1997 [3]

Part 1, 2

Characters: Dean Winchester, twin sister!reader, Sam Winchester, characters from 4x13, OC characters.

Words: 1500

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A/N: Just gonna clarify that this could be any town, I’m not thinking of anywhere specific while writing this. The episode ”After School Special”, where I’m taking names and characters and so on from — I’m using the setting — might take place in a certain town, I don’t remember, but yeah. My series doesn’t, it’s just a small town, that’s all.

Music suggestion: Tennis Court - Lorde (Again, I just listened to it while I wrote, and didn’t think of the lyrics, so yeah.)

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The beautiful thing with moving around and switching schools like you and your brothers did — was that you could become anyone. No one knew you from before, no one knew what you’ve been through — and they definitely didn’t know what your father did for a living either for that matter.

So, you were free to be whoever you liked, because the only ones who really knew you — the real you — were your family. Because, no one ever got to know you. Because, before you could make friends, true friends, you had to leave again. Just like Sammy had said.

Dean usually hung around the ”cool” kids. With his sarcasm and charisma, he had no problem with getting people to laugh. And for some reason, he was popular with the girls too. You didn’t understand that one.

Sometimes, you joined Dean and hung out with those crowds. But, other times, you went a different way. You tried out hanging with almost every type of group that existed in high school.

It was just that you didn’t bother this time. This time, as you said to yourself, you were going to keep to yourself. It would spare you energy, and then it wouldn’t be hard at all to leave. There would be nothing to miss.

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И мне бы хотелось сначала начать с чего-то более простого. Поэтому, я хочу раз в недельку записывать видео в блог, чтобы понять как и с чем работать.

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Мир, дружба, жвачка.

The Long Term

I know that I’ll be counting calories for the rest of my life.

I know I’ll be exercising for 2-3 hours for the rest of my life.

I just look forward to the day where I can eat 1500 calories without wanting to die, because I’ll be maintaining a beautiful body instead of trying to get rid of all this disgusting fat.


2/26/17 6.45 miles
YTD: 193.34 miles
422 days in a row

Once again I didn’t check the weather before going out. We went to church so I had an idea of what the weather was - but what I didn’t know is that it had warmed up significantly between the time I was coming home and the time I headed out on my run. I knew it was windy so I put on extra layers, but a bit too many given the sun. 

I wanted to go a little longer but I spent too much time dragging my feet in the house.

Thanks to Rene I now know that Strava lets me know if I’m “on pace” for my 1500 mile goal. I am not. As of today I’m about 41 miles behind. Guess I’ve got some running to do! At least I hit >100 miles for February. I was a little concerned earlier this month after a couple of light weeks.

Lilac || jacksepticeye

[jacksepticeye imagine]

Word Count: 1500+

Warnings: mentions of cancer

Plot: Sean goes off in search of lilacs for a special project made for a special someone.

Extra: listen to Make Believe by Astronaut Husband ♡

Sean roamed the lavender grazed fields, the sky giving off a hazy orange hue as the sun began to set behind the clouds. He had parked his car on the edge of the hill and had left his phone on the passenger seat, unknowingly losing complete track of time. The past few hours had been spent going down each row of purple-infused lilac shrubs. He’d tune his hearing and lean in close - so close that he’d hear the buzzing of the bees and the rush of the wind against the leaves. He’d eye the crisp petals, his gaze tracing the white outline of each and every freshly bloomed lilac.

Some were limp, some were dry. Others were dull and it seemed as if they had never truly bloomed at all. It was only the best, the bold, the unique that he’d pluck and quickly set into his other palm. Then he’d start the cycle over again and lean in close, his mind wandering as his eyes sought for any sign of a ripe lilac.

By the time he had become satisfied with the number of delicate florets he held in his fist, the sky had begun to show signs of early evening. It was painted with streaks of deep oranges and reds, with a slight hint of a hazy blue peaking through the canvas of the sky.

“I’ve been here that long?” he mumbled quietly to the world. Only the sounds of nature whispered back, and he wandered back to his car, admiring the sheer beauty around him as he went. Sliding into the driver’s seat, he jammed the keys into the ignition and the engine began to hum in response. Gently setting the blossoms in the seat next to him, he pulled onto the road and left the setting sun behind him in the rearview mirror.

It took him ten minutes to get back to the building he had come from. He knew how to get there by heart. Every turn he took, every sign he saw, and every light he passed was embedded into his brain. A deep hatred pained his heart every time he’d glance at them - because they were familiar. But not every place that’s familiar is a good one.

He pulled into the parking lot and settled in a spot that was reserved just for him. It faced an off-white wall that sickened the pit of his stomach. Whenever he craned his neck to look at the top floor, his stomach would lurch. His fingertips would numb and his heart would pound against his ribcage. Sean’s pulse quickened as his eyes met the accustomed setting.

Before he knew it, hot tears were leaving silver paths down his cheeks. His bottom lip quivered and everywhere he looked would leave a pain in his chest so sharp that it was similar to a glass shard cutting through him. He reached for the copper wire in the backseat that he had twined himself earlier in the day. The pressure in his chest began to build and he wiped his sleeve across his face, setting the small custom-made crown in his lap.

