shark fin in their luggage for personal consumption. To put that into context, 20kg of dried shark fin results in the death of about 12 adult blue sharks (some of the most heavily fished species for the shark fin trade); 1kg of dried shark fin fetches around £180 on wholesale markets.


Sunday Chillday
29 January 2017

I cancelled the ride for safety reasons this morning because of heavy rain on the radar & forecast thunder storms. People in other suburbs reported bucketing rain but we didn’t get much at all, so could have ridden. We often seem to be in a rain-free shadow. I chilled on the deck with tea waiting hopefully for a display… At least it smelled fresh.

But what do you do when the forecast threatens thunder storms and you cancel the ride? You eat your low-FODMAP energy bites with coffee, reading the Sunday paper; you harvest chillies; you make paste for freezing, whizz up sun-dried flakes, and put the fat ones in oil for eating now (and for bonus chilli-infused cooking oil). Then you do some weights, watch the Cadel Evans Ocean Road Race, and take the doggy for a walk.

Dinner was on the deck. What a splendid evening - a jaw-dropping sunset, rainbows, sultry temperatures. BTW Rob poured that generous chardonnay! #blessed

Bonus: I lost 1kg last week. Feeling empowered. 💪😊👍🌟🍀

  • me: hi scale good morning
  • scale: your weight is x!
  • me: damn that is half a kilo less than what I hoped for you lie a lot but ok
  • *a few days later*
  • me: ok scale good morning
  • scale: your weight is y, which is two kilos over my weight a few days ago
  • me: why you lyinnn why you always lyinnn
Chuyện hũ kẹo nặng gần 1kg ban nãy.
  • Xanh: Bự thế này tính để em ăn từ mùa Valentine năm này sang mùa Valentine năm sau luôn hay sao?
  • Darin: Hạn sử dụng tới 2 năm lận.
  • Xanh: :)
Pagando o preço por ter sido fraca

Talvez eu não mereça ser uma ANA mas eu nunca desistirei.
Estou cada vez mais deprimida, cada vez mais gorda, cada vez mais isolada, cada vez mais fracassada, rejeitada,e aquela porra de amiga falsiane emagrecendo e se tornando linda! Eu me odeio!
Já que a balança foi tirada de mim e as compulsões estão voltando, serei mais “realista” na minha meta. Tentarei perder 1kg por semana. Eu sei que é pouco! EU SEI! Mas se eu me manter firme nessa meta, até Julho terei perdido -24kgs!

#Dia13 - 17/02
Não estou conseguindo sair dos 74kgs! 💔 E agora estou sem a minha balança, pois minha prima escondeu ela de mim por achar que eu estava “parecendo essas anoréxicas que se pesam toda hora” (aah se ela soubesse que eu sou mesmo! Haha). Inclusive, eu achei um elogio ela me chamar assim.
Ainda bem que conheci a A. e juntas vamos começar a dieta do alface. Parece que tu perde até 1kg por dia assim! Espero conseguir!!! :) Começamos amanhã.. 💗

P.S: fracassei de novo essa semana e fui de 73,9 para 74,7kgs. 💩🐳

Good news to Western expats living in Turkey!!!! Lira is completely worthless!!!! For example a 1kg pack of lentils that was worth 7 liras last month is worth 15 now but you won’t notice the difference because your well off family can easily support you!! A privilege Turkish citizens don’t have because chances are they are paid a fraction of what u r paid in europe for the same job!!!!