B-17G Sally B

Allthough the Sally B is permanently based at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, she is not part of the Museum’s own collection

If I hear anyone say that “Vulcans get drunk on chocolate because they can’t process glucose” one more time, I’m gonna kick y’all in the ass.

A lot of foods that Vulcans ingest have glucose—anything with carbs has glucose! This means cereals, baked products, legumes, pasta, and even fruits and vegetables. Chocolate makes Vulcans drunk due to something only found in cocoa, not glucose, else they’d be drunk from eating even a grape, one of the fruits highest in carbs at an average of 17g each.

So why does chocolate make Vulcans drunk? Well, chemically, we can find phenethylamine in chocolate. Also known as the ‘love drug,’ it stimulates the nervous system and triggers the release of endorphins (let’s assume it has the same effect of Vulcans as it does on Humans).

But as much as I’d like to say Vulcans get drunk on love, phenethylamine isn’t exclusive to chocolate either. So what makes Vulcans drunk is probably a combination of this chemical with something else.

And do you know, from what I’ve researched, what chemical combo is present in chocolate that isn’t anywhere else? Phenethylamine and caffeina. Which makes perfect sense. Alcohol makes Humans and most other species lose their inhibitions. Vulcans are all about emotional control. Ingesting the ‘love drug’ along with a stimulant could and does make their asses get toasted.

Which, when you think about it, probably causes Spock to be super hyperaware of the chemical components in his food so he doesn’t accidentally ingest phenethylamine and caffeina together during his meals. People probably think he’s a hella fastidious eater, or that it’s a cultural thing, or that his metabolism can’t process certain chemical combinations. The second and third hypotheses are closer to the truth, but he will neither confirm nor deny.

Airworthy B-17 Flying Fortresses, 2017

A quick guide to the survivors, and how to quickly identify them.

Sentimental Journey, 44-83514, CAF Arizona Wing

“Triangle U” fin flash, denoting the 457th Bomb Group, 1st Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force.  This aircraft served as a mothership during Operation Greenhouse, a series of atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in 1951.  She is based out of Mesa, Arizona.

Memphis Belle, 44-83546, Military Aircraft Restoration Corp.

Olive drab fuselage paint with yellow identification markings, lacks a fin flash for unit identification.  The aircraft is actually a B-17G modified to resemble the real Belle for the 1990 movie, and carries the markings of the original aircraft.  Note the flatter Sperry top turret (not visible in this picture), lack of a chin turret, and larger waist windows.  She is based out of Anaheim, California.

Miss Angela, 44-85778, Palm Springs Air Museum

Unpainted main fuselage, bright red forward fin, yellow ring around the nose compartment, the markings of the 34th Bomb Group, 4th Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force.  The aircraft was delivered to the 6th Air Force and served post-war in Brazil.  She is based out of Palm Springs, California.

Fuddy Duddy, 44-83563, Lyon Air Museum

“Square K” fin flash, denoting the 447th Bomb Group, 4th Air Wing, 8th Air Force.  Unpainted main fuselage, yellow fin and control surfaces, double green band on rear fuselage and fin.  This aircraft served as a VIP transport in the Pacific at the end of WWII.  She is based out of Santa Ana, California.

Nine-O-Nine, 44-83575, Collings Foundation

“Triangle A” fin flash, denoting the 91st Bomb Group, 1st Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force; olive drab fuselage, vertical red bar on fin, aircraft code OR-R, extensive mission markings for nose art.  The aircraft was subjected to three nuclear explosions in 1952 before being sold for scrap, then restored.  She is painted to resemble the original Nine-O-Nine and is based out of Stow, Massachusetts.

Yankee Lady, 44-85829, Yankee Air Museum

“Triangle L” fin flash, denoting the 381st Bomb Group, 1st Air Wing, 8th Air Force; unpainted main fuselage, red vertical band on the fin and red markings on the wingtips and horizontal stabilizers, aircraft code Y-GD.  The aircraft was transferred to the Coast Guard in 1946 where it was stripped and turned into an air-sea rescue plane.  She is based out of Belleville, Michigan.

Thunderbird, 44-85718, Lone Star Flight Museum

“Triangle C” fin flash, denoting the 303rd Bomb Group, 1st Air Wing, 8th Air Force; olive drab fuselage, large group markings on the fin and starboard upper wing surface, aircraft code U-BN.  The aircraft is painted to represent the original Thunderbird which flew 112 missions without a crew injury.  She is based out of Galveston, Texas.

Texas Raiders, 44-83872, CAF Gulf Coast Wing

“Triangle L” fin flash, denoting the 381st Bomb Group, 1st Air Wing, 8th Air Force; olive drab fuselage, red wingtips and horizontal stabilizers, group markings on the fin and starboard upper wing, aircraft code X-VP.  The aircraft served in the Navy as a PB-1W AWACS aircraft before being retired in 1955.  She is based out of Spring, Texas.

Madras Maiden, 44-8543, Erickson Aircraft Collection

“Triangle L” fin flash, denoting the 381st Bomb Group, 1st Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force; unpainted main fuselage, red wingtips and horizontal stabilizers, red band on the fin, black/red open band on the starboard upper wing, aircraft code F-JE.  The aircraft was converted into a Pathfinder with the H2X radar set before being retired in 1959.  She is based out of Madras, Oregon.