His vision blurred. Panic rose in his throat. Forcing his eyes shut, he leaned his head against the steering wheel before a small sob escaped his hoarse throat.

For her, a thought crossed his mind, take a deep breath and finish this for her.

It caused him to sob louder, sharper.

Sean stayed there for a few minutes, gaining back his composure. He wiped his palms against his eyes, focusing on his breathing.

It felt like an eternity to him. Every tick of his racing pulse was a second gone by. But it was worth it. He had to be calm if he planned on going back in there.

Slowly raising his head, he took another glance at his surroundings and exhaled sharply. His stare landed on the copper wire. Sean grasped it gently, the cool metal drawing against his skin. He stared at it for a few more seconds, allowing a split second of admiration of the beauty of it to fill the void in his mind before he went to work.

For her, his thoughts repeated. For her. For her. For her.

Pinching a lilac, he’d wrap it around the crown and tie it in a perfected knot. They ranged in different sizes and shades, different pigments and patterns. It was his first attempt at this and he learned as he went, not focusing on who he was making the crown for but rather why.

To make her happy, he told himself. To see her smile again. Oh, God, it’s been such a long time since she has smiled.

Eventually, the flowers morphed and spun into a breathtaking display of a beautiful lilac flower crown. His chest ached, but the warmth of happiness flowed within him. He didn’t allow himself to focus on it any longer. If he did, he’d spiral back into the pit of negativity, and he wasn’t about that. He wouldn’t be about that. It was hard, but you become the person you are through the difficult times, don’t you?

Sean stepped into the elevator. His heart skipped a beat as his thumb pressed the number 9, the final floor of the hospital. The peaceful elevator music encircled him and he let himself doze off as his fingers traced over the crown.

He stepped off the elevator.

He let his feet take him where they wanted. He didn’t even bother. The walls were beautiful the first few weeks at the hospital, bursting with color. But now they were washed out and nothing about them made him feel comfortable. He didn’t look up at them, or at the paintings that watched him as he went, or the patients that strolled down the halls in search of entertainment. Eventually, he stood in front of the door. In his right hand, he held the dainty headpiece. In the other, his hand was settled on the knob.

Before he could second-guess himself, he allowed himself in, quietly shutting the door behind him.

“Sean?” Y/N asked quietly, using the armchairs to help herself up. She rushed over quickly, caressing the side of his face to get a better look at his eyes that were red and tearing. He mustered a smile at her concern. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he whispered almost inaudibly, pulling her into a hug. He embraced her before she pulled away, brows knitted in concern. Sean gave his wife another reassuring nod before turning the corner to the hospital bed.

The sudden presence in the room caused the little girl to glance up. Her big, blue eyes, identical to Sean’s, watched him as he came up and sat next to her.

“Dad!” Throwing her arms open, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into the crook of his neck. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her in return, letting her pull away a few seconds later.

“Hey, Princess,” his smile reached his eyes for the first time in weeks. The pure happiness radiating off of her was contagious. He couldn’t help but grin at her joy. She pulled the covers over her frail, shivering body again. “I’ve got something for you,”

“Do you really?” she questioned curiously, almost immediately noting his hand that was held behind his back. Sean nodded.

“Close your eyes,” he said. A small grin curled her lips as her eyes fluttered shut. Taking the crown out from behind him, he glanced at it one last time before positioning it on the top of her head perfectly. She giggled and turned to her right, slowly peeking at her appearance in the mirror that was next to her.

Her eyes shot open and her jaw dropped, and she jolted upward from her position in the bed.

“It’s so pretty,” she marveled, reaching her hands up to touch it, as if it weren’t real. “Did you make this?”

“I did,”

Sean was met with a few seconds of silence before his daughter engulfed him in a hug again. It took him by surprise, but he squeezed her tightly and laughed at her excitement.

“It’s even prettier than my hair, dad,” she whispered, only loud enough for the both of them to hear. “I love it so much,”

She pulled away, and her crystal blue orbs had filled with tears. A sharp pain shot through his chest again, and his throat swelled up. He inhaled sharply and bit down on his tongue, using the pain to distract himself from the tears that wanted to fall. He took a deep breath and nodded.

“Don’t thank me. A beautiful crown for a beautiful princess,”

She smiled. A smile that spread from ear to ear. The same smile that she used to do, the one where her nose wrinkled. A smile that creased the corner of her eyes.

Looking at her reflection again, she smiled even bigger. He noticed.

And he watched as for the first time in months, she wasn’t focusing on the hospital, the nurses, the bloodwork, the IVs, the tests, the tubes, her bald scalp, her dry skin, and the medicine - no, she wasn’t focusing on that at all.

She was focusing on her beauty.

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Annem babama eski defterleri açtı sen bana şöyle yapmıstın falan diyor babam diyo ki dandanakan savaşını da da anlatsana sksjdndnndndnxnx

(lan sırf üzülme diye güldüm ha,instada 1500 kere gördüm o yazıyı)


Now everyone have big pet problems. 

Part 4 of 4

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

this was quite fun to do <3 you’ve asked for the three papyruses? togethers for a while, so there you have it! Their first interaction. Mustard doesn’t understand what the hell they just do to his precious pet. Fellwolve!Papyrus by @sanspar / fox!papy by @keksbela