when will god let me rest

I had to do finals, then I had to move out, then I had to write the 399 proposal, and after that I was “done” except I’m not done at all cuz now i have to help the fam move out of Base Haus and into City Haus (which is the objective of today). Most of the stuff is out of Base Haus now and sitting outside, it’s gotta go in the truck and then into the new house, then we’ve got to organize it in a way that is livable. then in a few weeks 15000 POUNDS OF SHIT is coming from a storage unit somewhere up north and we’ve got to deal with that!!

I mean I’m whining about it because I just wanna like read a book and eat some pizza but tbh this is the first time that “parents moving house” is actually a good thing and doesn’t involve leaving everybody I know and going across an ocean or to a different country or state. They’re moving like 40 minutes away and closer to what I know and where I live like holy shit it’s so awesome and weird.

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【大阪】大阪自民 大阪都構想「よく分からないなら、反対を。いま誤った判断をすれば、ツケは将来こどもや孫が払うことになります」 ★3©2ch.net
promise you won't forget me (because if I thought you would, I'd never leave)

Author: januarys_lover
Group: EXO
Pairing: Platonic!BaekChen (Baekhyun/Chen), SuChen (Suho/Chen)
Rating: PG-13
Length: Over 15,000 Words (15,340)
Genre: Soulmates!AU

I promise I’ll always love you, I promise it’ll always stay the same. We’re not walking towards our doom, and it won’t change a thing between us. I’ll never let you go.

(Noona says: This fic really hit home for me. The idea of soulmates being inherently romantic is a notion I’ve never really believed due to my own experiences. This fic is lush and beautiful with how it delves into true friendship and focuses on how meaningful it can be when to people truly connect. It comes highly recommended from me.)

Docks Miniset - Part 1

This miniset only has 4 decor pieces, because everything else is just too dang blurry not ready. (Darn UV Maps again, I tell ya.)

Sorry in advance for the crap preview pics:

Longboat as Decor (HIGH POLY ** 15000 ** HIGH POLY)

Found under Lawn Ornaments, and can be placed on water. Fully recolorable, and did I mention HIGH POLY?

ALSO! If any genius out there with Island Paradise wants to take a swing into making the boat functional somehow, FEEL FREE!

Swinging Sign as Wall Art (700 polys)

Found under Wall Art, fully recolorable.

Ropes as Decor (1400 polys)

I don’t know; just take it. Found under Misc. Decor. Fully recolorable. They go on the ceiling, by the way. Dangling. MENACINGLY.

Sails Board as Decor (1700 polys)

Found under I think Lawn Ornaments or Sculptures, can’t remember. Only the wood is recolorable.

Download Miniset (sims3packs only)

(Use the Multi-Extractor to convert to packages!)

I hope you all enjoy!

(I have no idea what I’m gonna do with Part 2; it’s a bunch pf useless blurry crap.)

Credit for the extractions goes to Deexie!

1: ジャーマンスープレックス(庭)@\(^o^)/ 2015/05/19(火) 23:13:03.63 ID:WL04TUTC0.net BE:595621929-PLT(15000) ポイント特典 タモリほど、食通な芸能人はいない。そう言われるほどグルメな人物として知られているタモリ。美味しい飲食店を知っているだけでなく、食材の知識も豊富。高級料理はもちろんのこと、B級グルメまで、あらゆる知識をもっている。

そんなタモリによる「タモリ流インスタントラーメンの作り方」をご存知だろうか? 簡単に作れるだけでなく、誰もが絶賛するほど美味なのである!


1. タレを作る

2. スープを作る

3. 麺を茹でる

4. 具を盛り付ける

実際に食べてみたが、思ったよりも上品であっさりしたスープに驚き! 塩分よりもダシの旨味がメインとなって際立ち、独特なインスタント麺の香ばしさが盛り上がる!確かに、これは絶品インスタントラーメンだ!

Aurageyser Dragon

G-BT03/003 RRR 覇道黒竜 オーラガイザー・ドラゴン Military Rule Dark Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon
“戦場を行く。ただ無人の野を進むが如く。(To the battle field. Like a flood advancing on an unattended field.)”
Grade 4 / G Unit / United Sanctuary - Shadow Paladin - Abyss Dragon
Power 15000+
Shield N/A
Critical 1
[Stride] (Unleashed if both player’s Vanguards are Grade 3 or higher!) - Stride Step - [Select 1 or more cards from your hand, as long as their combined Grade is 3 or more, discard it] This face-down card [Stride]s onto your (Vanguard Circle).
[Auto] [(Vanguard Circle)]: [[Counter Blast](1) Card, [Soul Blast](1) Card, choose 1 face-down “Military Rule Dark Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon” in your G Zone, flip it face-up, choose 2 of your Rearguards, Retire them.] When this Unit attacks a Vanguard, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, reveal the top 2 cards of your Deck. During that turn, for each Grade 1 or lower card revealed this way, this Unit gains [Power]+5000. Add the card revealed by this effect to your hand.

G-BT03/052 C 新鋭の騎士 ダヴィド New Sharp Knight, David
“いつだって。誰よりも。 (Always. More than anyone else.)”
Grade 0 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary - Shadow Paladin - Human
Power 5000
Shield 10000
Critical 1
[Auto]: Forerunner (When you Ride with a Unit of the same clan, you can Call this card to a (Rearguard Circle))
[Auto] [(Vanguard Circle)] [Generation Break][1] (If you have 1 or more face-up G Units in your (Vanguard Circle) or G Zone): If you would Retire a Rearguard for the cost of your Unit’s Ability, this Unit counts as 2 cards.

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Nebula Dragon, Big Crunch Dragon

G-BT03/009 RRR 星雲竜 ビッグクランチ・ドラゴン Nebula Dragon, Big Crunch Dragon
“その一撃で、全ての原子が凍りつく。 (Every atom is frozen by its blow.)”
Grade 4 / G Unit / Star Gate - Link Joker - Cyber Dragon
Power 15000+
Shield N/A
Critical 1
[Stride] (Unleashed if both player’s Vanguards are Grade 3 or higher!) - Stride Step - [Select 1 or more cards from your hand, as long as their combined Grade is 3 or more, discard it] This face-down card [Stride]s onto your (Vanguard Circle).
[Activate] [(Vanguard Circle)] [Once Per Turn]: [[Counter Blast](1) Card, Choose 1 of your face-down “Nebula Dragon, Big Crunch Dragon” in your G Zone, flip it face-up.] If you have 2 or more face-up cards in your G Zone, choose 1 of your opponent’s Rearguards, all of your opponent’s Rearguards in the same column as that Unit are Locked, and those cards are not Unlocked during your opponent’s next End Phase.
(A locked card is turned face-down and cannot do anything. It switches back to being face-up at the end of its owner’s turn.)

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