do you ever looked back at a friendship with someone from the internet and think to yourself, “i’m so glad i decided to befriend them because they make me so happy”

Dating Michael would involve:

  • terrible and awkward attempts at flirting, somethin like “h-hey is your name angel because you fell on your f-face..”
  • cuddling with daniel, also fighting over him and the creating an schedule for who gets to have him when
  • so much sex it’s unfathomable
  • hey babe you want pizza?
  • how does pizza sound
  • ok lol but..uh..pizza
  • dying his hair and making mohawks
  • probably a lot of doggy style as he slaps your butt firmly
  • rubbing his belly and reading stories about kittens
  • lazy late night conversations in the back seat of a car outside of a bar with his half open eyelids and soft smile
  • him getting excited over the smallest things like when you draw him a heart on a sheet of notebook paper and he’s gasp and get all loud
  • him putting on “Push It” by Salt- N- Pepa and humping your leg in rhythm while you’re trying to cook
  • holding you against his chest and placing his hand on the back of your head and nuzzling into your hair
  • playing kick ass guitar solos for you that make you wet 
  • jumping up and down on the bed in only his underwear to wake you up in the morning
  • “lol let’s make fun of luke’s face” *turns to luke* “luke ur face sucks”
  • blow jobs every ten minutes that make him deeply moan out and grip whatever’s around him really hard
  • him making bad  stick figure drawings of you hugging each other
  • random casual dick pics that don’t even mean that he’s horny he just wants to show you his penis
  • wrestling 
  • “baby you look so preeettyy” he says while dreamily playing with your hair 
  • honking your boobs and actually saying “honk honk”
  • sweater paws
  • kissing your nose and cheeks so damn softly in bed that you barely feel how gentle they are
  • grabbing your chin and making you look at him
  • jump scaring you
  • him shyly singing to you after you beg him for an hour straight
  • him flipping you off so you bend his finger back and he squeals like a little girl, then asks you to kiss it but you just end up sensually sucking on it and making him drop his jaw
  • him staring at you with soft eyes that even slightly swell with tears as you straddle him naked and he just admires how beautiful you are
  • “pull my finger lmao”
  • wanting to slow dance with you to no music in the middle on the driveway
  • him being a “i like to rub my dick on her ass before putting it in” kind of guy
  • guitar hero Metallica sessions
  • that lazy gravelly sleepy voice he does being spoken in your ear as you sit in the bed of a truck and are being driven around at night “I really fucking love you”

Luke/ Ashton / Calum

i’m just fucking mad because every time 5sos lose something against 5h their fans just revert to calling 5h sluts and whores because they’re salty and like if that isn’t sad, pathetic and disgraceful for teenage girls to degrade other teenage girls then idk what is i honestly hope y’all learn to love and respect yourselves and YOUR OWN GENDER really soon because right now it’s just sad

im so here for fifth harmony dressed as bussinesswomen singing about being FUCKING WORTHY OF EVERYTHING and just giving a middle finger to everybody who insists on slut shaming them

in case anyone was wondering, dreamworks’ latest movie “Home” was expected to flop at the box office but now after a huge opening friday it’s expected to make between $50 and $60 million this weekend, which would be dreamworks’ biggest opening weekend since madagascar 3 in 2012.

this is way above recent dreamworks flops like turbo, penguins of madagascar, and mr peabody, and more in line with recent hits like despicable me, the spongebob movie and big hero 6! this is a great sign for the future of representation in kids media :)

well since my art of this guy from last week was kind of horribly angsty, I decided to draw him looking relatively relaxed and mostly alright

 tbh I think we can all agree he deserves a break

(drawn in about 10h in Photoshop, prints for sale on society6 if you want ‘em)