Well… i was always afraid that this day would come, because i love way too many blogs to list them all and i’ll probably forget 99% of the people that actually mean the world to me but that’s just how i am. #dishonouronme. But reaching 1000 followers just left me speechless   —  like ??? how do you guys keep up with a trashcan like me?! IT’S JUST BEYOND ME. So thank you all so much for following and i love you, guys.
From people i’ve never talked to, but admire from afar ( AKA each time they bless my dash with their posts ) to those who i talk to almost daily and are very dear to my messy heart: Follow them!

i want to throw puppies at you because you’re so perfect it frustrates me #absolutefaves  | |  blessed by your existence
➸ listed in no particular order

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I don’t really know how but this happened:

And I want to thank all the people who follow me, who like my posts, who send me messages, who reblog interesting stuff in my dashboard… because you all make the tumblr experience really enjoyable.

I never thought about hitting 100 followers (let alone 1000) when I uploaded my first gif a few months ago. And I found a lovely and welcoming community who treated me as one of them since the very first moment.

I think I’m supposed to make one of those ‘follow forever’ posts but it would basically be the whole Atleti fanbase on tumblr because they’re the best, so go and follow them, we’re a smol family, but a damn cute one.

Thank you all! ♥

Random Announcement

So as I’m sitting here distracting myself even though I should study for my midterm, I was listening to “Drive” by Jay Park feat. Gray. And. Damn. That ish is lit. Like that made me feel good even though my stress has been making me cry. 

And then I went on instagram and I saw our knb cuties modeling for Reebok or something. And. Damn. That made me feel good too. Like everybody be lookin’ fine. Akashi. That pose tho. That body tho. That slimness tho.

And then I log into tumblr and

I’d just like to say thank you for all your support my dear followers! And to people who aren’t followers but still take a moment to check out my stuff! Thank you to you too! I didn’t think I’d get this far. Nah tbh I didn’t think I’d get anywhere on tumblr lmao. Thank you so much! I hope I can continue on bringing you guys smiles because sometimes when I try to be humorous or creative or whatever my friends, family, people in general give me a look like

Or like

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! (.づ◡﹏◡)づ. 

Also, I’ve gotten a few asks about headcanons and what-not, and don’t worry! I’m not ignoring you! I will get to them! Tbh some of them are kinda challenging so I’m really thinking hard about them haha. So just be patient! They may be in a different format than what I usually do because I’m trying new stuff. Like writing actual scenarios, imagines, etc. And because some of them are kinda difficult to only write in quotes.. And hopefully that’s all right..

I mean this blog is primarily an incorrect quotes blog, but I’d like to try out other stuff every now and then ^-^

Don’t be afraid to send me suggestions or just about anything! I’m ALWAYS open to them! The ask box never closes.. NEVER..

*sighs* So now I must go back to studying I can’t fail anymore tests lmao.


Note: Gifs are not mine. I just found them on Google. Credit goes to owners.


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The time has come to celebrate this Trash’s Follower goal! *cue un-enthusiastic cheers*

For the celebration I am doing a URL Rate Competition. Send me Your URL and I’ll rate it by creativity. The person with the best URL will win  two Graphics, One URL Graphic and one Graphic about their OTP, and one fanficition on a Ship of their choice, written and made by yours truly.There will be two runners up, whom will also get a URL Graphic made for their URL’s. Examples of my graphics found Here.


  • Must Be Following This Trash
  • Must Send URL to My ASK box by Halloween (31st of October)
  • Must accept rating of URL is by my standards and choice even if you would have rated it differently you must accept my choice of winner.
  • Winner must understand that Graphics and Fanficiton Will take time to write and make
  • Attacking fellow blogs that have entered the competition or/and insulting about their URL’s will end in disqualification.
  • URL will be judged by the creativity. Not by Fandom or humor.

Thank you all. Enjoy and have fun!

Note: GIF not mine, credit to @crying-ren