From 1979 until 2013 44-8543 wore the colors of Chuckie, “Square W” 486th Bomb Group, 4th Air Wing, 8th Air Force.  In these pictures she is painted with a yellow fin, triple yellow bands around the rear fuselage, yellow wingtips and yellow ring around the nose.  This is how the aircraft was displayed at my local air museum, and how it is most often pictured.

Aluminum Overcast, 44-85740, Experimental Aircraft Association

“Triangle W” fin flash, denoting the 398th Bomb Group, 1st Air Wing, 8th Air Force; silver main fuselage, red wingtips and horizontal stabilizers, red vertical band on fin, group markings on fin and starboard upper wing.  The aircraft was delivered too late to see service in Europe and was sold as surplus, entering the civilian market.  She is based out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Sally B,  44-85784, B-17 Preservation Ltd.

The aircraft carries identical markings to Memphis Belle, acquired during the filming of the 1990 movie.  Her #3 engine cowling (starboard inner) is painted with a yellow-black checkerboard pattery.  She is based out of Duxford, England, and is the only airworthy B-17 in Europe.

Several other B-17s are listed as airworthy, including The Pink Lady (44-8846, last flown 2010), Boeing Bee (42-29782, flown 2006 with no plans for further flights), and Shady Lady (44-83785, recently acquired by the Collings Foundation with plans to return to flight by 2017).  Several others are under restoration to airworthiness.

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ok so I couldn’t resist i went digging around the winggrower blog because hey it’s tuesday, I came off on-call earlier today so i got nothing else to do but dnd later

And like… it’s a clusterfuck. i mean not that I expected to be anything else due to the nature of the beast we’re talking about here but even then it’s… it’s bad. Like even internally it’s not logically consistent.

Let us imagine for one wild moment that you could actually grow wings. Let us ignore the comprehensive changes in bone structure, muscle structure, breathing apparatus and anything else for the thing. Let us ignore that wings are hands. Functional, active-flight wings in vertebrates as present on this planet come from hands. Four limbs is the baseline, with possible successive loss of limbs like snake got, but this planet has to the best of my knowledge not seen a six-limber vertebrate in… ever. 

ok so let us ignore all that and focus on this quote

Your wingspan is directly proportional to your weight an height. The less you weigh and the taller you are, the shorter your wings will be.

Why would your wings we shorter if you’re tall. I’m asking a serious question. If two people weight 60kg and one of them is 1,50m and one is 1,70m, why would that matter you’d still have to life 60kg. Wingshape in birds (and these people are always talking about birds. feathers are omnipresent) is determined by the ‘function’ of the wing. Birds that do a lot high speed active flight have wings in different shapes than birds that do a lot of soaring or gliding. Birds that have to maneuver in small spaces need differently shaped wings than those that act primarily in open spaces, you get my drift? 

Example: barn swallows weight roundabout 20g and have a wingspan of about 33cm. They’re about 13cm long if you ignore the tail. European robins weight about 17g, are also about 13cm long and have a wingspan of about 21cm. We’re talking about birds that essentially the same size but one of them has 10cm more wing than the other because the lifestyles differ and that’s what determines wingshape. Robins live in hedges and tend to not mouth south in the winter. Barn swallows do travel south, hunt in flight and nest in much more open areas. 

And then they delve into fullgrown p-shifting and ‘adaptions as described in Maximum Ride novels’ and uhhh. UHHHH. Look. Flight is the signle most expensive way to move about bar none. Nothing else is energy intensiv like that. Birds are flight optimated like nobody’s business. The more they fly and the longer, the more intense the adaption (see: hollow bones in swallows not so much in penguins). They have entirely different lung structures because flight needs oxygen as fuck. Their kidneys work differently. their metabolism is incredibly fast for the most part. Their bone structure over all is different. That bigass breast bone exists for the sole reason of attaching wings to it because getting the necessary liftoff requires hella strength which also reminds me that you can’t just stich another set of limbs onto your shoulder blades and hope for the best. Your entire body is the wrong damn shape for flying starting with bones and going all the way to aerodynamics. Humans have shit aerodynamics our shoulders alone would create so much disturbances and drag because there’s no nice flowy curve from your head to your shoulders nooo there’s a neck and then a relatively hard cut and then your shoulders. Much like in hydrodynamics, that’s bad. That’s drag. That’s energy going to waste right there and let’s not even talk about legs and centers of gravity and how mass is distributed in humans vs birds. 

Like even if we ignore the impossibility of growing new body parts to begin with, this is nonsense and worst of all, it’s nonsense by people who don’t even know how birds work. Like we’re missing out on some basic damn research there. 

Listen if one of you, my beloved readership, wants to write birdpeople in some fashion, please take into account how flight works. Or go with ‘magic’. but not this. please. For the love of plaguemum. 

B-17G Fortress ‘Miss Donna Mae II’ drifted under another bomber on a bomb run over Berlin, 19 May 1944. A 1,000 lb bomb from above tore off the left stabilizer and sent the plane into an uncontrollable spin. All 11 were killed.

US National Archives